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Keith Mason and Riona Kelly; The love that heals

The story of Keith and Riona has started from a strong pain and today it has turned into an even stronger love. Riona was at a young age when she learned after an accident that she would not walk anymore. But hope returned when her coach, Keith, managed to heal her. In this interview, the couple tell about their lives, before they met, bringing us an even more complete panorama of their livesnow that they are one of the most famous couples. This is the love story of a famous athlete and actor and a woman who chooses not to give up.

Keith Mason

Keith, as a rugby league top flight player, actor and coach, how would you describe your experience in each of these professions?

Throughout my 14 year professional rugby league career I played in 3 challenge cup finals, winning my first challenge cup in 2004 for St. Helens vs Wigan at the Millennium Stadium Cardiff in front of 80,000 fans. It was one of the greatest rugby memories of my life.Like acting and everything I else I do now in my life, it takes sacrifice, dedication, perseverance and hard work. You have to put the work in to get results, and you have to be consistent on a daily basis toget better and better. All the tools I’ve picked throughout my career I now use as a business man, entrepreneur, actor and producer: no sacrifice, no glory.

What made you decide to move from sports to acting, only to laterbecome a coach?

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