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Simplify Your Business, Build Your Success

Sarah Watz 

Simplify Your Business, Build Your Success

By Fati Gorezi
Sarah Watz is a ’Business Automation Expert’ that transforms businesses to simplify growth. During the past 20 years – together with the team at her company ’Pixpro’ – she has helped many global organisations to improve their digital marketing and business processes. To help entrepreneurs to grow their business Sarah also hosts the weekly ’Pixpro LIVE Show’ and she is also an international Speaker and panelist and runs the global mastermind ’Pixpro Inner Circle’.
How did you first get into the business you are working in today? What inspires you every day?
My background is in education, marketing and sales which has led me to building a business where I can utilise those skills to make a difference for small business owners to work smarter, be more organized, improve time management and be more profitable. I created ’Pixpro’ with my husband Peter to do just that in 2003.


My personal WHY is that I would like to contribute to something larger than myself that enables people to make an impact locally and globally. Through our free ’Pixpro LIVE Show’ on Facebook and YouTube, our paid global mastermind ’Pixpro Inner Circle’ and our proven templated strategies and blueprints that are powered by business automation using Infusionsoft, I feel I can do just that. Through strategy sessions, online training and getting our clients to access smart tools and proven processes we help our clients to simplify their business to grow. And to see the outcome of their lives and their business makes me so proud of them. How they can make an impact, locally and some even globally, with their vision, products or services, inspires me every day.
Have you always been passionate about what you do or was there a specific situation/moment that triggered it for you?
I saw early on, when online tools and software became available and affordable for small businesses, that they could offer their service and products globally and not believe that it was only attainable for big businesses. They also had the advantage of being much more agile than larger corporations so they could easily adapt to this new environment. They didn’t have big investments in infrastructure limiting their availability for change. Seeing our clients embracing social media, open source software and cloud services to market, sell and deliver to their ideal clients makes me excited about the possibilities that come with it.
I am convinced that starting, growing and scaling your business should not be as hard as we make it. There are so many smart people that have tested and proven strategies, workflows and processes that we can adapt them to our own businesses and add our personal touch to them which has never before been so easy. But we tend to think that it should be complicated and therefore we make it complicated.
Do you have a global mission when it comes to women’s empowerment? What do you want to achieve?
During my three years as the President of ’Joomla!’, the second largest CMS in the world, I experienced first hand that empowering women empowers the circles of influence around them. So by enabling easy access to communities, tools and education is rocket fuel for the ideas and visions that women have to grow their business and to help them reach out to more people with their services and products. It’s a multiplier effect that I really like to support and enable. Speaking at events globally, offering online training in English and free content helps me to be a part of that positive movement.
What one tip would you give to women who feel like they can’t achieve their goals because of gender inequality in their business?
I have almost always been working with men and also most of our client’s decision makers have been men. I have never felt limited based on gender inequality. I think that’s because my father, who also was an entrepreneur, almost daily said that “Sarah, you can be whatever you set yourself up to be and you can achieve whatever you want, it’s up to you”. That has built my confidence and my mindset. I am so truly grateful for that gift he gave me. So I never blame anyone else for a situation I find myself in, or for any obstacle I encounter.
When I find myself in that spot I just go back to that deep wisdom and ask myself “What do I need to know or do to make it happen?” and then I prepare for it. Or “Who do I know that can help me solve this and I can ask for help?” and then go for it. We as women have a tendency to over perform and overachieve and are usually very bad in asking or paying for help & advice. I would encourage you to make it easier for you to achieve what you want by surrounding yourself with a team that you can ask for help when you need it. Then your business will grow faster and you will not be burned out or overwhelmed in the process so you can enjoy the journey and achieve the goals you set up for yourself and your business.
Is there one thing you would wish more people would know about or accept when it comes to female entrepreneurs and women in business?
I would advise any woman in business to be more of who you truly are instead of trying to be more like men or other women. Stop comparing yourself. We, as women business owners, are usually very focused on our clients’ needs and help them solve their issues. We very often come from a place of need that we felt was lacking and created a business around it. That makes us really good in business.
I meet so many women that have such a low self-esteem that they think they need to know more, be more prepared or have better services or products to enter or stay in the marketplace. I could not disagree more. I think we, as women, need to acknowledge that we are more prepared than most men before we enter the marketplace. I would advise you to believe that you already have what you need at this time. Be curious about how to learn more, get more experience by being fast, and use the power of speed to learn what you need to. For example, do not over prepare an offer. Listen to your customers, give them an offer, gather feedback, revise the offer, do over, rinse and repeat. You will get more conversions and happier clients.
Tell us about your experience with the ’Global Woman Club’ and being a Speaker at a Global Woman Event. Why did you get involved and why do you think that women’s empowerment and global connections is important?
Coming to a Global Woman Club event is GOLD. The global community of heartfelt women that support each other to share their voices and learn how to communicate with others both from the stage and in the networking environment is very inspiring. At the bigger events, I enjoy the mix of sessions, panel debates, networking, and celebrations.
I love that we, in this global network, can tap into another women’s network, experience and knowledge to achieve more together. And I feel so blessed to be a member of this community. Now I need to start planning for which Global Woman Club’s in the world I will visit and speak next. And so should you – to expand your global network. I hope to meet you at an upcoming Global Woman event.
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