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Global Man Club Launch

A Lesson from My Son

By Mirela Sula

I remember a few years ago, a film crew came to my house to interview me and in the middle of work they asked my son to help with the lights. They were asking me questions about women empowerment and my vision to help women around the world find their voice and stand in their power. There was a moment when I was speaking so passionately about how the world is changing with the feminine energy and how men have got lessons from the past to start giving more space to women. I am not sure what triggered my son but I was shocked seeing him upset and in the middle of filming he threw the light on the floor and ran to lock himself in the room. I think at that time he was about 18 years old. 

I got worried. I ran after him. I managed to get in his room and asked: 

  • What happened son? Are you ok?
  • Mama, no I am not ok. I have been listening to you for years. You just speak to women, women, women, they need a voice. What about us? We need a voice too. Do you know how I feel hearing you all day long just talking about women. You need to do something for us as well.

I went silent. I had no words. My son grew up coming with me to all my events, listening to my speeches around the world. He has seen me growing as well. He has seen my journey, coming to this country alone, as a single mother and fighting for life, on my own, to find my place. He has been the witness of my fire and seen all my challenges. He was my “why” to move and seek for the better. I wanted a better life for him, I wanted him to be the best version of himself. I wanted him to get an education and learn how to be a good man, a gentleman. This was my dream for him. In fact that was my dream for myself as well, as a mother.

But at this moment he gave me a big lesson. He made me stop and reflect. Is he happy? Am I giving him what he needs to be a good confident man? Was I providing the space for him to express himself, his talent and his aspirations in life? That was the moment I started thinking in a different way and being more careful with my message. This was the point when I started to include more men into our Global Woman movement and invited them to support us. Guess what? I could feel the joy in their eyes when we asked them for help, when we included them in our meetings. So what I have realised is, men like contributing and they really love the idea of working with women. Many times I have heard the saying: Most of my clients are women.

So it was that moment that triggered me to start changing the direction of our message: We empower women but we welcome men to align with us as well. We bring the feminine vibes, they bring their masculine energy. And one morning, as we were having our coffee routine with my partner Ian we started talking about how important it is that men feel more included in our activities. It is much better when they are in the room and we talk with them directly. We share, we discuss and be together as a team rather than complaining or putting the blame on them for the inequality that we see in the world. There are so many great men out there who are frustrated too about many things that we need to change in the world. 

This is where everything started. With my son and my partner. We all can start from our families and bring the change we want to see in the world. This is my “why” that now has become a bigger “why” for my partner, Ian who is starting the first chapter of Global Man Club in London.

Join us for an evening dedicated to promoting positive masculinity for a positive impact. In a world where men need a tribe too, we come together to forge connections, inspire growth, and embrace the journey of self-improvement.

Global Man Club Launch

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