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How to Dress Professionally and Classy – Guide to Business Attire

How to Dress Professionally and Classy – Guide to Business Attire

By Fatima Lushi 

Are you a business woman looking for every way to get a look and make a beautiful figure? A hand on this gives you ways to dress, your style in general, which you should choose in the most classy and personalised way. The right outfit will make you never feel inferior.

Choosing the right outfit to put on for a business event/meeting should have two main elements: first, it should be serious, and second, comfortable. A good combination between the two is not very simple. Here are some tips on how to best match the style and comfort to get the most out of your business hours.


  1. If you are going to wear jeans, combine them with colors

The key to this style is to combine denim pants with a vibrant color shirt. Denim will not make you look any less serious, but it will give you a practical look that is well-aligned with the exact cut of the shirt.

  1. Express your personality through the colors

If you want to convey your character to others through clothing, there is a very simple way to do it: colors. Buy clothes with your favorite colors and over time it will become apparent to others what your favorite colors are and what you are looking to convey through them. Remember: be careful to always make the right combination so you can neutralise the color without making it visible to the point of visual annoyance.

  1. Wear a collarless suit

If you are looking for a classic look and presenting you as a serious and refined employee, a suit is the best choice. But a collarless suit is even better. Why? Because when someone works, she wants to be calm and in a good position to focus on work. If you wear collars all the time, you are either not working hard or your work is not as tiring as you might think.

  1. Mix and combine the designs

Pay great attention to the combination of the bottom and top of the dress: make sure there are fits and connections between them. Designers convey strong visual messages, hence take this opportunity to convey small pieces of data to you.

  1. Choose good shoes

Beyond the expression that a businesswoman is known by the shoes she wear, choose a pair of good, expensive shoes that sum up your look the most. If there are any accessories that put the “dots” on someone’s dress, these are the shoes. Choose them in non-glare, so they don’t get more attention.

  1. Be careful when it comes to perfumes

No one would want to find themselves with someone else in a lift and not be able to breathe due to two factors: lack of perfume, or excess. In both cases, you have to be careful. The “right” perfume will give you a regular look, but the secret is to find the one that suits you best.

  1. Put on a normal watch

Leave expensive hours for special occasions. There is no room for boasting in the work environment. Choose a watch that is comfortable, pleasing to the eye, but at the same time unrelated to luxury.

  1. Bags and suitcases

Your work bags or suitcases are as  important as the rest of your outfit are. Keep your bags serious but not out of date. The same is true for suitcases, as they somehow show the work ethic.

  1. Skirts and dresses

Try to have knee-length skirts: shorter ones will look like an inappropriate exaggeration. On the other hand, the dresses should be as elegant but also formal. Above all, it is important that you feel comfortable wearing them.

  1. Makeup

Give your face the look it needs, not too busy but not too simple. Use the key elements of makeup, creating a harmony between them.

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