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Shreesha Khare

How to Transform your Mind in 4 Steps

By Shreesha Khare

“Man is the Master power that molds and makes,

And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes

The tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills,

Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills,

He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass;

Environment is but his looking-glass.”

James Allen

A Soulful Spirit/Thriver/Philosopher/Creative Humanitarian/Story-teller following her North Node by being an Author in her new current timeline goal which uncovered her soul purpose. Her South Node of life was filled with a traditional pattern of education she gained from London in a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and then comfort working in a capitalistic four-walled material designation as Global HR Analytics for a London-based Organization in India for 3 years (2017-2020) till the age of 30 years. That wall was broken in 2020 which was the first and the last capitalist wall. Because of her inherent creativity and desire to win simultaneously, corporate life was not a necessary life for her. She believes that she is the CEO of her life; accordingly, she executes her purpose of true human management teaching to outside environments not by sitting inside a cubicle. A self-realized soul born and raised in India that, however, aims to lead humanity.

An Evolutionary Woman who dreams to co-create the world with an evolutionary man through her vocation of communication – writing, speaking, Dharma(purpose)coach, spiritual person, and World Traveler. She believes that we all have a spiritual purpose of healing our emotions in life. We need to create something in life out of our love for things we are passionate about and serve humanity.

She is driven by purpose-on-purpose living in different timelines where understanding herself a bit more everyday brings her closer to her goal as she shares the truth with the world. She also believes that we are here for personal expansion, so her maxim is: make life the best one life you can. Don’t be afraid to be all that you are meant to be. Lastly, she believes in performing one’s duty as rights are directly proportionate to duty.

Your mind is to you what roots are to trees. In the second trimester, the brain starts to take command of bodily functions. Furthermore, in the third trimester, the brain separates into right and left and starts growing continuously from there. You’ve probably read that “you entered this world as a blank slate,” but what if I told you that a baby can hear everything in the mother’s womb from the 10th to the 24th week, and that a baby can distinguish between a mother’s and father’s voices, or any other person’s voice? Research indicates that babies can hear what their mother says, and after birth, they can recognise the words. Your baby can remember everything that was listened to in the womb. It is the baby’s subconscious mind through which all the new experiences begin to define for him the world around him. I want you to think about your mind from there.

Let me share a small story with you. It is from the Ancient Hindu Scripture-Mahabharat. Abhimanyu is a tragic, legendary, and brave Mahabharat warrior who was the son of Arjun and Subhadra (Lord Krishna’s half-sister). When he was in his mother’s womb (Subhadra), he heard his uncle Krishna telling stories to Subhadra, and one of the stories was about a secret of an impenetrable military formation known as Chakravyuha. While she was listening, she fell asleep in the middle of the story, and the unborn Abhimanyu could only hear part of the secret. This whole incident turned out to be tragic for Abhimanyu in the War Fields of Mahabharat. By the time of the war, Abhimanyu had become a great and young warrior. He practised Chakravyuha diligently because his memory (subconscious) was more ingrained with the way to the formation than the way out. He repetitively practised the way to the establishment, and that was ingrained in his brain deeply enough that he could not imagine or think of a way out of it consciously. Abhimanyu died fighting to find his way out.

The Journey of Abhimanyu shows that we don’t come into the world as a blank state. A child’s layer of consciousness is formed well before birth. Our subconscious and conscious brain play a major role in developing our overall mindset.

Mindset Magic Begins

You must have an image to work with in your mind to bring an understanding of your mind. Please close your eyes and ignite your power of imagination to build this image. Since the mind is an unseen part of your personality, we need to imagine through our eyes. We will focus on two levels—conscious and subconscious—and we cannot forget the body as the instrument of the mind and how obediently it operates the operations of the mind.

Doctor Thurman Fleet originated this stick-person model. He was the founder of Concept Therapy in San Antonio, Texas. He said that when it comes to the area of the mind, there is nothing but confusion. We treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. We need to treat the whole person. Now imagine a circle with a horizontal line right through the centre.

Above the line is the conscious mind; everything below is the subconscious mind. Then below the circle we put a much smaller circle, which represents the body.

Through all your senses (see, smell, touch, taste, hear), you receive outside voices at a conscious level. At this level, you hold the free will to either accept this or reject it; you can be ignorant or knowledgeable. Your awareness and unawareness will determine your thought choices. However, if you think that another person is making you think in a certain way, it is your own choice of thought that determines reality.

Whatever Abhimanyu heard when he was in his mother’s womb changed his reality when he was in a war zone. He had a choice to learn the way out of the Chakravyuha, but he chose only to walk on the different path. ‘He became what he thought and ended up with the result of that.’

You can choose different thought processes and have awareness so that you can control the circumstances. You have the freedom to learn about the thoughts you heard, fully in control with all the awareness that will assist you in creating the conscious mindset you desire with ease.

When we accept that, it is impressed upon his second part of the personality, which is the Sub-Conscious Mind. At this level of your mind, it goes through deep conditioning of what we do and in which way we do it. It goes through some repetition, and it impacts our present state of mindset, known as the paradigm. The sub-conscious mind has a direct connection with the body. Whatever our conscious mind chooses to accept, our subconscious mind, as an obedient child, accepts everything. It is a very emotional brain. Abhimanyu was so emotionally attached to the secret of Chakravyuha as he expressed his feelings and actions consciously every single time. His conscious choices impressed the sub-conscious over and over and became his personality.

When we are talking about mindset transformation, we cannot ignore the most obvious part, our body. It is a house you live in. The subconscious majorly works with images, and thoughts impressed upon at this level must move your body into action. Your new mindset will be expressed through your bodily feelings and actions, which will determine the results manifested by your mindset. Your objective is to create a new mindset, and you can do so through autosuggesting, getting emotionally attached to a thought, and by following the four steps below.

  1. Attitude: It is a double-edged sword. If taken in the right way, it can bring success, and if not, it will be a big disappointment for you. I was in 10th grade when teachers scolded me for getting English papers every single time with red marks. This whole experience made such an impact on my subconscious mind that I could not do anything good in life. When I used to watch other students getting good scores, I used to just wish—’If I could just do it, too.’ My thoughts, feelings, and actions throughout the experience determined my attitude. I cannot blame teachers for this attitude I carry. The only way for me to enjoy freedom is to take full responsibility for my attitude. For a long time, I chose the conscious thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t do it, and I was vibrating with the belief that my English was bad. Until I changed my attitude and wrote my first book, and since then, there has been no stopping for me in terms of writing. Earl Nightingale said, “It is our attitude towards life that determines our attitude towards life.”
  1. Imagination: Working on your mindset is a great skill of craftsmanship as it is a workshop of the mind. The creation of a mindset is like a trade at your own risk, subject to your thoughts, as accordingly you will manifest the life of your dreams. The things you see around you—phone, computer, air-plane—are all products of an imagination that is benefiting people. The people who invented these were thinking in abundance. I request you set aside any feelings of lack of mentality and limitations. Your thoughts are things, and their operations are everything that happens in the world. You are a creative being who can create anything through the power of imagination.
  1. Perception: Maybe half of your day has gone, but you can end your day as you want. You can live your day as you want. You just need to adopt the perspective of a person who has already achieved everything in life. This is not a one-time activity. With your power of imagination, you need to see things differently in your life. If you are living your life with one single view, then it might prohibit your growth. In your car, there are two rear-view mirrors. Why do you have only one? Start your next morning with a different perspective and observe everything. Before going to bed, get your journal and write your observations. Furthermore, compared to those times before you changed your perception of the same things in life, you might learn something.
  1. Serenity: James Allen, in his book “As a Man Thinketh,” mentioned that “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” Have you ever seen an angry person achieve anything in life? It only spreads destruction, wounds, and downfall. In today’s time, people hold infinite passions, desires, and griefs that they have lost control of themselves. This has made them full of anxiety and doubt, and in that mindset, they cannot see things clearly. A wise person is the one who has controlled his thoughts and does not get influenced by the outside or inside storms. He knows how to give shade, just like a tree on a land full of thirsty people. When a man holds awareness, it brings self-control, which is not a weakness but a weapon to achieve anything with, adding to mastery of thoughts, as he knows it is his own mind’s thoughts he can control. He cannot control the thoughts and actions of people outside of him, and he must stay as calm as an ice age, which is powerful in its own way.

Shreesha Khare

Shreesha Khare has a higher calling as a ‘Leading Luminary’ and wants to help people by showing them new possibilities and solutions for old, tired problems. She is passionate about teaching life philosophy and is a natural born leader. She launched her first book in Jan 2019 and was told to leave her job as Global HR Analytics in 2020. That blessing in disguise turned her to look inside and follow her instinct as a Writer. Her purpose is to help people live their purpose, and she believes that everyone is coming with baggage and experiences such as to which we are not aware of. She founded S&S CoSpace for Humanity, which is a space where authenticity and vulnerability is the ground rule.

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