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Katarina Hanssens Carlsson – ”Helping Women To Find Their Unique Business Vision”

Katarina Hanssens Carlsson 

Helping women to find their unique business vision”

By Fati Gorezi
Katarina Hanssens Carlsson is the CEO of ”Destiny International11”, a Company based in Sweden. She’s a Vision Mentor, Trainer and also a Certified Psychotherapist. Katarina has worked successfully for the past 15 years with many clients all around the world. She has a background as a Teacher. Katarina’s global vision is to create a world, where every woman, man and child has the opportunity to live a wealthy and fulfilled life.
How did you first get into the business you are working in today? What inspires you every day?
Twenty years ago I was inspired by a vision of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ’Vitruvian Man’. At his feet was the word ’TRUTH’. Across his chest was the word ’GREATNESS’ and above his head, was the word ’VISION’. I realised that if I was grounded in my Truth, expressed my Greatness and focused on my compelling Vision, that my direction in life would be clear.  Of course, this didn’t just apply to me but to everyone. So, I developed a strategy that would identify my client’s ’Business Identity’, in other words their Truth, their unique expertise or their Greatness and their compelling Vision. This is what I’ve developed over the last 20 years. Everyday, I’m inspired by the unique abilities my clients have. I’m inspired by the courage women display in starting up their own businesses and I’m also deeply inspired by my spiritual teacher who has been with me, empowered me and guided me since I was a child.

Have you always been passionate about what you do? Or was there a specific situation/moment that triggered it for you?
I’ve always been passionate about what I do now.  So that’s 20 years of passion! I feel so blessed.  When you live in your passion it grows from strength to strength. Nothing in the world would make me give up what I do. I thrive on it. Now I have discovered an even greater passion and that is global ’Business-Vision’ training. I am now launching a global speaking tour starting with Amsterdam and the ’Global Woman’ movement.

Do you have a global mission when it comes to women’s empowerment? What do you want to achieve?
I have a stand and a mission to empowering women in business  globally to find their unique business-vision and to deliver their expertise to their community or to the world.  Starting this month I will be visiting and speaking at one town in a new Country every month. I will be visiting Holland, Belgium, Dubai and China in the next few months, offering private consultations and training.
What one tip would you give to women who feel like they can’t achieve their goals because of gender inequality in their business?
There has never been a better time for a woman to excel in her own business.  Men cannot compete with us. Throughout the past three thousand years we have developed wisdom, compassion and human understanding that very few men are capable of. We women have a huge advantage over men. Now is the time to use it to benefit all mankind.
Is there one thing you would wish more people would know about or accept when it comes to female entrepreneurs and women in business?
For the most part women entrepreneurs and women in business have integrity. In my experience, most women care deeply about humanity and the state of the world. Many women have trained to be transformational healers, having gained wisdom from their own life process. Women globally  have undergone 3000 years of oppression. We are now here to empower each other and by empowering each other, we empower the whole world.

Tell us about your experience with the ’Global Woman Club’ and being a Speaker at a ’Global Woman’ event. Why did you get involved and why do you think that women empowerment and global connections are important?
For over 12 years I was a member of ’Income Builders International’, where I thrived as an entrepreneur and ’Business Vision Consultant’.  When I moved to Sweden I searched for an entrepreneurial organisation that would deliver the same value as IBI. I searched and found nothing until I discovered ’Global Woman’, Stockholm. I was delighted to meet all these wonderful women, at my first ’Global Woman’ breakfast, in Stockholm.  These women were real, caring and empowering and I joined up immediately.It is a brilliant idea to encourage women to take the platform and speak in front of groups for only 2 minutes! This way, women get over their fear of public speaking. They also learn to be clear and succinct, since they only have a limited time to speak. I have spoken at every single breakfast I attended. I love speaking, empowering and training others; especially women, since I see that they are so motivated to give, to succeed and be independently wealthy, doing what they love to do.
The world needs empowered women. Women are peacemakers, communicators, healers, story-tellers as well as wives and mothers. Women are also incredibly gifted in the financial and industrial arenas. We need women as much as we need men. Being a speaker at the ’Global Woman’ event in Stockholm was both liberating and empowering for me. I felt so at home, both on the stage and with these courageous, inspiring and entrepreneurial women.

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