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The Power of the Law of Attraction: 8 Steps to Make It Work for You

By Mirela Sula

With the release of books like ‘The Secret’ and countless self-help documentaries on Netflix, the law of attraction has slowly become a growing household topic. The world is starting to become conscious of this connection between the universe, the individual mind, and the mysterious quantum field. It’s interesting to hear so many people talking about the law of attraction, but there is also so much confusion around this topic. How do we apply it? How do we use it to benefit us as an individual? Learn how to tap into the law of attraction in eight powerful steps. 

Increase your Ability to Desire More

The law of attraction won’t work unless you learn to desire more! Break down your desire and delve into the details. You can’t simply just desire a car. What type of car? Where do you want to go in that car? Know exactly what you want. Break down the desire to levels, and increase your ability to desire. When you start working on a goal, upgrade that goal regularly until it reaches its maximum. I grew up in a village and naturally spent my early adult life teaching in a village school, but I wanted more. I started thinking about my desire to work at a bigger school, and guess what, I did. I went from teaching at a village school to a school in town. The next step is dreaming about something even bigger and better – don’t limit your desire. Before I knew it, I was teaching at a college, and I didn’t stop there, I started manifesting the thought of teaching at a university. When you start training your mind to desire more, you learn not to settle but instead tap into those thoughts and make those desires come true. 

Be Aware of Opportunities 

I love the word opportunities – do you see the opportunities around you? I always say, ‘it’s not because it’s not there, it’s because you are not seeing it’. Opportunities are always there, but what do you do to help you become aware of them? You need to be conscious of what’s around you, avoid being stationary and waiting for things to happen. Be alert. Ask yourself the questions, why am I here, what am I doing? There is a reason why you are here, and by asking yourself those questions, you will increase your ability to see opportunities. When I started connecting with this concept, I wasn’t sure whether I was applying it correctly. I had attended a huge event, where I had made several connections, and I had a good time, but when it was time for me to leave and I stepped out of the door, I felt a lack of fulfilment. I didn’t think I had made the most of the event and grabbed all the opportunities – I stood there contemplating at the door about whether I should go back inside. I stood there for a couple of minutes, deciding whether to go back inside or step into the rain outside, and that’s when someone stepped through the door. It was the speaker at the event, who I wished I had connected with earlier. She asked if I had an umbrella and whether we could walk back to the station together. At that moment, when I was waiting at the door, I had somehow been attracting the law. I had subconsciously thought of meeting this person, and of course, it doesn’t happen magically. You have to be aware and conscious of the opportunities around you.  

Be Conscious 

We’ve been talking about increasing our desires and being aware of what’s around us, and I want to concentrate more on this idea of consciousness. How do we make sure we are present? It’s not something that happens overnight, but it’s also not impossible. Everything is teachable, and with the right steps, you can create this awareness. When it comes to creating that inner connection, meditation is the most impactful habit. It’s important to start your day concentrating on your inner self, and just a couple of minutes of meditation in the morning or evening will do wonders for your mind and body. Meditation allows us to be in a still state of mind with no thoughts as we often find ourselves living in the past or future. By clearing our minds of thoughts, we are bringing ourselves into the present. It will help you become more present and conscious in every decision that you are due to make. Our life is a series of decisions, and by increasing our ability to be conscious, we are making better choices in life. 

Learn to Visualise 

If you want to learn how to apply the law of attraction you need to learn how to visualise. The law of attraction is all about wanting to achieve more. You can visualise your goals when you’re meditating, on a walk, in a queue or sitting on a bench. Visualising your desires will help you control your thoughts. When you’re having doubts or feel pressure, visualise that journey and bring back that hope. Start keeping notes on how you feel when visualising your journey – it’s similar to setting your goals in stone. You are telling yourself and the universe that this is going to happen, and this is true. The subconscious mind is unable to see the difference between real and not real – when you visualise, you are introducing your subconscious mind to these desires, but it will fight those thoughts with the conscious mind. By writing it down, you are firmly telling the subconscious mind that this is real. Your visualisation becomes reality. Once again, it’s not an ‘abracadabra’ moment – you put in the work as well as visualising and feeding these desires to the subconscious mind, which will soon be part of your reality and reflect on the outside world.

Use Positive Affirmations

We now need to go one step further from visualisation and become more consistent with our thoughts. How do you maintain that state of mind and feeling? Visualisation is best to use during meditation, but we can’t constantly live in that peak state of mind. The brain is designed to create conflict, a constant doubt of whether something is right or wrong. There’s a self-sabotaging or negative voice in our minds, and it can be difficult to fight that critical voice. How do we counteract that negative voice? You kill that negative voice with an affirmation. We fight darkness with light – even if you bring a little light into darkness, everything becomes light. The moment you hear that negative thought, fight it with a positive affirmation. Saying it once cannot eradicate that negative thought, instead, repeat it multiple times until your visualisation is no longer clouded with negativity. If you get one negative thought, balance it with ten positive affirmations and witness your visualisation reach its peak. 

Express Gratitude

Another step to maintain that level of desire is by expressing gratitude. People have the tendency to focus on what they don’t have – our brains are designed in a way that focuses on the negative. You may notice that we never require attention from someone when we’re happy, but instead when we’re feeling down. This is why it’s really important to raise that level of consciousness and find moments and elements around you that you feel grateful for. When my clients used to meet me for therapy, I would ask them to create a list of things that they are grateful for and they struggled. When I did this exercise with them and started asking the right questions, they would find so many things in their life to be grateful for, from connections with family, right down to the simplest things such as the light outside from the Sun and electricity. Create a list every single day and remind yourself about everything in your life that you take for granted. This will increase the excitement, adrenaline, focus and enthusiasm for life. That positive feeling will attract the positives of life and endless opportunities. Never forget to show gratitude to people who have helped you on your journey. Gratitude is a key factor in everything that you achieve in life – it can be anything, even a small gift or a small opportunity that has opened the door for a bigger one – say thank you. Write a list of everything and everyone you are grateful for.

The Power of Concentration

In the book, The Master Key System, Charles Hanel talks about the power of concentration – it’s not just about concentrating on watching a movie or reading a book, he talks about concentration where you learn how to be present and focused on one thing at a time. It’s so easy to get distracted with other tasks, so we end up starting one thing and then starting another thing, and then another. We want to do everything now! It’s important to concentrate on one thing, finish that task before moving on to the next. This is how you create a habit of success. Cultivate the power of concentration and learn how to focus on one thing and all your manifestations go in that one channel – don’t distribute hundreds of channels around you. You create one path, and that one path will guide you to the success that you want.

Learn How to Surrender 

The final and my most favourite step is to surrender. You might have heard about the amazing book called The Surrender Experiment – if you haven’t read it, I would definitely recommend it. Learn how to surrender because this brings all the elements that I have mentioned together. You should trust yourself, and you should feel that everything that is happening is happening to your advantage, everything that is happening is because the universe has your back, it’s because you really want it, and you really need it. It’s going to help you to grow, it’s going to help you develop, it’s going to help you be the person that you are meant to be. You need to learn how to surrender because that will bring you to the highest level of intention. It is going to teach you, train you, and help you apply everything that I have just mentioned. On top of learning, gaining knowledge, and educational qualifications, we need to learn how to tap into these sources and manifest our goals through the law of attraction. 

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