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What was the biggest challenge for you this year?

By Mirela Sula

This year has been full of challenges, and Christmas will be a very different experience for many of us now. Who could have imagined that we were going to face all of this? And hey, here we are, grateful we survived this storm, and with this resilience we can for sure believe in the next stage of “Thriving”.

Have you heard the expression: “After the storm the sun will shine again”. And this is going to be our big challenge for 2021: How are we going to experience the sunshine? This is my question for You: Are you ready to allow the sun shine on you in 2021?

How does it make you feel when you see the light touching your eyes, your heart, you dreams… Do you let it come in? Do you give yourself permission to experience it fully and say “ I deserve it”

I know we all come with many stories from the past. Some of them have perhaps not created a good feeling to us and somehow have triggered the tendency to no seek for more and tap into our light.

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