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Barbara Marx Hubbard – American Visionary

Barbara Marx Hubbard

American Visionary

By Gulia Lucci

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “The voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsh’s book “The Mother of Invention.” Barbara is a prolific author of nine books, a visionary social innovator and educator and is also the co-founder and co-chair of “The Foundation for Conscious Evolution” and President of “Evolutionary Academy”. Barbara is co-chair of the “Center of Integral Wisdom” and is writing three books with the Center President Marc Gafni to ‘Evolve the Source Code of our Culture’. She also co-produced “Birth 2012: Co-Creating A Planetary Shift in Time” alongside “The Shift Network”.

You’ve been called the Mother of the Conscious Evolution movement, can you tell us more about what this expression means, and why it’s so important to you?

‘Conscious Evolution’ is a new world view that I have developed and promoted throughout the world. It reveals the fact that we are becoming conscious of evolution. That we are affecting our own evolution by everything we do: the babies we have, the cars we drive, and the food we eat. We are moving toward evolution by choice not chance.


The fact is, we are now facing an evolutionary crisis that could lead to our devolution and, at the same moment, a set of evolutionary options that can heal the Earth, free people from deficiencies and explore the vast regions of inner and outer space.

We are participating in a new story of evolution; it is a 13.7 billion years story of the process of creation from the big bang to the present. We have discovered the direction and purpose of evolution. It is to create beings of ever higher consciousness, freedom and more complex, synergistic and loving order.

We are the first generation on Earth to become aware consciously that we are evolution. Our deepest purposes are evolution being expressed through each of us. When we say ‘yes’ to our own heart’s desire, we are actually manifesting conscious evolution within ourselves.

Everyone is unique.

Everyone is needed.

We are moving toward the possibility of radical break down or evolutionary breakthrough.

What was the moment that triggered the beginning of this conscious evolution movement for you?

The moment was when the United States dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan. The horror of that moment, the awareness that we were gaining powers we used to attribute to our gods, raised in me the fundamental questions of my life:

What is the meaning of our new powers that is good?

Where is the human race going that we want to go?

What is a positive vision of our future equal to our spiritual, social and scientific technological powers?

Your message encompasses optimism, faith and seeing our world issues as evolutionary drivers. Can you tell us the importance of positive perspectives in your life and what role it plays in your vision?

Positive perspectives are essential. We are now affecting our own evolution based on the perceptions of reality we hold and the beliefs we have.

The most positive perception springs from understanding our new story of evolution and our own part in it as co-creators of our future in alignment with the deeper spiritual impulse of evolution toward higher consciousness, freedom and loving order… The multibillion year trend!

The documentary “American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard”, ( directed by Karen Everett premiered at Illuminate Film Festival in 2017. How was it being in the documentary and spreading your message?

My purpose in life is to communicate our potential for self and social evolution. It was very moving to me to see my own discoveries, heart breaks, courage and continued awakenings. It cultivates in viewers and me the power of saying ‘Yes!’ to your own deepest heart’s desire. The force is with you!

What advice would you give to someone trying to find and follow his or her life purpose?

Decide to say yes to your deepest heart’s desire. Develop a deep journal writing process: write your current situation, then ask your deeper mind or spirit within to give you guidance. Write without thinking. Discover the deeper insights encoded in you. Read my books: ‘Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential’, ‘Emergence: The shift from Ego to Essence’ and ‘52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution’.

What future do you see for humanity, and what small steps can individuals take today to get closer to this better future?

I see humanity at the threshold of the greatest age in human history… or devolution.

We are ready for a “Planetary Awakening of what is working, emerging and good”. We are ready to connect and communicate on media what is already positive, innovative, what is already creative to see the pattern of the positive future already arising in our midst.

What is the greatest factor that makes you believe in the possibility of a better future than we can imagine?

The rising tide of spiritual evolutionary love and desire to realise our full potential in millions of people.

As a woman, what do you think women in particular can bring to this field of conscious evolution?

Women give birth to babies. Now when women say yes to the inner creativity, they’re able to give birth to a new culture. She has become “The Egg!“

The feminine co-creator is a new archetype on Earth. She is free, especially after menopause to nurture through her own creativity joined with others a more peaceful, loving and creative world.

She enters “Regenopause. This is a new phase of life. From 50 to 60,70,80,90 and counting women are entering a evolutionary stage.  There have been geat women before, matriarchs, women who fought for human rights, for feminine power in a masculine world, women who have been outstanding scientists, writers, leaders. But somethig new is appening now.  

As the feminine co-creator emerges, she is tapping into feminine creativity to give birth again this time not to a child, but to her owh creativity, not to get a better job or lead an existing business, but to evolve the culture.  It is the time for a new culture to emerge. We are not only at an evolutionary choice point, to evolve or devolve and die. We are at an evolutionary quantum jump point. We are at the thresdhold of radical newness, as nature created single cells that created animals, that created humans and now humans are creating something that eventually will be as radically new as the first human was from the most intelligent animal.

I am delcaring that this newness is becoming a new species.  My partner, Marc Gafni, and I have named this new species ‘Homo Amore Universalis’.  This species we are becoming is gaining the radical new powers of our ancient gods. The new species has these characteristics already.  Members of this species have a powerful evolutionary spirituality. We not ony identify with pure consciouosness, but with what Sri Aurobindo called ‘Consciousness Force’.  That is the supernatural genius that created quarks, electrons, cells, multicells, etc. That genius is flowing through evolutionary women with new insights, new visions and new initiatives.  We are tapping into the impulse of evolution directly. That impulse that originated before the ‘Big Bang’, or the flaring forth of energy matter and life, that impulse is ‘Source’ Incarnate. That Impulse is divine intelligence. That impulse is evolutionary consciousness of the quality that creates a universe out of no-thing at all.

The feminine co-creator at the threshold of becoming a member of ‘Homo Amore Universalis’ is also activated by a passionate vocational arousal, a deep desire to find her life mission, to say an unqualified ‘yes’ to it and to seek out her partners with whom to join genius.  One does not give birth to newness all alone. Just as sperm must reach egg to produce a new infant, so the desire to create in the feminine co-creator must find others to join with and others to co-create with. Joining genius is not just co-operating. It is as giving birth to the new human in yourself and in your partner.  It is walking across the threshold of homo sapiens to the new species.

We also find that the feminine co-creator becoming a universal human, is evolving beyond aging.  Her DNA is activated by her vocation to respond by offering more intelligence, more life, more beauty than ever before.  She finds herself instead of getting older, getting newer, literally everyday. Why? Because her impusle to create more is an expression of ‘Source’ flowing through her.  She becomes an evolutionary agent of conscious evolution. Men also can become co-creators of the new species, for sure, but the woman holds within her the secret of giving birth to a child and this quality extends itself to guiding her to give birth to a new culture and eventually a new humanity. Feminine creativity I believe draws from the capacity for pregnancy and birth to the ability to evolve and transform herself and her world.

I have found this in myself.  I am now 88 years old. My life’s work began in 1945 at the age of 15 when the United States dropped the  atomic bombs on Japan. After the horror, a life orienting question arose: What is the meaning of our new powers in science, technology and industry that are good? What are images of the future equal to this power?  I discovered no-one knew. They were so new. Not the church. Not the universities. Not the President of the United States. I met Eisenhower in 1953 just after he became President, and asked him the question. What do you think is the meaning of our new power that is good?”  He answered me: “I have no idea.”

I thought to myself, then we had better find out. This life long search has resulted in my exploring the growing edge of all fields, such as health, education, governance, science and technology and the space program.  I have examined the new technologies now giving us the powers of gods. I realised that it is up to the women to gather together these awesome new powers, of a new born universal species, not to reside in the military industrial complex which has brought us to the edge of the possibility of nuclear annihilation. Rather it is up to women, with men together, to discover and develop a new social society for humanity equal to our spiritual, social and scientific technological abilities.

I call this call “Choiceful Future: Building New Worlds on Earth. New Worlds in Space, New Worlds in the Human Mind. “

This new world becomes an early  expression of the emerging new species: Homo Amore Universalis, connecting spiritual, social and high-tech genius. The feminine co-creator, in partnership with the masculine co-creator becomes a builder of new worlds and eventually a new species.

In one interview before, you have said that by the year 4000 we (humans) will probably be a Solar-System species. Could you tell us about your experience that brought you to this vision?

As I said above, by the year 4000 years, if we do not destroy ourselves during this dangerous period we are in, we will have learned the basic capacities to heal the Earth, free people from poverty, disease and war; we will have radical new technologies such as artificial intelligence, nano-technlogy, genetics, robotics, quantum computing and more.  We will have come to a “singularity,” as Ray Kurweil calls it. A quantum jump of radical newness. He believes this can happen in the life of our generation, due to the exponential acceleration of technological development, much less the year 4000. I am assuming that by then we will discover that we are not alone in the universe. We will have created enough synergy and co-operation on Earth to actually make contact with life beyond the planet. We will be as different then as we are now from the earliest Homo Erectus.  

I find extremely inspiring the idea of a woman who is changing the world for the better. What is your paradigm?

My paradigm is women are giving birth once again  As we have fewer children and live longer lives, our feminine creativity is aroused to join with evolving men to co-create new capacities and greater love. We are animated by vocational arousal, joining genius,  excited by what I call the next state of sex or “supra-sex.” Supra-sex is the delight of finding vocational partners who need what you have to give as you need what they are offering. Supra-sex activates the creativity and evolutionary love in the partners.  It overcomes aging. It creates excellent health. It awakens untapped genius. It activates the compass of joy. Ordinary love in us attracts us to join to create the babies; nature is now turning on “Evolutionary Love” in us, the same love that creates the universe is now creating us as we become conscious of the impulse of evolution within us.  We have transcended homo sapiens in the seperate self-conscious state to Homo Amore Universalis, in the connected state, resonating with the divine process, purpose and intelligence of universal evolution that has now become conscious in all of us.

(Director Karen Everett and Barbara Marx Hubbard on the set for American Visionary: The Story of BarbaraMarx Hubbard

Today you are such successful and inspiring woman, how do you remember the beginning of your career?

It was hard.  I did not know what I wanted to do.  I did not realise that I was an “evolutionary,” that means that I am seeking a new vocation of destiny that corresponds to the impusle of evolution within me.   What made the difference was meeting one evolutionary man when I was 33 after my fifth child. It was Dr. Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine. He read something I wrote, he called me up one day as I was nursing my fifth child, and “Hello, this is Jonas Salk.  I have just read what you wrote about the Theatre of Humanity. You said it much better than I could. Can I take you to lunch.”

My heart stopped. It was his tone of voice. When he came to pick me up on a beautiful Fall day in New England he looked around and said: “This is like the Garden of Eden.”  I responded, “Yes, and I’m leaving.”

This set me on the path.  I studied the great evolutionary geniuses: Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Buckminster Fuller.  Then I was deeply inspired after reading Teilhard’s idea that “the “noosphere,” the thinking layer of Earth, now the Internet “Will get its collective eyes…it will be the Christification of the Earth…”  I dedicated myself to that goal in 1964. This is called a vocation of destiny. It is something you are born to do.

I woke up to this vocation of destiny. I realised it was my work to help the internet be filled with people and projects now working to wake up the world to our actual potentials.

Teihlard called people like this ‘Ultra-humans’. Sri Auroboindo called evolutionaries ‘Gnostic Humans’, eventually evolving beyond the animal human condition.  Buckmisnter Fuller called the new human a “Continuous Human,” having new body parts and living longer lives.

What are five secrets behind great leadership?

Discovering your unique self animating you with a unique calling.

Saying 100% YES to that calling.

Following the inner guidance with external intelligence.

Keeping a journal of your own higher insights, tracing your own journey with the eyes of an evolutionary.

Having a transcendent goal that is intrinsic to the nature of evolution, that is manifesting greater Consciousness, Freedom and Loving Order, a 15 billion year trend!.

In my case the goal is a ‘Planetary Awkening in Love’ through a unique ‘Self-Symphony’, in the words of my partner Marc Gafni

What is the agenda you have set for yourself this year ?

To manifest on the Internet the ‘Wheel of Co-Creation’ as a new site for people to connect to co-create, leading to a planetary  awakening in love based on what is working in the world by 2020. To finish and publish my new book with Marc Gafni: “Evolution of Love: from Role Mate to Soul Mate to Whole Mate.”

What are you visions and imagines for the future?

I see us being born as universal humans, capable of conscious evolution, able to restore the Earth and free people from deficiencies here as we explore the vast and unknown regions of outer space and the inner space of human spirit. 

Photo Credits: Phyllis Christoper

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