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Evelien van Es; A guide on how to discover the power inside us

“For me life is about being relentlessly you”, says Evelien, as she reviews her life and the challenges she has overcome.Today she helps others in overcoming their own challenges. After gaining great experience working in corporations Evelien decided to dedicate herself to her own business. With some important tips for us, she explains below how we can better discover ourselves and the power we all have inside. At the start of 2021, Evelien will publish her book, which will also serve as a manual for all those who are looking to empower themselves. Collaboration, inspiration and helping others are her key words as a coach.

When did you realise what it was you really wanted to do in your life?

Life is a journey in discovering who you really are, beyond your ego and all that has shaped you during life. As a child and adolescent, I wasn’t really clear about what I wanted in life. I always kept options open simply because I didn’t know. As kids we are way too young to make important choices in life about how we see our future. And actually, it doesn’t really matter what you do. It’s all about living life, learning about what life is all about and figuring out how to find your unique path in life. That is not about what you want in life from your mind, it’s revealing what your deeply desire from heart and soul.

Which of the tips you received in your childhood did you find the most helpful?

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