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Love connecting women

Love connecting women

By Mirela Sula

I remember when I arrived in this country, three and a half years ago, I had no connection at all. I didn’t have any relative or family members here, but surprisingly I felt connected with London, this vibrant city where hundreds cultures live together.

When I applied for a job as an outreach for women’s support groups, on the interview I was asked: “How are you going to bring women together and build these groups, you have no connection? I hadn’t any strong point to convince the panel that I can do this job, as I hadn’t a network in this country. I didn’t know the town; I was not aware about the way how the system works. However inside me the inner voice was calling: “Yes, you can do it”. And when this voice guides me I feel very confident to say YES. I said, “Yes, I have a way how can I make it, and I have a vision that gives me a big picture with a lot of women coming together to inspire and empower each other”.


One of the panelists looked at me in a very serious way asking: “How can you achieve this? What can you offer to these women?”. I can offer them love, I said. They smiled, they didn’t take me serious, but they gave me the job. This experience leaded me to a long story, which at the end proved to me that I was right. All I had was love, but it was enough to bring a lot of women together and build several women’s support groups with a great intention to share and learn from each other.

Today, coming to this bigger initiative with Global Woman Club, the human connection belief keeps me inspiring everyday. I believe that we all have the ability to succeed and solve our problems through the power of love. Love is a great tool to connect with people and break the fear of isolation.

Just thinking “We” helps “I” feel better.

We all talk about the importance of the network and exchanging with others. We all know the significance of the power of connection. We want to connect and somehow express our need to interact, and this makes us be more sensitive, to touch, to dialogue and to become empathic with others.

What I learned in the past is that the more we connect with each other, more confidant become and never feel alone. This is what we bring at our breakfast networking events, with a clear map, to go from strength to strength, reaching out many cultures trying to ease the isolation, loneliness and create a community. Just thinking “We” helps “I” feel better. If you ask me “How are you going to build this community?” My answer again will be: with love, which is the power of connection.

This more than networking, it is building special friendships

Last Friday we hosted another breakfast networking event where 25 business women came to share their experience as entrepreneurs and discuss the challenges of being a businesswoman and wearing many hats.

We held the first event in March to celebrate International Women’s Day, originally as a one-off but due to the success of this we have held two more in April and May and will now make it a regular monthly event except for a break in July and August. Each month we will invite for breakfast at our office near Liverpool Street station, some of our magazine contributors and also some new members. The invitation will be to women who want to develop through more networking with like-minded people and exchange business ideas, with the aim to learn and grow as entrepreneurs.


This time we had guests from different backgrounds, different ages, cultures and nationalities. Small business owners, self employed but also women who have now a very well established business, they all have so many things in common: the desire to succeed and provide value with their services.

All our guests shared their own stories and we had such a wonderful time together. And of course we all agreed that we need more events like this: to create a supportive environment for each other and a safe zone that everyone would feel comfortable to speak, which brings us more confidence.

At the end we all felt like we knew each other for a long time, and guess what: we do not just network, but we build the foundation of a long-term relationship.

Here are some comments that we received on social media

Mercedes Leal/ spiritual coach, mentor, author


Mercedes Leal

Amaaaaazing event at Mirela Sula‘s Global Woman meeting in wonderful surroundings in the City. Every delegate’s talk was a winner and I enjoyed my time there enormously, under the dynamic influence of the next global superstar, Mirela Sula! I was overjoyed to be waylaid, Mirela- what a fantastic clan you have created! I loved every single one. Thank you for a magically inspirational and harmonising day.  

 Dr Ashish Paul


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mirela Sula for inviting me to their wonderful event on Friday.  It was truly inspiring to hear from such dynamic and fantabulous women. Every story was awesome. It made me emotional as I could relate a little to many of them.  I would love to connect and know more about each one of you unique beings.  Blessings to all of you divine women! 

Anita Goyal/ Director of Goyal Foundation

anita Just been to a great business breakfast meeting with some wonderful inspirational women sharing stories of their business and life with Global Woman.

Lina Bourdon/ Leader of the women’s network at FSB 

linaok A woman who never stops! I admire you Mirela Sula – thanks so much for all your work! Great networking event this morning, amazing stories from great women in business. – Lina Bourdon/ Leader of the women’s network at FSB (Federation for Small Businesses)

Haseena Bheekhun


Mirela Sula, meeting you has truly been a great gift to me. Your support and faith in me truly means a lot. It was such a memorable empowering moment for me and I will always push forward and believe in myself and my message. I have so much gratitude to know you. Haseena Bheekhun

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