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Full-time study with a full-time career

Full-time study with a full-time career

By Dessy Ohanians 

Managing Director of Corporate and Certificate Programmes, London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) – Executive Education

“You must be mad!” exclaimed a friend of mine when I told her that, in addition to my demanding full-time job, leadership and mentoring responsibilities, as well as family commitments to my two young children, I have now decided to also study a full-time online Master’s degree. And the obvious follow-up question was: “Why?”

As we kept talking over reasons why I was putting myself through something like a full Master’s degree, it became ever more clear that motivations were multi layered, touching different areas of my life – deeply personal, obviously professional and, to some extent, ego-boosting. But what was pleasantly surprising to me was that, when confronted with the question of “How?”, I had most of the answers already firmly in my head, with a plan and routine all ready to begin.

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