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Mirela Sula

This Woman Called me A Stranger

By Mirela Sula

Today I met a woman that reminded me why I do what I do and somehow it reinforced my mission behind it. 

In the last 10 years I have been bringing “Strangers” into my life. I am using the word “stranger” because this is what she told me today: “I have not met a stranger for a long time” — she said. So I was a stranger to her. In fact this is who I was for thousands of women that I have met in this journey, all over the world. I do speak the “strangers” language very well because when I arrived in this country I was one of them. I didn’t know anyone and In order for me to survive I needed to take the risk and go and speak to “strangers”. 

Yesterday when a friend of mine, who happens to be an angel investor in Silicon Valley @Hulya Koc asked me to share what “Global Woman” is about, I did and when I finished she said: Oww I see “you bring women out of their shells.” 

It made me think. In fact this is exactly how I would define the work that I do with women. When I meet them for the first time I can sense they are looking for a transition but they are scared of taking that step. I have seen many women shaking in front of me, many of them crying and not able to articulate exactly what they want and what they are looking for. But I always somehow have the ability to see something special in them, something they can’t see yet and maybe are scared to even think “they can.” So this woman that I met today, reminded me of the conversation  I had yesterday with Hulvia. She said “I have been seeing your activity for a while but, only now, I can understand what Global Woman can really do for women. It takes them on a transformational journey.”

Somehow, for some reason, I tend to attract women who have been “hiding” for a long time and staying in the comfort zone with no change, until something happens. 

And you know what? “Nothing changes, until something moves,” and if you don’t move it yourself, something happens to make things move; that’s the law of life. 

So we see people changing because of a big challenge, health issue, adversity or grief or whatever. And then “boom” — they wake up. 

This is how I ended up meeting this woman today, and this is why so many women reach me all the time coming in tears saying, “I have been following you for a long time and now I decided to reach you. How can Global Woman help me?”

But here is the thing my sisters: Why do you wait until something happens so you can move and bring change in your life. Bring that change all the time, make it part of your journey, your growth. Get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to try, risk and fail. You will be ok and you will learn and grow so much. 

When I finished this meeting today, I had a call with another lovely global woman who I admire a lot, @Tayba Jordan. Full of light, she jumped and said: Hey hey, I have done something today which I have not told you.

“What is it?” I said.

I sent 5 emails to tell people about the Global Woman Summit. 

“Oh really – what did you say in that email?” I asked.

Well nothing special really – she said. I just felt I would share how Global Woman helped, and has since the beginning. It was such a great boost for me when I joined and I can’t forget that.

I felt emotional. I really needed to hear that. Because, I must be honest. Many women tell me that my self belief and confidence is incredible, but I am telling you, I have my moments of doubts as well. Many times! But, then, I meet women, like today, and they remind me that I should keep going and follow my mission because this is the law of the universe. 

We are all agents of change in this world and we all play a role with our presence. Once you wake up and find your path, do not stop but keep going to help others in the way. 

So please, if you resonate with this, come and join us at the Global Woman Summit this year, 15-16th July. You will feel transformed before you have left for home.

See you soon

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