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Lindsay Adamson – The ‘Badass’ Business Woman!

Lindsay Adamson 

The ‘Badass’ Business Woman!

By Fati Gorezi

Lindsay Adamson is an International Speaker, Writer, Consultant, ‘Badass’ Business woman and ‘Totally Glam’ success Coach who is completely dedicated to helping you live your very best life.  Speaking on stages across the globe has taught her a valuable lesson, that connection always trumps perfection. She loves to help her clients develop their authentic brands, that are completely unique to them and their message. Lindsay is the CEO and Founder of “The Hungry Lioness”.  


We know you are such a successful woman right now. Could you please tell us a bit about you and how you started speaking on stages across the globe?

I grew up being really shy, but I’ve always been very determined to push myself past my comfort levels and continuously develop myself.  When I was at university I took on a summer job in door to door sales. I wanted to train myself to become an outgoing person who was comfortable constantly meeting new people.  When I started my sales job, it was the most challenging experience of my life. Knocking on doors in all weather conditions, talking to hundreds of new people per day and fighting to constantly stay motivated.  I ended up getting very good, very fast, as my hunger and determination grew. From the first month on the job my boss had me speaking in rooms of 50-200 people every single morning, training the teams on how to find success.  When I graduated from university I was promoted to become the ‘National Sales Director’ of the Company which had me coaching and speaking to 11 teams across all of Canada. I would also speak at our large annual meetings where all of the management and executives of the Company would come together for training. When I felt like there was no more room for me to grow within the company, it was a logical next step for me to branch off and start my own Company, speaking and coaching others on mindset and success.  I started attending conferences and networking both online and offline, as well as working with a coach. Then opportunities started coming to me and I continued to say ‘yes’ in spite of my fears. Before I knew it, I was being asked to speak all across the world. And I absolutely love speaking and inspiriting others to make amazing changes in their lives.

Do you think that entrepreneurialism is something that is in your blood? Or is it something that can be learned?

Both! I definitely think that some people are born with the ability to be ‘big picture’ thinkers who are extremely creative.  It’s something I most certainly feel I was born with. But that definitely doesn’t mean that it’s something that can’t be learned.  I just feel that some people need to be led by others. They feel more comfortable being told what needs to be done, to be given tasks to complete with solid deadlines.  Where for others, it is innately within them to lead, and to create. Those are the kind of people who could work for someone else but will never last long in a position where they do not have creative freedom to spread their wings and fly.  As a coach I am constantly helping others who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey. Teaching them the skills and tools they need to succeed. I believe that with a strong passion and a lot of determination, there is nothing that isn’t possible for you!

What three pieces of advice would you give to women who want to become entrepreneurs?

1) Don’t look to others and what they’re doing to find your direction.  Search for what is within you. And create a business around what you are the most passionate and hungry to pursue.  That is the fuel that will constantly keep your fire burning, even when you face challenges, which you will!

2) The more authentic you are, and the more you stay true to who you are and what you envision for your future, the quicker you will find success at what you choose to pursue.

3) Building an amazing business isn’t all about working yourself into the ground and never taking time to enjoy life.  The more you take great care of yourself and find love for yourself, the more quickly you will see your dreams come true!

What are your success habits?

Every single day I take great care of myself so that I have the energy and capacity to take incredible care of all of my clients.  Daily rituals are very important to me. For me it’s not enough, just to have a successful business. I work hard to attract and create abundance and healthy habits in all areas of my life.  And so every morning when I wake up, and every night before bed, I habitually practice self care. Gratitude practice, journalling, long baths, daily workouts at the gym, hypnosis and meditation are some of the things I do every day to ensure that I am constantly on top of my game and ready to serve in a big huge way!

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