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One Woman Conference – June 5-7, London

The One Woman Conference is the brainchild of Dr Joanna Martin. Joanna is a successful business owner in her own right, having taken her business from stand still to 7 figures (and two countries) in 12 months. She’s spoken to over 60,000 people on four continents and mentored thousands of business owners. But it’s her new foray into the realm of “what fuels women’s success” that I want to share with you.

Joanna and her collaborators, Susie Heath and Annie Stoker have put together and extraordinary weekend which can be summed up in the words of some of the past attendees:

“Oh my word thank you. Mine and my husband’s lives have changed beyond belief. (In just two weeks since the Conference) …our business has changed totally in dynamics. Our finances have increased beyond belief. My husband struggled at first but once he saw 1k grow to 3k in a week he couldn’t do much but get on board! The joy of moving on and freedom is incredible.”
Melanie Street Bailey, Business Owner

“I came to the conference thinking ‘I don’t need this, my life is pretty perfect. I’ll just go for a weekend in London.’ I was wrong. I totally needed it. Dealt with stuff I didn’t even know was there. I asked for true miracles and definitely got that.
Julia, Business Coach

“This weekend is quite simply a Master Class for the feminine mind, body and soul”.
Jen, Handbag Designer

We’ve just released 10 “Partial Attendance Tickets” for just £37. If you can’t make the whole weekend, this is a small commitment to come to as much (or little) as you can.

Remember, not only will you meet an extraordinary community of like-minded on-fire women, but it will also give you the momentum you desperately need to achieve more in your life, with less effort.

This is the last One Woman Conference for 2015.

There are only 10 partial Attendance Tickets remaining.

So GET YOURS NOW before you get onto the next thing, and miss out.


IMPORTANT – Your voucher code
When you get to the checkout, type “partial” (all lowercase, no speech marks) in the promo code box and it will reduce the price to £37.

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