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If you do not own your energy – someone else will

Alla Svirinskaya -If you do not own your energy – someone else will

By Kicki Pallin

She was brought up in the Soviet Union, during a time when it wasn’t allowed to practice healing openly. But that didn’t stop her mother from teaching her to understand her gift of healing. A gift that has been passed down from generation to generation. Alla Svirinskaya has been doing energy healing practise for over 20 years, and says it is vital for us humans to live in alignment with our Energy ID. As our energy field, or aura, is as unique as our fingerprints. Alla believes that in the future, the concept of ‘energy hygiene’ and taking care of our aura, will become as natural as brushing our teeth or taking a shower .


Which experience or event ignited your own energy healing journey?

I was born into a family where the gift of healing was passed through the maternal line. So, healing was a big part of my life since my childhood. I inherited an extrasensory ability in my hands, which allowed me to sense human aura and decode its vibrations. My mother, who is a practicing healer, taught me how to understand my gift, master it and use it to help others.

In the Soviet Union, where I grew up, we were not allowed to practice healing openly, as the Communist party did not allow it. We were conditioned to believe that only communist doctrines can lead us towards the light. So, spiritual teachings were passed down quietly and healing practices were operating undercover. My mother would heal people in our flat, which worked to my advantage, so I came to observe the way she worked and she had a chance to involve me in her healing practice.

What do you mean when you say that our energy is as unique as our fingerprints?

We all know that due to the unique genetic sequencing and physical environment our fingerprints are unique to each person. However, what many of us do not realize, our personal energy field, aura, is also unique to us. Our aura is not static, instead, its waves of energy are constantly moving, or vibrating, at our authentic frequency. In addition to that, it is observed that the shape and diameter of aura vary from person to person. These parameters of the aura are so specific to each person that they almost resemble a passport, or as I call it, an Energy ID.

How can our ‘Energy ID’ become our navigator in life?

After over 20 years of successful energy healing practice, I came to realise how incredibly important it is to live in alignment with our Energy ID. Sustainable wellness, and not just an occasional burst of it, is only possible when we lead in an authentic life. It is not enough just to invest in energy-boosting practices in order to feel well. If we do not create a life/environment which does not resonate with our truth, we will be constantly leaking energy and exist in a powerless state of overwhelm.

When you protect your unique energy frequency, you will preserve your energy reserves. Dare to be yourself – live in alignment with your own values, say ‘no’ to things which do not resonate with you, respect your personal boundaries and those of other people. We all know that a car requires a particular type of fuel, or that our electronic devices need an appropriate charger. Our aura too must connect by the right type of energy which matches your Energy ID. Otherwise, we will only be nourished by the energy of the approval and reactions of others.

It is incredibly important to refine and respect our intuition which will signal when you are going against your truth or engaging in energy damaging exchange. However, remember that intuition does not think it knows and it only communicates through feelings. In my new book Own Your Energy I shared multiple techniques on how to establish a better connection with our aura, to restore the boundaries and to give a voice to the intuition.

Tell us more about how we can tailor our energy protection.

When we talk about energy protection we often think about protection from the external negative forces. However, I always recommend starting with a reflection on where do we become our worst enemies? In Own Your Energy, one of my chapters is called ‘Your Inner Troll’ where I explain how negative self-talk – ‘I am useless’, ‘I always fail’ and such like – can seriously damage our aura. Stop attending events or gatherings which have no resonance with you. Every time our ego forces us to engage with an environment, which does not match our truth, we open our aura to toxic energy. So, I would invite everyone to have a look at your address book and social diary, and intuitively reflect on what event/person uplifts or drains your energy. Once you are clear with what or who is your energy thief, you can make adjustments accordingly.

Nature gave us a very strong protective energy layer which wraps our aura. However, when we exist in the energy-deficient state or not following an authentic path, this layer becomes porous. As a result many begin to feel like a ‘cork in the sea’ or ‘sponges’, absorbing everyone’s energy. Remember, if you do not own your energy it will be owned by someone else! So, the best form of protection to build-up your energy reserves, live authentically and restore your boundaries. 

What is your vision for the overall energy vibrations for this world in the coming decade?

One of the big emerging trends is the importance of personal energy management at home and at the workplace. I read recently in a popular business magazine that CEOs should also be Chief Energy Officers managing their own energy and the energy of their employees. I think it is a very exciting new way of thinking, as so many are suffering from toxic energy at the workplace. All meditation rooms, relaxation areas mean nothing, if office culture is negative, poisonous and not respecting employees’ Energy ID.

I also believe that in the next decade we will be embracing a more authentic way of living and taking more personal responsibilities for our health and wellness. In Own Your Energy, I have introduced my readers to the concept of ‘energy hygiene’.

I believe that taking care of your aura will become as natural as brushing our teeth or taking a shower.

People will finally accept that clean aura equals sustainable wellness.



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