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How to Unleash Your Energy – The 7 Steps to Be an Influential Leader

By Jacqui Ruddock

When I talk about unleashing, I am referring to the electrical signal that are your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Collectively, they then create a pathway through which we see and experience the world. This sets an energy frequency which we can change at any moment. Unleashing our energy is about managing this signal, and using it in a way that allows us to step into being the leader who positively shapes our experiences, enabling life in the highest energetic levels.

The seven steps to being an influential leader start with understanding what each step means, how it affects our energy and how we can apply these steps to serve ourselves and others on the highest levels. Rather than work against ourselves or slow down our ability to get what we want; because there is a kink in the energy flow that causes a temporary shut down or disruption between what is our reality and what is possible.

The Seven Steps are:

  1. Self-Love
  2. Vision
  3. Trust
  4. Claim
  5. Consistency
  6. Power
  7. Connection



Self-love is a key step in unleashing energy, since it is about knowing how to fuel your desires and dreams, so that you actually experience them. Love is the fuel. Self-love acts as a measure, helping you to be discerning about what is in your best interest. Key questions you could ask to check whether you are coming from a place of self-love are: “Is this action or decision coming from a place of love?”  “Does this experience mirror to me that I am loved?” If not, it is difficult for the love energy that you need to complete a project, maintain a relationship or change an experience. Instead, tap into love as a filter separating what works for you for and what doesn’t. Let it become a habit so that energy flows unhindered.


Leaders have vision. A vision is about how we want to experience our life or help other people to experience theirs. Having a vision and pursuing the achievement of it requires a resilience and commitment which has to be sustained by our personal energy. It is the fertile soil which means that you get up every day and take inspired action no matter what, to focus your mind on how your vision feels, tastes, smells or sounds; even when your current reality may be very different. The vision is what helps you choose who you are being – what actions you take – so that you can spend your time doing what you have imagined is possible and live in the energy of limitless possibilities.


We learn to trust that we can use our energy intentionally, by tuning into the frequency of our energetic field. Paying attention to what your initial thought is when you wake up and what your mind focuses on most during the day are good indicators of what you are telling yourself. Trusting your energy is built on your relationship with yourself, which includes how you talk to yourself and others. Trust starts with a decision to trust yourself enough to use your energy wisely.


Claim your energy. You need to claim it so that the energy which is always available is being used for what is possible. By that I mean knowing how to work with your energy clearly, without confusion, doubt or second-guessing about what you want or deserve. This approach takes time, discipline and commitment. Of course, you first need to know what you want. For a long time, I kept changing my mind because I was thinking about my situation, so one day I would want money to pay my bills, the next day, I wanted health because I felt run down. Constantly changing as if I did not know what I wanted. When I got clear on the basics of health, money, healthy & harmonious relationships and love, my energy got a clear message about what areas of my life I wanted my energy to influence and focus on.


Power is not acquired through money, status or possessions. These can be temporary and are reliant upon something or someone out of our control. Power is the force of a standing tree during a hurricane. Power is in the strength of the unconditional love of family, pets or friends. it is the ability to start a movement based on a vision and passion. The Dr Martin Luther Kings and Greta Thunbergs of our world accept and use their power to start a movement. The Aristotles and Mother Theresas of the world succeed first by knowing that they are powerful, and then directing that power to achieve a vision beyond their wildest dreams. The more we live in a state of power, the more we give others the permission to do so and be their own leaders.


As Albert Einstein said: “Energy is everything”. If you believe that, then be consistent in that belief and take action which aligns with it. Cultivate the self-discipline to use your energy for your greater good and those of others. Regularly tune in and check what practices or actions will keep you consistent in focusing on maintaining the right energy. For example, procrastination is a sign that your mental energy is on a loop and is waiting for you to give it the appropriate instruction on what needs to happen next (in order to unleash it). Consistent practices such as meditation and deep sleep let our energy know that we are committed to taking care of ourselves and will regularly refuel.


Energy is connection. It is how all cells in our body communicate with each other to maintain our physiology. Or it lets us know there has been a disruption in the wiring between our mental or physical agility, triggering a disconnection between what we physically want to do and aspire to do. For instance, this could be wanting to go on holiday and not having the money to do so. Similarly, connecting with other energies and building relationships which compliment (rather than drain or limit our energy) is energy connection. It is about us being able to live, work and play harmoniously with others, since we know how to use our energy to do so.

Unleashing our energy via these seven steps offers you an incredible opportunity to unlock the ways to be an influential leader who has control and mastery over one’s energy, and eventually how you experience your life.

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