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Lucy Moore: How I Developed an Unstoppable Mindset and You Can Too

With her own podcast, Moore Mindset, Lucy teaches us what it means to strategically move beyond limits your mind places upon itself. This may be through memories we construct, negative influences, or other external and internal factors—some of which we control and some of which we do not.

The process is certainly a daily one, although it is difficult. However, even this has a positive aspect which Lucy illustrates with her thought experiment of imagining yourself summiting a mountain.

Lucy’s stepfather Martin Shadowski harnessed a sociable exuberance within Lucy that she has never forgotten. He honed the hairdresser’s skill and knowledge in her that she needed to make women look and feel as fabulous as Martin Shadowski was able to himself. Lucy now takes the art of hairdressing to the next level by combining it with our power of the mind.

Moore Mindset, Lucy’s podcast, is something you can listen to while active with daily to-dos. It was created to reach people on “a platform that was […] accessible […].” Moore Mindset dives into current knowledge to uncannily help you escape from getting caught up in life.

The joviality Lucy enlivens the podcast with was found in her purpose to teach her message and build on her stepfather’s legacy through transferring skills she learnt from him.

In this interview, Lucy shares her professional beliefs on emotion and how we can actually change them, fast. She shares how consistency persists as a key with everything, and the ability to find peace inside—authentically—can transform you.

Create your unstoppable mindset and “Be Moore” today!

This posed the biggest lesson of all as this taught me how precious life is and how short life can be. We must live life to the full and never take any moment for granted.

—Lucy Moore

What are your strategies for building confidence which you wish someone had taught you?

My biggest strategy for achieving confidence is both focusing on mindset and dealing with past traumas and events.

I was always taught you get over things and move on quickly, you don’t waste time dwelling or being unhappy. This has had a real positive effect in terms of not letting things get me down and I’m a very positive and strong person. However, this has also led me to ignore and suppress emotions that I didn’t even realise were there and were holding me back and stopping me from moving forward at my full potential.

Sometimes we don’t even realise that past experiences and external influences can really be holding us back. It wasn’t until I worked on myself and dealt with past traumas and negative influences that I truly felt confidence on a whole new level.

For instance, if you’re not confident about yourself or a situation, you need to look at why this is. You were not born this way? So what? Who has contributed to you not feeling confident? And once you really look back and see why this is, you can then use your own mindset to decide how you’re going to move on from this.

See, memories are not real. The event is real, but we create the memories meaning if we can change the memory and look at it from a different perspective using our own mindset then this will help us to learn the lesson the memory is telling us.

It’s important to take time to work on self-development and learn to love yourself as this will help you to move forward and have the confidence that you desire.

What is the secret to not just getting but keeping a strong mindset?

I believe to keep a strong mindset you must work on it daily. The mind is very clever and if we give it the right tools it can be very powerful. The main thing is to stay focused and do not let negative situations or people have too much of your headspace.

Listen to positive, inspirational, and mindful podcasts everyday if you can, always practise gratitude even when you’ve had a bad day, because we can all have bad days, but we must remember to not continue these.

Have as much fun as you can, listen to music and remember to laugh. Laughing is proven to release endorphins. Fake laugh if you must—it works a treat and usually leads into real laughter. Stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and always remember what you’re capable of and how great you really are.

I truly believe if you create a daily ritual with all of these then you will keep a strong mindset.

Can you tell us what motivates and drives the vision behind your podcast, Moore Mindset?  

I know myself the power of a podcast and the great thing about one is despite the busy lives we lead we can still find time to listen to them. Really, we don’t need time. We can stick our headphones on and carry on with our daily tasks. It certainly makes doing the housework more interesting.

I wanted to reach out to people on a platform that was achievable and accessible to them. My podcasts are aimed at helping people to look differently at things and have a positive mindset and really get the most out of life. I wanted there to be no limits on accessing this as I truly felt everyone who wants to improve their mindset should be given the opportunity.

Everything I talk about is often common knowledge but sometimes we just get caught up in life and forget. Sometimes we just need reminding of how life can be great. Listening to podcasts really helps me so I wanted to give back to others and really help make an impact with my message.

The feedback I get from my podcast really helps drive me to carry on. I’ve had people tell me that by listening to my podcast their day has changed, and this made them feel happier. Listening allowed them to deal with situations better.

One person told me it pushed her to go for a job interview and she hadn’t worked in nine years—stories like this are why I love what I do. You never know who’s listening and if I can even change just one person’s day or life, then that makes my heart happy.

What would you say stops 80% of people from breaking past limiting beliefs and their comfort zones? 

FEAR …100%!! The fear of it going wrong. The fear of being judged. This all comes down to confidence, external influences, and past events. We are only born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. That means everything else we fear is what we’ve learned along the way which is why if we look at the cause of the fear and work on our mindset to overcome these fears we can break through any limiting beliefs and push past out of our comfort zones. We can “BE MOORE!”

Professionally, what would you say it takes to change our emotions fast, or is this not possible?

I do believe emotions can be changed fast, as we create our emotions which means we can change our emotions. Yes, external factors like events, people, hormones, and stress may be the triggers, but we still are the main controller of our emotions. We choose how we deal with our emotions. So, if we can really tap into our unconscious mind and change our mindset, and reprogram our minds, then our emotions can be changed fast.

There are techniques and daily rituals you can do to help create a stronger and more positive mindset which will help you have control over your emotions.

However, you need to want to change and be focused, working daily on your mindset, creating and practising rituals, and being receptive of healing techniques that are going to help you and really allow you to open up. After all, healing starts with you and ends with you.

You just need to unlock the power within.

Why do you think you built your business to a fully booked diary within 6 months while 20% of entrepreneurs fail in the first year?

I think with everything it’s about consistency. Often in life and with businesspeople, we look too much at the bigger picture which can either create fear and stop them from moving forward or possibly create greed which we all know often comes back to bite us.

I have always been consistent with my clients—never greedy—and I never skimp when it comes to quality. As the saying goes, “Quality is better than quantity,” and in turn if you create quality with clients, you will soon receive a high quantity of clients.

I also do believe I have a certain way with people, and I build a rapport very quickly. I’m very open and honest and very much what you see is what you get. I’ve learned with age I have nothing to prove and am who I am which I think clients really like and find relatable. They truly feel they can be themselves and trust me.

I also truly care about clients, and I always want them to feel happy with any service I provide. I pride myself on always giving 100% which has led me to repeatedly create businesses and success.

What sets the self-made career apart from the well-beaten path? What would you change if you could start your career on the same path all over?

I feel a self-made career is much more satisfying. Knowing you’ve done it yourself and the journey it took was personal along the way really helps to give you knowledge and makes you more authentic and wiser. Yes, it would be great if everything was given to us on a plate and it would make life easier and less stressful at times but I’m not sure you would get the same amount of achievement satisfaction as you would if it was easy.

Afterall, they say the best things in life don’t come easy and ups and downs along the way to success are what create the best stories.

Imagine you climb a mountain. Picture how hard it is, the challenges you would face, the people you may meet on the way up, the highs and lows you would feel…Then imagine you get a lift to the top of the mountain. You can see the destination is the same but how you travel is different. If you arrive by a lift, it’s easy but do you have any stories to tell? Would it just go down as another site seen?

Let’s say you climb the mountain. When you arrive you will be exhausted, yes, but what an achievement you will have accomplished! Will you always remember it? How hard it was? How you managed to complete it and reach the top and how strong you were?

Imagine the stories, the people you may have met along the way and challenges you went through. I would personally always climb the mountain, because there’s no better feeling than knowing you have achieved something yourself.

I don’t think I’d change anything about my career path if I had it all to do over again. This is because everything I have done felt right in that moment. I think the lessons and experiences make me the person I am today. The only thing I’d add would be to hesitate less and not worry what anyone thinks. This has often held me back in the past.

I’ve now learnt that if you want something then just go for it no matter how high the mountain. Yes, it may be hard, and you may even lose people on the way up but just stay focused. Lend your focus to what it is you want: after all it’s your mountain to climb—you deserve to reach the top.

Can you tell us more about women cultivating their inner woman? How do you think self-discovery facilitates this?

Women are great at getting the job done and we often spend a lot of time looking after everyone and everything else. We often neglect ourselves. Even those who may dress up and put makeup on and look great often still lack confidence deep down. We do not always give ourselves enough credit and we are the first to pick out our flaws.

I also think it’s not always easy for women as I often think we can be controlled by hormones which affect our emotions and mood.

From working in the hair beauty industry for almost two decades I see women on a regular basis. I use my skills to help them look beautiful, but women often open up to me and I see that many are not happy all the time nor confident on the inside. They may leave feeling happier but it’s a short-term fix.

We can look great on the outside, wear nice clothes, and buy nice things. But if we don’t feel great inside, is it all worth it? This is why it’s my mission to help women feel great inside, find their inner goddess, truly love who they are, and be confident which will help give them the life they desire and deserve.

I want woman to look and feel beautiful—to “BE MOORE”.

Who has been the most influential impact in your life and what did you learn from them?

I’ve been very fortunate to have both my mum and dad around and I’d say my personality is a real mixture of both.

I get my sociable and outgoing side from my dad. My mum always taught me to be kind and caring and both taught me to always be grateful which I still use to this day by practising gratitude daily.

But it was when I met my stepdad Martin Shadowski that I learnt some real life-changing skills. Not only did he teach me hairdressing, which was always a childhood dream of mine, but he taught me to be confident, independent and always live life to the full.

He always taught me to be happy with myself and happy in my own company. He taught me how true happiness is found in you, as you are the only person you can guarantee you will spend the rest of your life with. Unfortunately, in 2009 he suddenly passed away which was very hard for me as I was very close and fond of him.

This posed the biggest lesson of all as this taught me how precious life is and how short life can be. We must live life to the full and never take any moment for granted.

I was so fortunate that he taught me how to cut hair as this remains a skill I will always have. It’s been the foundation of my career path, and it’s also a constant reminder when I pick up my scissors that a part of him is always with me.

He was such a talented hairdresser and I hope to create a legacy for him in doing what he did best—making women look and feel fabulous.

Where will you grow the most in the next 5 years and what will be your strategy?     

I’m so excited for the future.

My determination is as big as my mission.

In the next 5 years, I plan to set up retreats where women can go and have the full package. From working on their mindset to making them feel and look fabulous, I want to create something unique and powerful and I’m on a mission to make as many women as possible from all over the world be the most confident version of themselves.

You could call me the female “Gok Wan.”

I also plan to keep making an impact with my podcast Moore Mindset and keep using the power of my voice, skills, knowledge, and story to help make an impact on others. This creates the “ripple effect.”

My strategy to achieve this will be focused on me having a strong mindset as I truly believe everything is all down to mindset.

As the saying goes, “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

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