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Margot Corporaal

Margot Corporaal: A Heartful Shift—My Personal Development and Soul Connection

In February 2020, Margot, the entrepreneur, and founder of Procezza, went through a life-altering experience that shifted her focus from business success to personal development and happiness. After going through a heartbreaking breakup and facing personal struggles, she had a profound moment when her two-year-old son offered her comfort and love. This moment prompted her to reconnect with her own emotions.

In our interview, Margot shares strategies and practices that she used to foster emotional connection, discussing how they have impacted both her personal and professional life. She also discusses how Procezza’s platform empowers individuals in different aspects of life. Additionally, she reflects on the influence of her corporate experiences on her approach as a leader.

Throughout the conversation, Margot offers wisdom on finding one’s soul mission, managing an international network effectively, and balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. She concludes powerfully by emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and personal growth for empowerment and believing in limitless possibilities.


Can you describe the pivotal moment in 2020 when you decided to shift your focus from business success to personal development and happiness? What triggered this change, and how did it impact your life?

The most pivotal moment was in February 2020. My relationship with the father of my child ended. I was really struggling at that time. In one weekend, I found myself in my bed under a blanket, crying for 3 days, with very dark thoughts.

But at one moment, my son of two at the time came into the room, saw me crying, and came to give the biggest hug in the world. He wept my tears and said, “Please don’t cry, mummy, just be happy.” At that time, something switched in my head, and I started thinking about what made me so unhappy.

The conclusion was that I was only living and acting with my head instead of my feelings and heart. From that day on, I decided to go back to feeling instead of acting with only my mind.

You mentioned that reconnecting with your feelings was a turning point for you. Could you share some specific strategies or practices you implemented to foster this emotional connection, and how did they influence your personal and professional life?

At first, I started with mindfulness training. I learned to meditate. Meditation has become one of my most powerful tools. That already made such an impact that it motivated me to do more. I always say that we all have a toolbox to use in our lives.

I’ve been collecting these tools. Think about courses, coaching, but also working on my health, working together with my female cycle, and finally, a lot of spiritual knowledge. All these tools made me more and more awake, aware of what my soul really needs and how to nurture it.

In my personal life, all these changes have made me more in flow, softer, and a better mother. In my work, I’m working more and more with my female charm, and that makes it more in alignment.

Procezza aims to stimulate personal development across various life themes. Could you elaborate on how your platform achieves this and what kind of impact it has had on the individuals who engage with it?

The Procezza platform contains software with a set of tools to stimulate and support progress on all life themes. Think about a tool to set goals, to write a diary on different levels, and to really connect with like-minded people. They can be buddies or mentors when people have the same goals.

We also have a learning system where they can find all kinds of content and professional programmes that can help with development. We present professionals who offer their blessings to help others and themselves develop and grow. We have both an online and an offline strategy. We have local hubs to stimulate connections with each other and start growing together.

We organise all kinds of events, like masterminds, retreats, masterclasses, networking events, and parties. With regional hubs in Ibiza, Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Curacao, and England, we are creating a place where we stimulate growth. In that way, we offer solutions to all kinds of needs.

For startups, from offline to online, or from online to offline, it’s all possible. A very nice example is a personal trainer who really wanted to create more space for himself. We’re developing a complete online strategy that will help him build up a passive income besides all the hours he spent training people in the gym.

As a successful entrepreneur and mother, you’ve managed large portfolios and teams. How have your experiences in corporate environments influenced the way you approach personal development and leadership within Procezza?

Working in corporations influenced me for the first 10 years to go with the masculine way our world is engaged. I really transformed myself into this manly copy who pushed herself to the limits, completely shutting down my feminine side of flow, creativity, and living by intuition.

After my rock bottom, I started to reconnect with this inner child who can trust her instincts and dance through life, but I can still manage in the corporate world. Only with a different female energy is it so much easier.

Procezza has a growing international network of users and professionals. Could you share some success stories or examples of individuals or communities that have been particularly transformed by your platform and its offerings?

The most touching example is that of my own mother, and it still makes me cry. She is 66, just retired, and was totally not feeling healthy. She followed some life-changing courses on the Procezza platform, and she made this amazing transformation and is really on the way to becoming healthy again and being the strong grandmother for my son, who will be here for many more years.

Also, a very nice success to name is an answer that was given to questions from the community: Are you organising a retreat on Ibiza? I took this question to the Ibiza Hub, and our hub leader, Ivan, is now organising our first retreat on Ibiza. It’s planned for May or June 2024, and I’m extremely proud of the way this was created. Now there are already plans for retreats in Sicily, Bali, Curacao, and Schiermonnikoog (Island in the Netherlands).

Can you discuss the importance of finding one’s soul mission and purpose in life, as you mentioned in your bio? How can individuals go about discovering and pursuing their own soul missions?

Finding your soul mission is something magical, but it is not easy. It generally requires a lot of work and commitment because our world is designed to live according to rules and strategies that others have devised for you.

By delving into your own needs, reconnecting with your body, listening to your thoughts and emotions, and acting, you can come to your heart-soul connection. And that’s where the real magic happens. That’s where you’ll find all the answers to your life questions. Your soul’s mission comes to you when you’ve made that connection. It is also known as your ikigai.

You’ve mentioned the regional hubs in various countries. What challenges and opportunities have arisen from managing an international network of users and organizing events across different regions?

Yes, we have regional hubs, but they are all connected to each other through the online platform. We also work with a WhatsApp community where we connect internationally and collaborate. We also create online hubs on life themes or on a professional level. A good example is an online hub that has now been created by professionals who are active in network marketing. After all, you grow faster together. At the regional level, I have hub leaders who work closely with me and convey the full mission and vision of Procezza. I myself try to connect personally as much as possible by coming regularly, so I’m going back to Ibiza for a few days in early November.

In your journey of personal development and growth, have there been any books, mentors, or practices that have significantly influenced your outlook on life and happiness? If so, could you share some of these influences with us?

Yes, of course! There are several people who have inspired me. The first person I want to mention is Tony Robbins. Not only because of who he is, but at his UPW event I found my true soul mission, so he will always play a special role in my life. Robert Kiyosaki has also been a very important mentor since I started working as a self-employed person.

On a personal level, several trainings have been life-changing, and that was a training to solve limiting beliefs and a training about the female superpower. These two trainings have been the basis for everything I am doing now. But I also want to mention Mirela Sula. She has been showing me my path since our first meeting and inspires me to stand on that stage and pick up that microphone because the message needs to be heard.

How do you balance your roles as a loving mother and a successful entrepreneur? What advice do you have for other mothers looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while maintaining a fulfilling family life?

The most important thing is that, as a woman, you take good care of yourself because only if you take good care of yourself and your battery is full will you have enough energy to give all your love to your family and loved ones. This means being healthy and fit, taking care of your mind, but also taking some time for yourself from time to time.

I make sure there is a good balance where quality is more important than quantity. Making memories is more important than things or toys. At the end of the day, they won’t remember the PlayStation they got, but the magical trip to the amusement park where they rode that one roller coaster for the first time, or the delicious hugs they still get right before going to bed.

As someone who has experienced a profound transformation in their approach to life and happiness, what message or advice would you like to share with individuals who may be struggling with similar challenges or seeking greater fulfilment in their lives?

The most important tip is to open up to the idea that anything is possible. You can be whoever you want to be; you can do whatever you want to do; you can stop doing everything; but most importantly, you can start doing everything.

Even if you don’t believe it now, by focusing on these affirmations every day, you will soon notice a difference in your mindset. Three years ago, I started my own playlist on Spotify with only empowering songs.

I call it my mantra list. Think of the greatest love of all, worth it, gold, unstoppable, broken, and beautiful, and this is me.

I listened to this list non-stop for a year on my way to work, every day. This alone made such a difference that I became stronger and more open to personal development. After that, it went faster and faster because once the door to your heart and soul is open, it doesn’t close anymore.

Sometimes it’s not fun to see what’s behind that door, but by facing it and solving it, you will move forward. And with the help of professionals, you can come to your own golden place.

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