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Top 10 Online Coaches To Help You Smash Your Fitness Goals In 2021

A little over a year ago, the onset of the pandemic brought with it a toilet paper shortage in the United States, a boom in the home-made hand-sanitizer industry, and a global dependence on at-home workouts. 

From March 2020 to October 2020, health and fitness equipment revenues more than doubled, reaching a figure of $2.3 billion, with sales of treadmills soaring 135% and stationary bike sales more than tripling. 

Now, as the pandemic is nearing an end, toilet paper supply is no longer a concern, home-made hand sanitizers have drastically improved in both scent and texture, and at-home workouts have become valued additions to the day-to-day routines of millions of individuals.

As the world begins to revert to a state of  “the old normal” one thing is sure to remain, and that is the global adoration of at-home-workouts. These personalized and accessible workout resources have been made available to the masses through online streaming services, mobile apps, and a variety of other platforms. 

Within the highly saturated space, it can be challenging to determine which fitness expert offers the best program for you and your needs! 

We’ve highlighted 10 fitness-industry leaders who are helping millions of people across the globe smash their fitness goals one workout at a time. 

Discover which epic trainer is right for you and your goals! 

#1. Layne Norton

Layne Norton is a world-renowned Physique coach sharing with his clients and hundreds of thousands of followers the benefits that fitness can bring to not only your physical pursuits, but also your personal and professional endeavors. The natural professional bodybuilder and powerlifter shared in a recent podcast that, “I always tell people, I don’t think I would’ve had the success I did in business or social media or academia if I hadn’t done weightlifting because it taught me so much about other things in life.” 

Holding a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences and countless championship titles in both bodybuilding and weightlifting, Layne is sharing his knowledge on health, wellness, and physical fitness as the founder of Biolayne LLC. The online platform offers a membership service providing webinars, workouts, meal prep plans, and many other resources to assist members in discovering the optimal solutions to serve the needs of their bodies. The global inspiration is at the forefront of teaching others the RIGHT way to get results, not the FASTEST.

Uncover your full potential and your ability to achieve your largest goals through Layne Norton’s coaching methods!  

#2. Emily Skye

As an inspiration to a community of over 2.5 million followers, Emily Skye is the fitness sensation guiding women across the globe through their fitness journey. The Australian mother of two is infamous for her no-nonsense approach to health and wellness, and offers at-home-training programs, deliciously healthy recipes, and goal setting strategies for the members of her Emily Skye Fit Community. 

Offering programs for a variety of fitness levels and body types, Emily Skye is teaching women everywhere how to fall in love with their bodies one accomplishment at a time. As an original figure in the influential fitness space, Emily’s presence in the industry has been felt for many years, and she continues to guide and coach through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Learn how to fall in love with your fitness journey by joining the Emily Skye Fit Community today! 

#3. Bret Contreras

Popularly known for his leading expertise on glute training, Bret Contreras has garnered a following of 1.1M+ resulting from his unparalleled industry knowledge on glute strengthening and training. The “Glute Guy” holds a Ph.D. in sports science amongst numerous other degrees and certifications positioning him as an expert in much more than just booty gains. 

As the founder and owner of his company, The Glute Lab, Bret offers personalized programs, workout equipment, and guide books to a large and diverse client base seeking expert advice to help them along their health and fitness journey. The Arizona-born fitness enthusiast shares his wealth of knowledge with his followers through video content sharing workout techniques and health tips.

Discover the best tips and tricks for your booty-building routine with Bret Contreras! 

#4. Danielle Robertson AKA Dannibelle

As one of the globe’s most recognized names in the health and fitness industry, Danielle Robertson is the Australian powerhouse who’s grown an empire out of her passions. As the founder, director, and owner of Dannibelle Pty Ltd, Danielle has grown her business to be far more than just content for your social feed. The former competitive track & field athlete spent decades strengthening her body, and today shares with her 1M+ followers how to replicate the booty-growing exercises familiar to track stars. 

Dannibelle followers can access a library of transformational resources to assist them in their health and wellness pursuits. With the launch of Dat Booty by DB in July of 2021, Danielle is sharing with her growing audience a subscription-based website offering ongoing monthly programming to build that booty and improve the physique. For as little as $0.66 US per day, members gain access to three training options: Gym, Dumbbell Only, and Bodyweight allowing the programs to be accessible anywhere and everywhere. 

Discover the motivation and inspiration to help you get Dat Booty with unlimited access to exercise programs made specially by Dannibelle today! 

#5. James Smith 

Often described as the “Gordon Ramsy of the fitness industry” James Smith is known for removing all the bullsh*t from the fitness industry one post at a time. Through JSA (James Smith Academy) James shares the CORRECT ways to train through hundreds of expertly curated videos. His content covers a variety of health and fitness categories including the basics of calorie consumption (from deficit to surplus) and how to properly develop the Boo Tay

Starting at $11/month, members are provided access to an expansive library of resources created to guide them along their health and fitness journey backed by expert advice. James won’t sugarcoat the experience but he will keep you accountable to your goals. 

Smash your fitness goals today by discovering the RIGHT way to workout with James Smith! 

#6. Whitney Simmons

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive” shares the landing page on Whitney Simmons’ website. This is the mindset that the fitness industry leader adheres to when inspiring her clients and audience to seize the opportunities in each and every day. In firmly believing that a healthy lifestyle extends far beyond simply working out, Whitney advocates for a lifestyle that incorporates techniques to feel good both inside and out. 

Having spent the past 10 years testing out a variety of workouts, routines, and programs, Whitney has put together the best of the best into her Alive App. Broken into three components, the Alive App assists users and members in achieving their health and fitness goals by providing workouts, programs, and journey insight. The fun and positive app is perfectly created to provide inspiration and accountability, making the process enjoyable and inviting as opposed to daunting and intimidating.

Find joy in your workout routine with the Whitney Simmons method today

#7. Hanna Öberg

Driven by the belief that food and training SHOULD be fun, Hannah Öberg is the fitness influencer and inspiration guiding over 2.1M followers through their health and fitness journey. The Swiss trainer and certified nutrition advisor has spent over a decade creating fitness and nutrition guides to encourage her followers to enjoy their journey courtesy of fun workout routines and deliciously healthy recipes. 

Hanna’s website and AFLETE App offers members progress tracking, workout tracking, and detailed exercises backed by her years of fitness expertise. Ranging from the proven Glute Guide to the Pregnancy Workout Guide, Hanna’s library of resources offers something for everyone. 

Make your workout routine fun again with Hannah Öberg!

#8. Mark Carroll

Coach Mark Carroll is a leading educator in the fitness industry. He’s best known for his ability to transform the female physique and help women get “Strong AF!” The Australian trainer began his career running boxing sessions for clients in the park, and has since grown from his humble beginnings to a globally recognized and highly sought after trainer. 

His #1 bestselling series, Building The Bikini Body, has been read by women world-wide and is regarded as the go-to source for getting in shape the right way. Having coached over 20 women to winning titles in multiple federations, Mark promotes the “less is more” approach as he puts health and wellness above all else. For those seeking winning results, the Mark Carroll method is worth following as it continually proves to be successful. 

Get Strong AF and create your ultimate bikini body today with Mark Carroll!    

#9. Chontel Duncan 

The name of the game in 2020 and 2021 has been equipment free workouts! In staying on top (and in many cases ahead) of this trend, Chontel Duncan is one of the leading trainers promoting equipment-free workouts that can easily be done at home. As a founding member of the #FIERCECommunity, Chontel is bringing women together from around the world driven by the shared passion for fitness. 

From her FIERCE workout playlist, to her FIERCE diet, and her FIERCE workout routines, Chontel is the one-stop go-to resource sharing all you need to know to achieve your health, wellness, and fitness goals. Beginners and experts alike have joined the #FIERCECommunity and are recording the transformational results they’re experiencing throughout the process. 

Bring fierceness back into your workout routine today by joining Chontel Duncan’s #FIERCECommunity

#10. Tanya Poppet 

Based out of Sydney, Tanya Poppet is the High-Intensity-Interval-Training reigning champion, guiding her clients and followers through workout routines that promote quick expulsions of energy in a short period of time. Her training style crafts toned bodies built from increased muscle mass, and has become increasingly popular with those seeking to get in a hard workout in a short period of time. 

Tanya’s digital platform offers online training, retreats, and reflective blog posts sharing her industry experience and advice. With 2 unique programs, 100+ health recipes, and 700+ unique exercises, Tanya’s online services are available for as little as $2.50/week. 

Discover how to smash your fitness goals with Tanya’s HIIT programs today! 

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