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Kelly Carter; Building A Sustainable Nutrition And Mindset Program By Focusing On The Long-Term Results

More than a nutritionist, Kelly Carter’s mindset transformation resulted in the overnight success of her nutrition and lifestyle program.

Kelly Carter is much more than a wellness expert with a desire to make a quick buck, or provide a short-term fix. 

The supermom-of-two from Orton, Ontario is admittedly grateful for each client that comes into her life. “I say to everybody who jumps on a call with me, ‘I’m really grateful for you.’ I’m grateful that you’re taking a chance on me because this tells me that you’re ready to work, and move in the best way possible.” 

Carter’s Food Freedom Nutrition and Lifestyle Program is committed to the notion that; in order to accomplish the ideal body and mindset, the client’s needs are to be geared toward the long-term, as opposed to a temporary solution. Her four pillars model are the staple of her program; and its conception was born out of Carter’s own struggles committing to a discipline necessary to maintaining a positive, long-lasting effect on her health. “Personally, I enrolled in programs that involved taking dietary supplements,” she points out. “However, five, six weeks down the road you’re back to where you started. And this is how a lot of us get caught up.” Where Carter fell short with the structure in her own health and wellbeing, she excelled in transforming those experiences into the aforementioned four pillars method that incorporate the following into a sustainable plan of action.


“I’d say the main success of my program is the accountability feature,” says Carter. “We {the clients and I} hold each other accountable, and – in-turn, we build this community because community is everything when it comes to long-term sustainability.” Carter believes that a person is the sum of the five people they surround themself with the most. She suggests that like-minded, forward-thinking people are likely to push you to a greater level of success. “If they know that real food is good for you, and they embrace health and wellbeing, then more often than not, you will follow in their footsteps.”


“You need support,” Carter says. “You need to make sure that you have a supportive environment whether it’s in the home or in your community. Especially when it comes to long-term success.” 


“It’s important that I inform my clients of the challenges that lay ahead – it isn’t easy,” Carter implores. “Taking the more challenging path will often lead to an easier life in the long-run.” She emphasizes the importance of changing one’s mindset from simply losing weight quickly, versus losing the same amount of weight over a prolonged period, but then never gaining those pounds back. “This will result in greater confidence, and increased energy,” she says. 

Understanding Food Freedom: 

“My definition of food freedom is enjoying all foods,” she stresses. “Saying I can never have ice cream or pizza again is not in my wheelhouse.” 

The second pillar, Support, is especially inspiring. Watching The Biggest Loser in her younger days, Carter grew intrigued at the lack of identity and emotional masking in some of the contestants. “Immediately, I felt the need to support people in their nutritional choices,” she says. “Life is so short, and to be living it through a mask because of a lack of confidence makes me sad.” Having gone through her own health journey – that included her weight fluctuating between 30lbs over and 10lbs under, Carter understood the delicate balance between a good diet, sufficient hydration, and getting enough sleep. In doing so, she expanded her knowledge to where she began to incorporate mindset motivation into her curriculum. “I’ve always been into personal development,” she says. “I really resonate with the mindset mentor Rob Dial, who has helped change the way I see things, which ultimately leads me to changing the way my clients see things – which is complete transformation. Now that I’ve implemented the mindset coaching, on-top of the nutrition education, transformations are happening so much sooner than they used to. It’s incredible.” 

This mindset coaching has enabled Carter to expand her business into alternative avenues within the health and wellness realm. With the aim of focusing on elite clients, and seeking an entry into the niche market of helping businesses grow she is putting her own methodology into practice – by focusing on the long-term results. Her aim is to show people what an authentic – and sustainable, transformation process looks like. And, despite having the challenge of raising two young children, she has reset her mindset to juggle her family life, and work endeavours – and still focus on delivering superior results. Admittedly, she doesn’t do it alone. She cites the support of her husband as a factor in preventing burnout. “One of the reasons I’m so successful is because I have the most supportive husband. Usually when something happens it’s not happening simultaneously to both of us,” she says. “So he’ll tap me out, or I’ll tap him out. Communication is crucial to a healthy, sustainable relationship.” Carter admits to having learned from her past failures, and that taking the time to reset her mind ensures that she is at her best, and can be at her best for her clients’ best interests. 

Emphasizing just how incredibly in-tune Carter is psychologically, she shares her greatest success story, which is also her most recent one. “I am seeing this wonderful woman, who was close to 200lbs in terms of weight. Rather than focusing on weight and numbers, we took the route of mindset coaching. Essentially, how we both feel with her consuming certain foods, as well as the concern regarding the size of the meals. Long story short, she’s lost almost 40lbs, and incredibly, blown-up in her industry. This is testament to the care she takes with her body, and then the confidence that has grown as a result of it.” Carter also points out that the lady’s family dynamic has become healthier, so it goes beyond a simple physical transformation. Indeed, she cites her own mindset coaching as the pivotal moment her program transformed for the better. “My mindset coaching keeps me level-headed – for the most part, especially during tumultuous times, such as the pandemic,” she says. “If I did not have any mindset coaching, I don’t think I would be here today.” 
Kelly Carter is the founder of the Food Freedom Nutrition and Lifestyle Program, which can be found on She prides herself on “sticking with the client for the long haul,” while her groundbreaking holistic methodology consists of a healthy blend of mindfulness, wellbeing, and sustainability.

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