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London Forbes: How to Discover Authentic Branding with BYICON’s Game Changing Approach

By prioritizing personalized image coaching and embracing individuality, BYICON has revolutionized the traditional approach to image consulting. The founder’s pivotal moment occurred during an interaction with a client who, despite staying up to date with fashion trends, still felt unsatisfied.

This realization led to a transformative shift, integrating elements of psychology and self-discovery into their services, effectively merging personal branding and fashion. The goal of BYICON is to empower individuals to recognize themselves as their most valuable asset and unleash their true potential in today’s ever-changing world. This distinctive approach goes beyond mere style; it encompasses confidence as well. Numerous compelling success stories highlight clients’ profound transformations in self-esteem through the guidance provided by BYICON.


Your approach at BYICON emphasises personalised image coaching and embracing individuality. Can you share a defining moment that led you to break away from conventional norms in the image consulting industry?

I was working with a client who, despite following fashion trends, felt unsatisfied. It hit me – real confidence comes from embracing individuality, not blindly following norms.

This inspired me to shift our focus towards helping people authentically express themselves through style. Our approach at BYICON now delves deep into psychology and self-discovery, bridging the worlds of personal branding and fashion. We want everyone to know that they are their most valuable asset, and by unlocking their true selves, they can achieve an extraordinary return on identity that is reflected in their style or fashion choices. 

The concept of harnessing oneself as the most valuable asset is intriguing. Could you elaborate on how BYICON empowers individuals to cultivate a strong ROI (Return on Image) and what this means in today’s dynamic world?

Of course! At BYICON, we help people realise their unique value and use it to achieve a strong “ROI” – Return on Image. This means we guide them to discover who they are and show that to the world through their style and image.

In today’s fast-changing world, how you look and present yourself matters a lot. My job is to help you understand what makes you special and then help you show that to others. This can give you an advantage in many areas of life be it personal or professional. It’s like an investment – when you feel good about yourself and show your true self, it can lead to more opportunities and success.

Your recent post highlights the power of colour in transforming one’s image. Could you provide us with an example of how the strategic use of colour has created a significant impact on a client’s personal brand?

Absolutely! Let me share a client story with you. We’ll call her Sarah. When Sarah came to us, she was uncertain about her personal brand and how others perceived her. After a thorough consultation, we uncovered Sarah’s vibrant and dynamic personality that wasn’t shining through her current image. By incorporating specific, strategic colours into her wardrobe and overall image, we brought out her true energy and confidence. These bold and lively colours not only made her feel vibrant and authentic but also caught the attention of those around her.

As Sarah consistently embraced these colours and aligned them with her personal branding, she experienced a remarkable shift in how people saw her. Compliments poured in about her newfound confidence, and she noticed she was making a stronger impact in her professional and social interactions. The power of colour not only transformed Sarah’s appearance but also reinvigorated her self-image, ultimately elevating her personal brand and how she presented herself to the world. 

BYICON’s mission is not only about style but also about confidence. How do you measure the success of instilling confidence in your clients, and can you share a success story that stands out to you?

Certainly! Let’s delve into an inspiring client success story. This individual initially struggled with confidence in multiple aspects of life. Through personalised image coaching, they embarked on a journey to refine their style and enhance self-esteem.

As the sessions progressed, a remarkable transformation unfolded. The client began to exhibit greater confidence, standing taller, and wearing a more genuine smile. The most rewarding moment arrived when they secured a coveted job opportunity. The client attributed this success to increased comfort and authenticity, factors that played a pivotal role in acing the job interview. This narrative highlights how the approach extends beyond fashion, fostering lasting self-confidence with a positive impact on various aspect of their lives.

Colour holds significant sway in personal branding at BYICON. Could you share instances where specific colours have wielded transformative influence on clients’ personal brands, leaving an indelible mark?

Absolutely! Colour plays a significant role in personal branding at BYICON. For example one of my clients sought a more aligned professional image, and we conducted a colour analysis that led to introducing deep blues and teals into her wardrobe.

The transformation was striking. These colours perfectly complemented her poised yet forward-thinking personality. Embracing these shades, her confidence soared. During a crucial presentation, her newfound assurance shone through, earning her praise for her expertise and presence. The strategic use of colours not only matched her personality but also left a lasting impact on her personal brand. It garnered increased recognition and respect in her professional world. Her journey exemplifies the profound influence of colour analysis and strategic choices on personal branding transformations at BYICON. 

Effective communication is a core focus for BYICON, as highlighted in your guide. Can you give us insights into how these principles apply not only to personal image but also to broader aspects of life and career?

Effective communication principles are a cornerstone of personal branding and image. They mould initial perceptions, nurture authenticity, maintain coherence, and employ the art of storytelling. These principles are not limited to personal or professional spheres; they elevate relationships, aid conflict resolution, and boost adaptability. In a broader sense, they are a vital factor in constructing a robust personal brand and attaining success in different facets of life and career. 

Your commitment to shattering norms and embracing individuality is inspiring. In a world where trends often dominate, how do you strike a balance between helping clients align with their authentic selves while staying relevant?

Achieving the perfect blend of individuality and staying current is our focus at BYICON. Our journey begins by delving into our clients’ core values, strengths, and distinctive traits. We take these wonderful qualities and bring them into the contemporary world. The goal is to shape a style that’s both timeless and deeply personal, one that grows and evolves while keeping our clients’ authenticity. We’re not just followers of trends – we’re trendsetters.

The world of fashion and image consulting can be quite competitive. How do you ensure that BYICON remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to offer unique solutions to your clients?

Are you familiar with the Blue Ocean Strategy? In the competitive world of fashion and image consulting, BYICON remains innovative by finding new, unexplored areas in the market. We redefine niches to offer unique, client-focused services. Our distinctive approach combines fashion, marketing, psychology, and personal branding, setting us apart. 

The concept of a “Confident Community” is central to BYICON’s philosophy. How do you envision this community evolving over the next few years, and what role do you see it playing in promoting self-expression?

The “Confident Community” is at the heart of BYICON’s vision. In the years ahead, we anticipate this community flourishing as a place of support, where individuals can wholeheartedly accept and reveal their genuine selves. It will transform into a centre for various voices, encouraging self-expression through shared experiences, wisdom, and empowerment. As it expands, it will keep motivating and leading individuals on their path to personal branding and self-assurance.

Your approach to image coaching seems holistic, encompassing personal growth alongside style transformation. Could you share a testimonial from a client who experienced a profound change not only in their appearance but also in their overall life perspective through their journey with BYICON?

Sure. Working with BYICON has been transformative, not just in terms of my personal style but also in my overall outlook on life. Through their holistic approach, I’ve not only refined my image but also gained a newfound confidence that permeates every aspect of my life. I’ve learned that personal branding isn’t just about clothing; it’s about embracing your true self and living authentically. BYICON has been a catalyst for positive change, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their guidance.

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