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Victoria Searl: Disrupting Hospitality with Brand New Venture

Victoria Searl, a hospitality professional with over 27 years of experience – from pulling pints to board level decision making, is the Founder and Head Hawk at DataHawks.The business provides hospitality with in-depth data analysis which identifies, reveals and quantifies the most valuable customers to their clients, and helps them find more of them. Victoria shares more about what inspired her to become the ‘Head Hawk’ of her business and why she is still optimistic about the future of hospitality despite the impacts of COVID.

Tell us a bit more about your background in hospitality

The buzz and excitement of working in hospitality drew me away from university. So, from pulling pints at 18 to waiting tables to then making my way up the ladder and taking on operational and marketing roles, I got to know the industry inside out. I worked for brands such as TGI Fridays, Strada, Byron, Café Rouge and others. My time in all these restaurant groups taught me huge amounts and have set me up perfectly to be leading a business that now serves that industry.

So, what prompted you to move from that world into the world of data analytics?

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