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Nicci Roscoe - 7 Tips to be a Great Speaker

Nicci Roscoe – 7 Tips to be a Great Speaker

Nicci Roscoe is a high-energy motivational speaker whose passion for creating positive change through high impact communication with her corporate clients shines through her professional work. This and her experience as a TV presenter, author of “Fabulous Impact” and a journalist makes her ideally qualified as a high impact communications, confidence and media coach.

Media, coaching, art, business, writing – you seem to have many areas of interest – What do you give most time to?

I spend most of my time doing a great mix of media, coaching and working with people in the corporate world and writing. Having a balance is something I love to do. When it comes to art I like being creative with all I do to inspire others to communicate with impact, and feel confident and happy within themselves.

What motivated you to invest your career in speaking?

Since I was a child I have always loved helping others feel good about themselves by giving them takeaways they can use in their business and personal lives. In 2001 I discovered I had a brain tumour and I wanted to share with others how to overcome challenges. Having the experience of working for Company Magazine, being Head of David Lloyd Aerobics and a TV presenter, has given me wonderful opportunities to share my stories to help inspire others to feel motivated and take action.

How would you describe your own experience as a speaker and helping other people to find their best in their journey?

  1. Start filming everything you do so you can build up a short two minute showreel with golden nuggets from different events whether small or large that you have spoken at.
  2. Use your video’s to learn from. Something I always do because as I mentioned earlier we are constantly evolving and learning whatever stage we are at in speaking and I suggest using as many tools as possible to enhance our talks and speaking career.
  3. Build a website so people have somewhere to go to find out about you and what you do. Here is mine for you to have a look at
  4. Write a book or an e-book. Contribute to different magazines and newspapers online. I have been writing for the Huffington Post and often write articles for other people’s websites as a guest blogger. If your topic is in the news let your local radio know or TV channel about it.
  5. Make your presence known on social media. Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus.


Nicci Roscoe

Nicci Roscoe is a high-energy motivational speaker whose passion for creating positive change through high impact communication.


What would be your advice for those who want to become speakers?

Learn with other speakers. A great place to begin is at Toastmasters. They will help you to craft your talks from the beginning. Listen to speakers on television, on YouTube and at other events. Hear how they craft their talks and see how they project themselves and use their body language and voice.

What are the criteria to join the Professional Speaking Association?
The Professional Speaking Association is for people that want to take their speaking skills to an even higher level in business. Once people have spent time learning how to speak with Toastmasters, they come to the PSA and discover the niche they want to feel passionate talking about for their business. We have many toastmasters come along to our meetings as they find it very beneficial to hear our professional speakers and learn from hearing them, whilst making new friends and having the opportunity to get wonderful support for themselves.


11 Super Secrets of Building Your Confidence as a Speaker

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Practice in front of friends and colleagues and video yourself speaking 3. Video yourself and/or record your talk so you can listen to it back whilst crafting it to be even better
  3. Be you! Deliver in a style that is right for you. Be more conversational
  4. You are in control of what you are saying not the audience! They don’t know what’s coming next! You do. If you miss a line or word or a few sentences it doesn’t matter. Keep going always
  5. Practice, practice, practice!
  6. Use every opportunity to listen to other speakers, get advice, get mentored. Hear how they deliver.
  7. Before going on stage there are different techniques you can use.  One of these is called anchoring which is a memory you have in your head that you turn into an action like squeezing your fist or your thumb and forefinger together of your left hand
  8. Build your energy levels by eating a healthy diet
  9. Exercise can give you a massive boost and can help you feel so much more confident and good about you from the inside out
  10. Tell yourself ‘I love what I am doing because I want to do it and I can do it’


7 Tips to be a Great Speaker

  1. Focus on what the audience want and need. Give takeaways for them to be able to put into action
  2. Inspire your audience with interesting golden nuggets
  3. Plan. Prepare. Practice
  4. Use stories that your audience can relate to. Personal stories that fit with your topic but keep your audience interested. Stories can be key to successful talks
  5. Connect with your audience through body language and eye contact
  6. Voice – be aware of how you use your voice in different parts of your talk. Use different tones, soft, loud, assertive, conversational. Avoid being monotone
  7. Get to know your audience if you have an opportunity to chat to them first
  8. Enjoy what you are doing. Get excited! Take a deep breath and smile!


Take a deep breath before going on stage

I always take a few deep breaths before going on stage and anchor a moment that felt fabulous! I was about to go on stage at the David Lloyd Clubs. There were one thousand people over four tennis courts and I came on the stage to fun music and everyone was clapping and having fun. The atmosphere was fabulous and the memory stays with me always and puts a huge smile on my face. There are many other stories I remember and anchor but this one is fun and exciting! If you have a memory that puts a smile on your face I suggest having a go at anchoring before you take your first steps onto the stage.

Who is Nicci?

Nicci has worked with a wide range of corporate clients such as Grant Thornton, Citi Bank, Credit SuisseUnilever, Merrill Lynch as well as media organisations such as ITV and the BBC. Her media experience includes working on Sky News, Sky One, ITV, and BBC Breakfast with people like Lorraine Kelly, Eamonn Holmes and Davina McCall and radio programmes such as BBC London and LBC.

She has worked internationally and with celebrity clients.  Her fitness background included managing the health and fitness area for The David Lloyd Clubs.

Surviving a life-threatening brain tumour early in her career gave Nicci a unique perspective on life’s challenges and motivated her move into training others. She uses her own experiences to tell high impact stories.


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  • That’s was very inspiring! I been preparing myself for future public speaking and the tips you suggested werr helpful and reminders. The words high-energy/high impact caught my attention to read more. I also found your article interesting due our background in fitness. Except I am the owner of the fitness business, the one always being interviewed and out front leading for 35 years. Though I have done most of the tips suggested, I learned a lot from your short piece. It feels good to be on the receiving end with someone that you can relate to and motivate you. My world has always been high-impact, fun and exciting! My passion is my Work.. My work is my Passion.

    April 22, 2018