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Tips From Business Women In Paris

Tips From Business Women In Paris

By Fati Gorezi

Coming from many from different countries and many different cultures what they all have in common is that they are all beautiful souls with a desire to empower women around the world. Their enthusiasm is contagious and this is the reason they are so admired and inspire so much confidence in others

If you are truly ready to change your life then you need to know about Wani, Nina and Konnie, the three businesswomen from Paris and their stories.

Have a look at the following statements to earn an insight into the world of female business in Paris.

Wani Manly 

Create your own reality and break the rules

What is your background and how did you end up starting a business in Paris?


I am an American-Liberian international business lawyer, bestselling author, speaker and abundance mindset coach from Miami. I was led to Paris in 2011 when, over the course of a year, I received universal signs every single day about all things Paris and France.  That eventually led me to following my calling and moving to Paris – a city that was never remotely on my radar and also a city in which I had zero connection to. Nevertheless, I trusted the inner guidance that was calling me here and came to the city without a Plan A, a Plan B, or even a plan C. I didn’t know one word of the language, nor did I know a single person in Paris. That was almost six years ago.

Up until now, I have not technically started a business in Paris, but I will be doing so this year in 2018. I am obsessed with freedom, so I have designed my life whereby I can live and work from anywhere in the world as long as I have a WiFi connection. My law firm, W. Manly, P.A. is transactional in nature, and my coaching business is global so meetings with clients are usually over the telephone or through Skype or Zoom.  It is a ‘freedom-based’ business. As a writer, I typically enjoy writing from cafés and preferably in front of the ocean as I find that the ocean fuels my creativity.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a business woman in Paris?

The biggest challenge I have faced as a business woman in Paris is first and foremost the language barrier as my French is not sufficient yet to conduct business in French.  Secondly, there is the collective mindset of the locals including the ex-pat community as well. Collectively, everyone is singing the same tune of “everything here is difficult, hard, impossible, or can’t be done.” They don’t realise that they are not merely describing their life, but they are also creating their lives. What’s more, thinking expansively and having lofty ambitions or goals isn’t the norm here – which for me can be frustrating as I think in terms of big, bigger and biggest.   I’m often told that I need to lower my standards to which my response is “No. You need to raise yours!” Additionally, there’s quite a bit of a conformist and self-loathing presence here, which I find troubling.

Also, the French don’t yet see the value in coaching, in personal development, or “working on themselves” as Americans do. As such, they are not so willing to invest in themselves in terms of overcoming the problems they face in their lives.  More often than not, when I speak in the language of personal development or spirituality, there’s an unwillingness to dive deeper into these topics beyond philosophical debate.

What are the greatest possibilities you see as a business woman in Paris?

Despite what I’ve stated above, the greatest possibilities one has as a business woman in Paris, particularly in my work, is that Paris is a frontier city. Life-coaching is a relatively new thing here and where anything is new, the soil is fertile lending to an abundance of endless possibilities.

Paris is also a point of discovery and if you are willing to reinvent yourself, think outside the box (and of course learn the language) you can do so much here. In my line of work, there is so much potential here as there’s a real need for fresh ideas and new perspectives. The world is changing quickly, and although the French are resistant to change, evolution and the current state of the world will eventually force them to.

One of the benefits that I see here is that people here are very drawn and attracted to me and my energy.  They hear my story and see a direct correlation of how my life is reflective of my thinking and they are therefore drawn to me like a magnet. I’m a mindset coach so in each encounter (using discernment of course) I have with someone, I take the opportunity to illustrate how their words and beliefs are creating every aspect of their lives.

How will you take your business from Paris to a global level?

My business is already global and has been so for well over a decade now. So, for me, it is the opposite path of creating more of a local presence here.  Speaking is a must, as that is where my greatest gift, joy and star-power lies. Additionally, strategically getting offline and getting out to where my ideal client is and connecting with my ideal client is also key. Lastly, hosting my own events and collaborating with other experts in my industry is also critical as the old adage says: “If you want to go slow, go alone. If you want to go far, go with someone.”  

Can you give me three key pieces of advice for anyone wanting to start a business in Paris?

Three key pieces of advice for anyone wanting to start a business in Paris is – first and foremost disconnect from the Paris collective consciousness, which is quite negative and pessimistic. Stop singing the same hymn as everyone else, that is “It’s difficult to start a business in Paris because of the taxes, and blah, blah, blah.” Understand that you create your own reality. Every single bit of it. Your word is your bond and what you are affirming, agreeing to, repeating and believing in you are creating for yourself. Good or bad.

The second tip is to hire a lawyer or a professional to help you. In the legal field we have a saying and it goes, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try using an amateur.” Many people try to do things on their own as it’s cheaper and they try to cut costs to save money. Don’t. Stop ‘nikeling and diming’ yourself and start your business on the right footing from the start.

Last but not least, and most important – SMILE. You’d be surprised with what you can get away with by smiling, especially in Paris where the usual facial expression worn here is a frown.  This has been key to my success in Paris. Greeting someone with a smile alters any exchange and for the better. Research shows this no matter what the culture is.

Konnie Labecki

Make yourself visible and let your light shine!

What’s your background and how did you end up starting a business in Paris?

I was born and raised on the Eastern side of Germany and I’ve also lived in the USA for a while where I discovered my love for numbers and maths. My background was working for 22 years in Corporate, Finance and Asset Management, always optimizing processes, organising teams, papers and workflows.

My husband got a job offer in Paris in the summer of 2013 but due to my lack of French-language skills I did not find a new position in Paris. So, I was encouraged by my husband to search my soul for what truly sets it on fire – et voila! – I founded my own professional organising and coaching business and got certified (Since 2015 with the National Association of Professional Organizers, NAPO and recently with Lenka Lutonska as an NLP-Coach (ABNLP)). Since then I’ve never looked back. I love all the aspects of organizing, decluttering and what it does to us as a person, the effects on our mind, heart and emotions. Most of all I love guiding my Soul clients to release all the clutter and junk and step into their light fully. Once the clarity and space sets in it is so much easier to see what sets your soul on fire and how you can impact the world with your best possible version of yourself. I strongly believe, have witnessed many times, and know so out of personal experience, that only stepping fully into your light and passion will bring you true fulfillment. To witness the impact this has on after our work together is just beautiful.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a business woman in Paris?

As a first-time business owner, getting the confidence and feeling for the value I offer was a journey. Finding my soul client, owning my value and serving to the best of my abilities from my highest version of self was probably the biggest challenge I faced.

What are the greatest possibilities you have as a business woman in Paris?

Literally impacting the world. Enabling entrepreneurial women and businesses to create flow in both their personal as well as their business goals by clearing their mental, emotional and physical clutter and stepping into their light and shining brightly. Being able to accompany that through my organising, coaching services as well as through my collaborations, business goals and first LIVE Event from a very beautiful and central place in the world is just amazing.

How will you take your business from Paris to a global level?

Simple. Serving my clients globally through my various programs I already have my business at a global level. Through keynote speaking, global collaborations as well as organising one of the highest-level global live events for entrepreneurial women in Paris in Spring 2019 – which I plan to run every year in a different global location – my business will impact on a bigger scale at a global level.

Can you give me three key pieces of advice for anyone wanting to start a business in Paris?

– Get involved in the many entrepreneurial networking events in and around Paris. Make yourself visible, be genuine and self-confident, let your light shine.

– Be creative. Think out of the box. You don’t need a constant office so a bird-office or co-working space are a great opportunity to get your business going AND meet other like-minded people.

– Stay true to who you are, to your values, your way of doing things and be authentic, be honest, be compassionate and be patient! (VERY patient as bureaucracy is BIG in France) and stay knowledgeable about rules and laws (hence networking and getting out there to meet the right people pays off here as well)

Most importantly, detach from the outcome. Do the best you can. Step by step. Visualise and connect on an emotional level. Make yourself important and yet DETACH FROM THE OUTCOME. The most beautiful and powerful things will happen.

Nina Urman

 Focus on the bigger WHY

What is your background and how did you end up starting a business in Paris?

I’m a half Russian-half German, former professional tennis player, I have been living in Paris for the last seven years with my husband and our six children.

Since I was a little child I was always passionate about human beings, their personal development, their relationships and how we are all connected. In my search for my professional and personal purpose I have studied many subjects from theatre and communications to social studies and psychology to finance and International relations.

When I decided to start my business here in Paris my mission was very clear: Elevate the level of collective consciousness for a better world through self-awareness and connection As an I.C.F. professional coach, a certified professional ‘Co-Active’ coach (CPCC) and with a Master’s degree in Finance and International Relations, I am now writing a book on “Inside-Out Life – a New Way of Being”, which has the express aim of helping everyone to live a life with purpose and meaning.  

Firstly, I created my personal coaching company ‘Dream Dare Act’ and about a year after, the concept of ‘Inside-Out Circles’ (

I strongly believe that our external reality is just a reflection of what is happening inside of us. We live in a reflective universe. Thus, I aspire a life from the INSIDE OUT (rather than from the Outside In!) and I practice it every day.

Having seen many people become sick, stressed, overwhelmed or just plain dissatisfied with their reality, I mostly work with women who are longing to find passion, fulfillment and joy in their lives.

This was my motivation for ‘Inside-Out’: to bring women into intimate circles in a safe confidential environment where they can exchange and learn from each other and thus become better daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, business leaders and simply better human beings.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a business woman in Paris?

One of the biggest challenges for me was to offer this new concept, that women didn’t even know they needed. Especially here in France (compared to the United States for example) the culture of sharing experiences from your heart and being vulnerable and dropping masks and being authentic isn’t very natural. So, I had to explain the value of the support and benefits of a like-hearted tribe over and over and make it simple to understand and fun to attend.

I have organized and co-hosted several events to make InsideOut Circles more accessible. Now I am proud to say that we are building a beautiful global community of like-hearted women. And I a m feeling so grateful!

What are the greatest possibilities you have as a business woman in Paris?

Business here isn’t always easy. However, one great opportunity I see here in Paris is the big international community. Most of my circles, workshops and events have been in English for now. But since I speak four languages (Russian, German, English and French) I see myself expanding my offer and taking my business to the next level.

How will you take your business from Paris to a global level?

My vision is to organise a big InsideOut event every year in a different country while still keeping the concept of local weekly InsideOut ‘Breakfast Circles’ and monthly ‘Deep Dive Dinners’.

Can you give me three key pieces of advice for anyone wanting to start a business in Paris?

1.Love what you do and do what you love. Focus on the Bigger WHY. In Paris or anywhere.

  1. Trust the process and let go of attachments to the outcome. There is no failure, only feed-forward. When something is ‘impossible’, ask again.
  2. Be loving to yourself. Find a space of Self-acceptance and self-love. Remember that the greatest project in your life is YOU.
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