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Mirela Sula: Do you know where happiness is?

By Mirela Sula

Everyone wants to be happy…

As Freud used to say “We all want to be and remain happy”. One might ask, “Who has found the formula and is not sharing it with others?” If we are in search of this treasure, there is no need for any formula nor to purchase tickets to start a long journey. It would be enough to dive deep into the self directly and discover our inner resources. Often many do not even really know if it really exists.

There is no place where happiness can be issued through a passport…

In fact, there is no place where happiness can be issued through a passport. However, there is a place where we can ask for it, the path that leads to the self. If you are suffering from despair, it has probably been hard to see because of the darkness. There is nothing else left but to be patient and trust that the mind itself has a shelter, inside there is paradise and it can be reached.

Often it is the conditions of fear, boredom, disease and all other evils that block the entrance. We can conquer these false impediments which are accepted by the unprotected unconscious mind. Therefore the concept of “gatekeepers” as described in Charles Haanel’s theory, is highly significant in understanding how to scale the castle around the subconscious.

Specifically, from this hearth emerges a wave of energy which will determine if we will sink in the waves of disbelief, or we will bring to the shore the weight that keeps us hostage. The shore, in this case, may be the intended destination of our consciousness which we often keep in a non-active condition. We leave it in the middle of the sea, threatened by the storms. We forget that if the captain would not have weakened his watch over the wheel, Titanic would not have sunk.

This is the way we act with our consciousness also; it is the ship that leads us at sea in quietness and in troubled times. This is why we must stay awake, sub consciousness is always ready to help us avoid the iceberg. This is why we need to change direction whenever the sub consciousness traps us. This change must come slowly because if we go too fast the speed may cause us to lose the ability to steer in the right direction. Additionally, if you happen to go onto the wrong path, sometimes you may not be able to come back without changing course.

The higher the energy of awareness, the better the mind works…

The curves use your energy and you slow down with the speed of the waves which help to drive awareness. However, the higher the energy of awareness, the better the mind works. With this energy we draw the thoughts which help us foresee our well-being. Through the thoughts we are able to see the losses or the successes before they turn into the realities coming from the sky of our own mind.

This is the way I talk with myself when I want to connect with her:

Each day begins with an important meeting.

At the top of the agenda in order.

It is the morning meeting with myself.

Before leaving to go somewhere,

it tells me what plans it has

for the newborn day

and I give the appropriate advice.

I tell it to be careful where it walks and where it sets foot.

I advise it to come back home early,

not to get distracted on the streets

and not to be tempted by outside splendors.

The light that is within

is sufficient to be enlightened…

In fact, what surrounds us outside often pushes us down the road that takes us nowhere. We go and come back again from where we started since we are part of the context within which we live and we cannot “act as if” in order to see beyond limitations. However, we must always be aware that an absolute path and willingness towards joy does not come by being desperate but by acting and by living free from the illusions. As long as all arguments lead us to the fact that “happiness comes from within as it is not a matter of external things”, we do not have to spend time and energy to seek it elsewhere.

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