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Nicci Roscoe - 7 Tips to be a Great Speaker

Nicci Roscoe – 7 Tips to be a Great Speaker

Nicci Roscoe is a high-energy motivational speaker whose passion for creating positive change through high impact communication with her corporate clients shines through her professional work. This and her experience as a TV presenter, author of “Fabulous Impact” and a journalist makes her ideally qualified as a high impact communications, confidence and media coach.

Media, coaching, art, business, writing – you seem to have many areas of interest – What do you give most time to?

I spend most of my time doing a great mix of media, coaching and working with people in the corporate world and writing. Having a balance is something I love to do. When it comes to art I like being creative with all I do to inspire others to communicate with impact, and feel confident and happy within themselves.

What motivated you to invest your career in speaking?

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  • That’s was very inspiring! I been preparing myself for future public speaking and the tips you suggested werr helpful and reminders. The words high-energy/high impact caught my attention to read more. I also found your article interesting due our background in fitness. Except I am the owner of the fitness business, the one always being interviewed and out front leading for 35 years. Though I have done most of the tips suggested, I learned a lot from your short piece. It feels good to be on the receiving end with someone that you can relate to and motivate you. My world has always been high-impact, fun and exciting! My passion is my Work.. My work is my Passion.

    April 22, 2018