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Janet Bray Attwood: The Miracle of Self-Love

By Kicki Pallin

She has just launched her new program, Mastering Self Love – Magnifying Your Greatness and Manifesting Wealth. But this is by no means the grand finale of a life mission. Janet Bray Attwood says she is reinventing herself every few months. She is a famous author, the co-founder of The Passion Test Certification Program, the founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council and has received several awards for her important work. For her work with the homeless and kids in lock down detention centers, Janet has received an award from the president of the United States, and for her work in promoting peace she has received the World Peace Flame Award from the Life Foundation International. Janet has dedicated the biggest part of her life to passion and love, but many of her childhood years were affected by severe trauma. This has colored her life in a special way, and as Janet says, success isn’t all important, what really matters is, “How much love did I give today?”

Today you are a well-known Transformational Leader, and this life path of yours has evolved from very personal life experiences. Could you please share what happened during your childhood?

When I was little I had the most beautiful relationship with my mother. I had two older siblings, a sister, Mickey and a brother, Johnny. Both of them were a bit jealous of my relationship with my mother. Who could blame them, our relationship was pure love, it was totally magical! My mom loved being with me so much that she would write to the principal of my school and ask for time off for me to go to a dentist appointment, and then instead, we would just hang out together and spend time together laughing, eating, singing, planting flowers, etc.  Then at 7 years old, everything in my life changed. It was a defining moment in my life, the very first crack in my existence. I heard our car come screeching into the driveway, it was a horrible sound, and out stepped my very drunk mother, looking and acting completely crazy. Being a little kid and not knowing any better, I immediately asked myself, “Did I do that?”, “Didn’t I love her enough?” My mother, my best friend, my everything, had turned into a hard-core alcoholic.

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