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Finding your own way to a meaningful life

Mirvete Shabani –Finding your own way to a meaningful life

By Gulia Lucci

Mirvete is happily married and a mother of two. She always liked to work with people, first as a nurse and since 2013, after understanding the potential of food and alternative medicine, she works together with her husband in her restaurant.Mirvette’s VISION is to help people cure their diseases in a natural way with food’s potential and belief.  Her message is that body should not be fed with food and water only, but the most important feeding is SELF-LOVE.


How can people cure their diseases in a natural way through belief and the food they eat?

“Faith is the key”. Blessed are those who do not see but have faith. It is not easy to have problems with your heart, sharp pain in your chest, no strength, be scared to death and still have faith. My mentor, MimozaThaqi, said to me: “Do not see things how they are but see things how they can be”. To strengthen my faith, she asked me “Who do you listen to when it comes to health?”
“Listen to the one who was where you are, and which today is where you want to be one day.” Who is that person, I asked myself, and where do I find him?

I, by coincidence, found professor HetemRamadani. He had a heart condition in his youth, and today after 50 years in alternative medicine and food potential, he helps people to heal in a natural way.  When I understood that coincidences do not exist, I eased myself and my life started having a PLAN. So, I took the long road to meet the professor. I adhered to his instructions for 4 strict weeks. He gave me a formula which contained (inter alia) a lot of water for the cleaning of the intestines, food that comes directly from the nature, a lot of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish (which were only allowed if their origin was known).

“If you want something to change, it is you who has to make the necessary changes”. When I started understanding the importance of this saying, I began changing my habits and the way of nourishing myself. I began reading books about nutrition and talking to those who understood the importance of a healthy diet. Because, with food´s potential we are able to rebuild our body. Moreover, our wellbeing is crucial. When we feel well our body automatically feels well. Equally, when we feel bad our body feels bad as well.

When we look at health we have physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health. To achieve a healthy status, you need to have a balance. What’s the best way to achieve this balance?

When we achieve this balance between mind, body and soul, our recovery will be fast. It is not important where we start searching for this inner balance. It is important when and that we actually start finding it. The way of achieving an inner balance always depends on the individual, healthy status. I personally had bodily pain. For that reason, I started from my mind/ working in my mindset.

I began reading books and joined the “I am Power” Club, where I got to know the marvelous Louise Hay and her great books. I learnt that I needed to start working on my thoughts. Our subconscious mind hears everything we talk and we think about. For that reason, I began focusing on my healthy status. Consequently, my positive thoughts helped me find my inner balance and to recover. And the work I was putting on my mindset was not difficult at all. I understood that WE are a creating force. Our mind, body and soul are OUR instruments and it is US who commands them!

Our soul, for example, needs self-acceptance and self-love,- even in an ill state. Self-love is the power that heals ourselves.

Our wellbeing activates the power of our mind, body and soul. For that reason, let us start there.  where we are, and do not let us wait for the perfect moment, because we are able to heal ourselves

What are some tips you can give to someone who’s new to Spirituality?

For me, belief is the key of spirituality. Our belief can be so powerful. Moreover, it is important for us to show gratitude, esteem and self-love. We need to live in the here and now, we need to steer our thoughts in a positive direction and we need to follow our inner lead. Furthermore, it is necessary for us to learn how to let go. For example, let go our negative thoughts or our sense of responsibility of things that we are not able to change. Other tips I can recommend are meditation, which is able to give us so much strength, start doing small rituals every day, such as ten-minute walks, and reading books, which helped me personally a lot finding my own way.


Mirvete is a contributor for the Global Woman Book Project :THE POWER AND HEALTH OF WOMANITY -“How to align body, mind and soul to succeed in business”

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