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Founder of Lady Ease Sheila Adel Shares Her Five Pillars Of Success in Entrepreneurship

Success is highly achievable when fueled with passion and motivation. Business owner Sheila Adel is the prime example of a passionate and motivated entrepreneur. Having accomplished creating a growing business in the feminine skincare industry, Adel reveals her secrets to success.

With the hundreds and thousands of businesses in the market today, the intimidation that comes with finding the encouragement to start your own business is unsurprising. Even with all the inventions and ideas already out in the world, Adel recommends that entrepreneurs are not to be deterred from pursuing their passion.

Understanding the struggles of creating a successful feminine skincare brand, Sheila Adel founder of Lady Ease is no stranger to the ups and downs of the business world. Forming a feminine skincare business with products that comfort vaginal dryness has been no easy task, especially when dealing with the controversies surrounding it. Driven by her passion and motivation to fill a need and help other women, Adel has built a successful business in spite of the challenges. 

Adel speaks her message of encouragement for other people who are in the same place as she was, and a few reminders for those who are working towards success in their business. Here, Adel shares her five pillars of success that anyone can benefit from in order to achieve their goals. 

  1. Be A Positive Thinker And Results Orientated. Refrain From All Activities That Prove Counterproductive

It is not uncommon for the mind to choose the negative route of thinking. Many people can attest to the fact that negativity is a prevalent obstacle in their life. However, it is important to note that a negative mindset and counterproductivity go hand-in-hand. Adel believes counterproductivity usually equates to wasted time and a setback from meeting one’s goal. However, working to eliminate activities that are counterproductive will lead to an increase in positivity within yourself. You will be able to use that energy to focus on activities that produce results to reach your goals.

In relation to herself, Adel credits being able to turn around her ways of being unproductive by recognizing which activities were holding her back, in order to lead herself to be more positive. “It’s knowing what those things are and then refraining from them. You do become more positive, and then you have the time to focus on the activities that will get you the results you are looking for,” she says. “The first step at moving toward reaching your goals is changing your mindset and utilizing your time in a more productive way, even if it means not watching one more episode of your favorite series.” 

  1. Begin From The Possible. Great Success Evolves From Gradual Successive Accomplishments

When you do not see results right away, the feeling of wanting to give up gets stronger and stronger. We are all victims to the projects we have started and, shortly after, discarded because we did not see the effects of our work right away. 

Beginning with the easiest tasks that have the highest success rate will set you up for the path ahead. Once those smaller tasks have been completed successfully, then move on to the next slightly harder task. 

Being a firm follower of this step herself, Adel stresses the importance of celebrating small accomplishments. “Be patient and be satisfied with the small successes that over time combine into one great long lasting success. It’s the small successes that add up to the higher level success that you’re looking for,” she says. 

  1. Find Success In Failure. See Advantage From Disadvantage

Failure is a powerful opportunity to learn how to improve oneself and become more successful. Adel says. “The real challenge is to face the adversity that we experience when we have failure, learn from it and work to not make the same mistake next time” Adel says. 

Furthermore, Adel understands the struggle of being able to channel the energy experienced from defeat and experiencing failure. “Use that energy to move forward. It’s taking that time, space, and emotion to face the failure and face the adversity that you’re experiencing. Use failure to your advantage and see through it. Look for what you can learn from it. Applying this experience and knowledge to future efforts, will increase your ability to be successful.” 

Using herself as an example, Adel speaks about her struggles of communicating her products in a meaningful way to all women. Some women are very open and willing to talk about their personal care needs while other women are very private and reserved. Adel initially felt like she failed because she was communicating to all women in the same way which sometimes ended up with misfired conversations about the benefits of her products. However, Adel did not let that stop her on her mission. She recounts those awkward conversations that did not go well and how she learned to take time and connect with each woman at their comfort level to discuss their personal care needs and offer solutions.

  1. Know That There Is Also A Third Option

When making choices or solving problems do not limit yourself to just two options. When you are faced with a situation in which you have to make a choice, you would not be wrong to assume there is only option A or option B. Adel wants you to know that you always have a third option. She encourages you to be creative and think broadly. Know that there is always something else that can be done. When either of your two options is not getting you to where you really want to be, force yourself to think of another option. Being free to think outside the box almost always gets you going in the true direction you are wanting to go.

Adel spoke about her struggles with achieving 100% biodegradable tube dispenser packaging for her products, and the inability to do so because the industry was not able to provide that for her at the time. Rather than use a tube dispenser she was not happy with, Adel found one that checked off almost every tick on her list, even if it meant sacrificing 100% biodegradable packing. She reiterates that, while there were clear picks she could have chosen, she sought out a third option that worked best for her business. 

  1. Have A Practical Point Of View When Dealing With Controversial Matters

It is no secret that remaining practical when dealing with controversy is easier said than done. This is seen throughout conflicts all over the world; how some topics can be resolved with a conversation, while others need to go to extreme lengths in order to achieve resolution.

“If we, as mature people, can understand that there will be controversial issues that we have to deal with. Becoming polarized when responding to controversial matters will not be helpful in the long run. Adel stresses the importance of putting emotions aside. “You will be more successful navigating through these controversial matters if you remain practical,” she says. “Think through the practical consequences and outcomes of actions you may take. Choose actions that move you toward your goals – then you can be successful,” she says. 

Sheila Adel is the founder of Lady Ease luxury feminine skincare products that hydrate, nourish and comfort vaginal dryness. 
To learn more visit, or visit her Instagram.

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