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What do these three women have in common?

Regardless of all these cultural issues, traditional restrictions and influences, they believe that one can achieve everything that puts one puts his or her mind into. We just have to believe in ourselves, and go for it. If you really want something, and have the will to persist, you can get it! Read what they share in common and what makes them unique.

Ferhan from Turkey, Huda from Iraq and Lily from Ghana share their thoughts with us.

FerhaFerhan thinks that her whole life has been a blend of the eastern and western cultures, as she goes back and forth between these different worlds, sometimes pondering about who she really is and where she really is from. She hold three passports, has lived in four countries and seven cities in her life, and travelled to over thirty countries for work or for pleasure. For the last seventeen years, she has been living and working always in-between two cities, first between London and Paris and now between London and Istanbul, with both local and international clients and partners. At heart she is Turkish, but in her professional life, she has the western work ethic, since most of her professional life took place in USA and Europe.

LillyLily was a student when she decided to emigrate, and for her migration has been a chance of better opportunities and an improved lifestyle. Her sense of adventure kicked in once it was clear that London was going to be her home for the foreseeable future. You see, it wasn’t supposed to be a permanent move. There was always talk of going back to the motherland of Ghana, certainly at the beginning, but as time went on the pull of London was much stronger, as her network of like-minded people grew and fuelled her need to learn more outside of the classroom.

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