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Karen Ruimy: Leading Spiritual Healer, Reveals How You Can Transform Your Life Through Embracing Your Inner Child

Power can come from pursuing your passions. For Karen Ruimy, this took her on a career journey that started in finance, pivoted to flamenco dancing, and is today guiding souls across the globe to achieve fulfillment. Her secret? Discovering your inner-child. 

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung’s famous words have inspired countless individuals over the course of decades to explore within, discovering their true selves in the process. Known for establishing the concept of “the inner child” Jung’s belief was that our ability to contact the inner child can allow us to better connect to our feelings and emotions, allowing us to experience greater joy and fulfillment in life. 

But how do we connect with our inner child? In theory, the idea is easy to understand, but in execution, it can often be puzzling. 

As a spiritual healer, Karen Ruimy has been guiding people across the planet to discover their inner child for over 30 years and has become an expert at helping others experience greater joy, purpose, and passion for life. 

“When people realize the connection to their inner child, you see people who are not believing in themselves suddenly realize, ‘Wow! I can do that!’” Shared Ruimy. 

Through her online programs and one-on-one coaching, Ruimy provides actionable steps and advice to encourage her clients to re-awaken the part of their being that experiences the joy and curiosity familiar to children.

About Karen Ruimy 

Prior to accepting her calling as a spiritual leader, the vivacious and effervescent Karen Ruimy was rising the ranks of the corporate world as a top financial broker in Paris. 

“I remember being 28, very successful, earning a lot of money, and then I had a moment where I was called to learn about something else,” reflected Ruimy. For Ruimy, this calling to learn about something else coincided with internal turmoil. The anxiety she was experiencing by doing a job she no longer felt called to forced her to stop and discover a new path.

This began the start of her journey as a spiritual leader. Initially, she began her work through writing, reflecting on how she felt and how she wanted to expand. Through channeling this energy into what she wrote down, Ruimy was inspiring not just herself, but the countless individuals who followed her written word. 

“My writing was really helping people around me,” Ruimy fondly remembered. “I was able to help people and guide them through their own journey.” 

What began as an expression of her thoughts, feelings, and research quickly turned into published pieces of work across France and the UK when Ruimy partnered with a publisher that brought her words to life. 

From there, Ruimy began hosting workshops based on her written word to help members tap into their creative powers and discover harmony, peace, and the ability to heal their inner child. 

While sharing with those around her how they can create a fulfilling life through healing and uncovering their inner child, Ruimy coincidentally unleashed her own in the form of a dancer. 

“Throughout my spiritual journey helping others, I came to realize that I’m a dancer,” Ruimy shared. “This was when I decided to become a professional flamenco dancer. I remember thinking, ‘this is my life – this is important that I do it.’ I trained very hard, eventually participating in my first professional show. From there, I never stopped.”

Ruimy’s passion and talent for flamenco dancing brought her to the stages of huge shows in Paris and London. Not too long after discovering her calling towards dance, she dove deeper internally and uncovered an equally strong love for singing. 

Most recently, the creator and entertainer shared her voice through a Jazz Album produced by the late Phil Ramone, released in June of 2021. 

For Karen Ruimy, her journey to discovering and expressing her inner child first began with putting the work and research into what it meant to be a spiritual healer and how she could inspire change in not just herself, but those around her. This ultimately led to the discovery of her passion for entertaining through dance and song. 

Today, Ruimy offers the lessons she’s learned to others wishing to discover, heal, and nurture their inner child through her online community. 

Karen Ruimy’s Online Community For Connection 

“I want to guide people to their own power and freedom, teach them how to tap into their unlimited creativity,” Ruimy shared. “When I work with people I guide them in meditation, understand their wisdom, activation, and healing of their energies. I love to bring the healing energy into what I do.” 

Through her online community, Ruimy provides members the opportunity to tap into their internal being with her library of resources including webinars, guided meditations, and one-on-one healing sessions.

Decades of research, inspired by the concepts founded by Carl Jung and other psychologists after him, have tapped into the importance of uncovering, healing, and expressing the inner child. What Ruimy provides is a platform for others to connect on, learn from, and express their true internal being. 

“Dancing was really a way of connecting with my inner child,” reflected Ruimy. “It really connected to my soul, the goddess energy and the mother energy.” 

The path to discovering one’s inner child will look different for all. What does remain consistent, however, is the steps one can take to start that journey. 

Ruimy provides the guidance, support, and accountability to help the members of her online community take the initial steps they need as they begin their journey of inner expression and personal transformation. 

For those looking for an immediate step they can incorporate into their life today, Ruimy shares that “Every morning, I advise everyone to spend five minutes connecting with yourself, breathing from your heart, and bringing high energy into your body. Concentrate on your heart, send the healing energy throughout your body, and feel what you’re feeling in your heart.” 

Beginning the day with intention and reflection is a powerful way we can all work towards uncovering and expressing our true selves. 

Discover Karen Ruimy’s online community and participate in her programs today at  

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