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Veronica Tan: My husband is the General and I am the Major

Veronica was born in Malaysia, but grew up in Singapore from the age of eight. From early childhood she was very motivated and was seeking a better life for herself and the family. She became independent at a very young age. She began her career in education, which later opened the doors to international companies. The experience which she gained there was priceless and she values every skill. Her extensive professional experience helped her to make the company even more successful and grow internationally since 1992. She combines her skills and knowledge working as Group General Manager of Success Resources.

You appear to be a very strong woman on the outside – Can you tell us what you are like on the inside?

First of all, I am a woman and a wife. I strongly believe that women must submit to her husband, while the husband must appreciate this and in return love their wives sincerely.

Inside me, I am a supportive person, with an assertive and strong personality. I believe that a women’s role is to support her husband, to help him win and in return you both will succeed. My family is run like an army, where my husband is the General and I am the Major. He makes general decisions and I make all the major ones.

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