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The Power of Visibility

There is potential and power that is hidden deep inside and it is our job to make it visible! The aim is to show the world our gifts and talents, so we can be recognised for our work in the long haul. Transitioning from the usual virtual networking events, The Global Woman Club in London created this space for women to come together with powerful energy to connect, build relationships and create fruitful collaborations.

“The image of an awakening world is an image of the ‘Conscious Woman’. We need to awaken women to their potential And bring a higher consciousness to the world”

Mirela Sula – Founder of Global Woman

Held at the beautiful location that is The Richmond Club. Over 40 women arrived in their bright orange attire enhancing the club’s character and heritage. The ladies came highlighting their unique styles and sophisticated attire. As they arrived the conversations began as if everyone already knew each other, when this was in fact a lot of people’s first time at a Global Woman Club event. With a croissant, fruit and coffee all consumed, the guests were prepped and ready to tackle the topic in a room full of energy and motivation.

Being seen is a two-way street. You must allow yourself to be visible and the panellists demonstrate just that. Sara Gezdari, a politician, took the stage speaking on the balance that women can bring to parliament if they join. ‘Politics need more women’. Lady Kendal, a news reporter, spoke on career progression and learning from each other. Devya Athwal, a career coach, brought a great atmosphere and vibe to the event. She expressed that although most of the attendees and panellists are in the same profession, there should be no competition within the space and we should work collaboratively to empower our visibility. 

Sona Rubinchik, the founder of KEPTA, was a speaker at her second live event! She highlighted the importance of staying visible because you can be disadvantaged in other areas but, being visible is very important for promoting yourself and your business. Janine Newberry wears many hats. She is a mindset coach but also a model, tv presenter and speaker. She spoke on marketing and how important it is to be visible and put yourself out there. “A lot of women struggle with visibility probably more than men, we need to dare to go out there and connect with others. One woman can make the change.”

Mirela, our CEO, had the great idea of bringing women who have never spoken publicly before to come forward and be visible! She also invited the guests to say nice things about each other. “If you see a woman struggling with confidence, your job is to say you’re amazing and give a compliment.” 

The guests had the opportunity to also speak on their take on the power of visibility.

“Your values do not decrease by someone’s inability to find your worth. Know your vision and your values,” 

Susan Stocker – Business Mindset Coach

Giovana Vega, the Regional Director for Amsterdam, was in London for a few days and at the London breakfast event, the first time of travelling since the Covid restrictions had been eased. She talked about the benefits of being a part of Global Woman and said; “Success is never a one woman job at Global Woman. We know that to become extraordinary, we need an extraordinary community.”

As the event ended the women expressed that they always feel inspired and empowered after these events. Some even called the event a life changer. Indira Weech, based in the Bahamas, founded Global Woman Club during her holiday in the UK and attended for the first time. She expressed that as an introvert she struggles with visibility and was encouraged to find out that the other guests struggle with this too and are still successful. She was leaving the event feeling empowered to “Go out and just do it!”

The events are held for women to come together and champion each other to reach the next level. Come along and experience this for yourself by joining us.


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