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Veronica Tan: My husband is the General and I am the Major

Veronica was born in Malaysia, but grew up in Singapore from the age of eight. From early childhood she was very motivated and was seeking a better life for herself and the family. She became independent at a very young age. She began her career in education, which later opened the doors to international companies. The experience which she gained there was priceless and she values every skill. Her extensive professional experience helped her to make the company even more successful and grow internationally since 1992. She combines her skills and knowledge working as Group General Manager of Success Resources.

You appear to be a very strong woman on the outside – Can you tell us what you are like on the inside?

First of all, I am a woman and a wife. I strongly believe that women must submit to her husband, while the husband must appreciate this and in return love their wives sincerely.

Inside me, I am a supportive person, with an assertive and strong personality. I believe that a women’s role is to support her husband, to help him win and in return you both will succeed. My family is run like an army, where my husband is the General and I am the Major. He makes general decisions and I make all the major ones.

How do you remember your first job?

My first job was in a government factory based in Singapore. I worked there for nearly ten years. The factory produced weapons for the army and police force. It was a great start, as I met a range of different people and learnt a lot from building my personality to fend for myself in a man’s world.

What are the biggest challenges that you have faced so far in your career?

During those ten years in the factory, I grew as a professional and as a person. I had to work in a man’s world, demanding respect and equality. It was challenging, but it actually helped me to become the person that I am today.

Over time the world moved forward into the technology era, this provided me with a life changing decision, whether I should leave the job I loved and move forward and grow or stay in my job and be complacent. I was looking for possibilities to improve my life and I needed to make a decision. It was tough, but I decided to leave my job and start my own business, so I became an entrepreneur in a catering business.

You have previously said that you let your husband have the final say at home on important decisions. Does this mean that you are a strong woman at work but at home you have chosen not to lead?

I do not lead at home. We are a team with different areas of responsibility. At times, we play good cop and bad cop to achieve our mutual goal in bringing up our children. I leave certain things to my husband, as I know he will always make the right choice for our entire family.

My husband is my hero and I would do anything for him – his dream is my dream…

How would you describe the relationship with your husband?

My husband has a great sense of humour. I admire him, he is my hero and I would do anything for him – his dream is my dream. Out of the two of us, he is more laid back, and I am the serious one, but that is the beauty of our relationship. We are happy to be different, as I think it makes us a perfect team, and we complement each other.

Is there a difference about you in and out of work?

At work I have to be assertive to get things done. As I am a nurturing leader, I tend to be a motherly figure. I coach and support, as well as lead the team at work .Outside of work I tend to do the same to friends and people I meet. My management style is a mixture of hard skills and soft skills.

Were you born with your leadership skills or is it something that you have learned?

Every human being has inborn leadership skills within them. It can be developed to the fullest potential if one is willing to subject themselves to learn it and practice it.

I prefer to be a follower if I have a choice but circumstances has led me to be a leader and I am okay with that too. I learned my skills through modelling other great leaders, reading books and most importantly – understanding and the caring of people 

The whole world should be run by women. We would run the world with love and there would be only peace, no war.

What is your opinion about women as leaders today?

I love it; the whole world should be run by women. We would run the world with love and there would be only peace, no war. My wish is that one day Hilary Clinton will be a president.

How would you describe a powerful woman?

I think that a powerful woman is not necessarily the one who has the actual power. It is more important to have a strong influence, and to get things done. She has to be the best in her job, be able to contribute, make a positive difference to everything she touches, and add value. Powerful women influence people in a good way and make positive changes.

How would you describe female empowerment?

Every women should be empowered and be able to reveal and develop her talents. The next event brought to you by Success Resources “Women achievers congress” is all about female empowerment. We are bringing the message, that all women regardless of their age, culture, skills, or religion, have an equal opportunity to be powerful.

A powerful woman is the one who will get what she wants, starting from shoes and handbags, finishing with her desired lifestyle and bank balance and along the journey changing lives.

What are the secrets of your success so far?

People often ask me this, and I always reply the same: Fear of God and learn to work with people. It is all about communication and influencing people. Unfortunately, so many people don’t know how to work with others successfully. A fist is always stronger than the finger.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to carry on what I am doing now. Travel the world, make a positive impact wherever I go, and bring life changing events to new countries. I want to continue empowering people and help them to change their lives. I want to work towards empowering women worldwide. Having Kim Kiyosaki as a role model is an amazing opportunity and I am very happy to bring her to the United Kingdom. My future focus is to help women worldwide to become the best version of themselves. It is our time.

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