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Savvy Females – Sandra &Tove: Embrace The Queen Inside You

Savvy Females, Sandra & Tove  

Allow  your female brilliance to shine  

By Fati Gorezi

Tove Lovisa Bergkvist and Sandra Faas are two independent women from two different countries that have a lot in common. They are also friends and partners in business. “Savvy Females”, their Company represents a new era for women to rise and allow their brilliance to shine across the globe. ‘Savvy Females’is a Company that has been set up to support women and to take them on a wonderful journey to intuitively reach their goals and manifest the life they deserve. Their stories serve to demonstrate the values they share that contribute to a better world.

What was the main reason that you decided to start a business together?

Sandra:It felt truly fulfilling and just right. Right in terms of the timing, the people, the energy and the intention. That was the momentum and for me, there was no reason to ask, “But what if?”Tove and I have all the parallels flowing, big female visions, trust, intensions, experiences, messages and intuition. We are both experienced in partnerships and businesses, in success and learning, falling and growing. So why not put that into a perfect fusion to win on energy and grow together? We both love to support others to succeed, to visualise, to live our female facets, to learn. So again, why not together?


We also truly believe in something that is bigger than we can see with the eyes but feeling and knowing that it is already here around and in us. So, there was just that honesty that said to us, “Of course, why not?” And we didn`t ask or search for that. We just took it and accepted it as it was ripe for the taking. I don’t always say‘Yes’ quickly -especially if I have no ‘overview’ that I can really fix or manage something, and, of course, I don’t like to disappoint. With ‘Savvy Females’ I felt it`s time to go for it. Even if the way is not completely known – what we know is strong enough. Now I know, I was preparing my whole life for founding ‘Savvy Females’.  Twenty years ago, I was not ready, not even ten years ago but today I am. And with over 40 years of experience now finally everything makes sense and fits into our vision.

Tove: I always say ‘trust your intuition when an opportunity feels right’ because clarity comes when you allow it to happen. Sometimes you just know it is the right thing without really knowing where it will take you. Starting ‘Savvy Females’ was just like that and now the Company has evolved into something we both truly believe will be our main focus for the future. I also believe that the natural purpose of a business relationship is the fulfillment of various parts that is likely to be complete and expanded by co-operation. I believe that Sandra and I are able to fulfill all the parts or ‘key factors’ to bring life to our vision for ‘Savvy Females’.

If there is a problem in the Company run by two directors, what is the best way to solve it? Or if you could advice to our readers that wish to go into collaboration with other entrepreneurs, what would your advice be and why?

Sandra: I do not believe in problems. I think they appear just as a shift if we are ready for the next level. These are just challenges that need answers and solutions. We grow by that. Sometimes it takes us longer to find things out, so we simply take a little break. This might mean checking our emotional responses to problems and then finding solutions by letting the magic of ‘Savvy’ unfold in its own perfect way. With huge smiles – and big goals that we couldn`t even imagine before – we now see new perspectives on things and the possibilities are overflowing.

I am amazed when I think back to the process we started; and now we laugh together like two radiantly happy girls getting their first pink sparkling dress ever. And that is amazing and so important and wonderful for productivity. Real female inner intelligence is realizing thatsometimes you just need to let go of the “problem”.Sometimes you need to calculate things in a ‘savvy’ way andsometimes you just need to feel your way around a problem like a pure entrepreneur. There are also other times when you just need to be a woman and smile the way that diamonds shine. We need to live and enjoy our talents and most of all to have fun in business and enjoy working together.

Tove: In terms of business partners, to be ‘different’ can be a good thing – as you are likely to fulfill various parts of the areas of business you are working within. However, it is essential that you are able to communicate clearly and understand each other. When it comes to business you need to be in constant motion and decisions normally have to be made quickly so it is important that you can jointly evaluate the situations that appear and allow them to unfold in the right direction without too many obstacles. So, my advice would be to make various checks and also feel the chemistry between you and the other person in order to evaluate the level of mutual communication before you start a business together.

 Is Norway a good base for the business?

Sandra:  I see the whole world as our base as we work globally – and I believe that is the same everywhere in the world. You choose your way, your luck and your success. Or you do not.

Tove: ‘Savvy Females’ is targeting a global market and I would say that our main base is online. We have recently entered the American market with huge success. Europe is our home and so it is natural for us to do business here and the plan is to expand into Asia during the second part of this year.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Sandra: I am thankful to be that ‘diamond’. In other words, knowing my own typical female multi-functional abilities including my feelings, thoughts and actions etc. It is a gift to be able to go with the‘flow’ and allow ourselves to be that diamond and to shine in such a way that the possibilities are endless. I am grateful, after years of struggling and searching for something, to now have the pleasure to benefit from everything I have learned. And all women can do that. It is not always easy for every woman to find her way there so‘Savvy Females’ is here to take women on a journey – to be aware of all their female facets and how to use them in a perfect female way.

Tove:For me, being a woman is a true blessing and directly connected to my mission in life. I work with women in so many areas – as the director of ‘Global Woman Club’ in Oslo I work to empower women in business and in ‘Sisters in Business’ I work with women from all over the world from a social point of view. As the leader of a team of operational managers I coach many young (25-35 years) women at the start of their professional path. The last four months I have also been writing a book called ‘Sixth Sense Success – embrace your feminine intuition in business’ – a book about femininity and intuition from a business point of view. On this journey it became so clear for me that even if we come from different countries, have different backgrounds or are on different missions in life – the essence of being a woman is the same for all of us. ‘Savvy Females’ are built on the premise of this true essence of femininity and our mission is to empower women to rise and allow their brilliance to shine. I can`t describe in words how grateful I am for being on this journey together with so many incredible partners. I feel truly honored to be involved in all these amazing womanly concepts that, in various ways, add value to all the women of the world.

 What brought you to the realisation that you wanted to change your lives?

Sandra: I am a mother of two, I am healthy, I have a beloved man by my side, I have a family, I am free, and we also travel a lot. I have people around me that are ‘with’ and ‘for me’ and also people I can learn from. Also people I am allowed to support them on their way and take them to their next level. For me, this is real fulfillment. I always trust in my intuitions and go for whatever feels right for me. It is a sort of magnetic energy so why should I struggle or go against that? I stay in my ‘flow’ and I am amazed and happy about every little new step that “surprises” me. Also, I am still that sparkling little happy girl that we all have within us. She needs to be free and remind us where we come from. Without judging, just be free, smiling to the world and happy, loving the little details in life, being happy for others and not being scared of anything and prepared to go forward.

I came to Germany as a war-child, refugee, and was always the ‘last one’, the ‘foreign one’ and again and again the ‘new one’. For many years I lived the victim role always falling down and was viewed as the one that should not get to see the sunny side of life. I experienced situations of real fear and of war and saw things that no child of this world should see.I now know how to be, why to be and I am thankful for every experience I get – even the hard times. I now live a wonderful fulfilled life that I am truly grateful for and which made me the woman I am today.

Tove: In life nothing stands still; life is a constant process of creation. I think I always knew that I am on my way to ‘somewhere’ – and I still am. When I realise that I want something, my head keeps spinning until I find a way to get it. When I kept reaching my goals and realised that I can create anything I want then I started to question – what is it that I really want on a deeper level? This is where the magic happened. When I truly connected with my ‘why’ – door after door was opened for me and suddenly it all made sense.

What is your best advice for those women that are thinking about starting a business or have just started on their entrepreneurial journey?

Sandra:  Don`t overthink about that ‘WHAT IF’s like, “What if I fail or make mistakes…” Instead you should focus on the amazing stunning big picture you have as your goal.On your way to success you will be learning, falling down, standing up, being scared, being full of questions so learn to focus on your vision with trust and diligence. Just as you are stunning with all your facets as a woman – so it is with your big picture and all the facets of success. Failures and mistakes belong to every goal just as the pain belongs to the birth. In my book “MANIFEST your true female identity” we go step by step through these important concepts.

Tove: To start up something new and successful comes from the sum of a bunch of details. Some are connected to the idea and the timing, some of them are connected to you as a person and some of them are directly connected to your business model and the systems you choose to use. No matter where you have your strengths or your weaknesses in this process, I believe that to be in an environment with other like-minded people will always help you to speed up the process in the right direction and help you to be aware of where to focus to achieve the success you are striving for.

What are the goals for you both for the next five years as entrepreneurs?

Sandra:  To give as many women as possible around the world the permission to allow themselves to be happy, successful and wonderful. To shine like diamonds. They need to be inspired by how good it is to be a woman by using and living with all their facets and by knowing that those facets solve and serve us if we know how to use them.

Tove: I am truly passionate about empowering women, and I am motivated by the potential to make this world a better place. With love for humanity and the world we are living in I see us working with women globally and the goal is to help as many women as possible to reach their goals and manifest the life they are worthy of. The business model for ‘Savvy Females’ is divided into five operational areas and we strive to achieve success in each one of them and are committed to helping millions of women worldwide. Our core values are consistent with the core values of having a meaningful life and we aim to deliver value to all parts involved and accelerate sustainability over the globe.

 What is the biggest dream you want to achieve?

Sandra:  Just one dream? I have so many! To keep health and love in my family.To keep following and doing what I love and to grow with that aim.To never stop learning and seeing the world and to gain new experiences.

Tove: To grow a global market leading company that will add true value to the world.


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