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Elisa Card: Everything is Possible For ALL Women – No Matter What

Do you recall situations that have plunged you into pessimism? Elisa is a person that looks beyond the darkness, even in the most difficult days, and always with an optimism that inspires everyone. After the challenges of being a single mother of five sons, she decided to realize her dream, where from her mother’s house, she decided to start her own business. Today she is happy soul as a life coach and her mission is to see happy women. Elisa is now the regional director of the Global Woman Club Paris and for her, this is another opportunity to highlight the best of women, always showing them that happiness comes above all.  Today she enjoys her happy life as a married woman, now with six sons, six daughters in law, and one grandson.

What makes you always optimistic? Are there times when you feel pessimistic too?

When I was a little girl of about six, I noticed how adults might be sad or in a bad mood. One particular time, my dearest cousin was sad and crying after her grandmother’s funeral, on another side of the family. It was so sad to see her coming back to our home and not realizing the reasons. “Why is she crying?”. It triggered something in me, about the idea of spending a day or several hours, feeling terrible, feeling sad. It was like a lightbulb moment! Even that young, I made the conscious decision not to be sad like this. It’s a memory, and it stuck with me as something that I didn’t want to live like.

When you are a child, you follow your parents’ lives, and you discover life through their life, through the events they let you live. Being the oldest of the three girls in the family, plus an older brother, we all are different and felt our youth-life differently. I was content with what my parents had to offer to us. There was a lot of love. I didn’t know that I was optimistic until I had to face my own events as an adult. Then I realized that I don’t see the world in a pessimistic way. Even during difficult situations, I always had the feeling that there is a solution. Somewhere. Always.

How much has your life been affected through the challenges you have encountered and in who you are today?

At first, I didn’t understand why I went through so many challenges as a young adult. I felt so lucky as a teenage girl, living in the center-west part of France, being the normal French girl in the seventies with loving normal parents, two sisters and a brother, a fabulous family, not rich, but loving.

I reflected many times about the ten-year-toxic-domestic-relationship, the genius but unstable father, the sudden events to move back to France while living in the USA, consequently losing everything twice, plus all the challenges go along with it. Because if I had stayed in my comfort zone, with a perfect dad for my five sons, living a perfectly happy life, living in my comfort zone, never realizing my purpose and passion, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I understood there was a lesson there..; which one? But as you probably know, the  Universe, the universal intelligence, God, is drip-delivering, little by little, all your life lessons, not to overwhelm you all at once, but harsh enough to get the best out of you!

Sometimes I feel really lucky to be so positive, optimistic, and consciously aware of living in the highest vibrations possible. It seems so easy for me. My natural state is what other people want! These challenging difficulties and events arrived in my life like a rocket-ball, destroying everything. All of our current life, left with nothing, no home, no friends around, no clothes, furniture, personal belongings, rebuilding on another continent very strangely twice in my life. I left everything there, but my business partner kept them all and didn’t want to ship anything back to me. I was rebuilding my life, twice from scratch! Reflecting on that, I assume it is to push to the maximum my positivity and optimism. A huge test, full-scale life-size, twice, was once in my thirties and once in my forties!

Some end up in burnout but I found myself reaching out to my deeper zones of:

  • Clarity
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Boldness
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Determination

What was the moment that made you change your lifestyle?

Saved by the gong! Twice!  In 1993, family issues and death in the family impacting our income, brought us back to France from the United States. Then in 2003, the geo-economic-Iraq-war events, with the French products boycott, suddenly brought me back to Paris. I couldn’t sustain a living for my five sons and I, plus the business’s overheads, so it was like a relief. In 2003, as a single-mom-entrepreneur, I felt that I didn’t finish what I wanted to do. I had the vision of expanding my business with specialty food products, added to the high-end French reproduction of antique furniture and accessories, decoration items, silverware, etc. My lifestyle changed so often due to all these events, making the best adapting mom on the planet!

How did you cope with life when you were left alone with your boys? What were the questions you asked yourself, and the biggest fears?

Twenty-five years ago, I became ‘another’ single-mom on the planet but with five boys. The ‘narcissistic’ father abandoned his family. His support remained non-existent. And I couldn’t even imagine the challenges that were ahead of me. I literally became the leader of my five son-tribe. I became responsible for everything, the financial, emotional support, education, and the everyday life, being the loving mother, and the authority figure, all together. In that dead-end situation, I found the solution:  to become an entrepreneur and build our dream life under the sun.

I used gratitude for being under my mom’s tiny room, but a roof and food for the boys. It was a mixed feeling of being relieved and free without a difficult father. And the feeling of facing the unknown. I was pregnant with my fifth son, so I had time to rest and reflect. We have seeds of creativity and imagination deep inside of us. I  used my imagination, then I discovered a bible text: “….” right away, I plunged into the belief, the trust, the faith. It all came true!

If you have read some of my social media posts, you know that at that time, I started a business from scratch, from my moms’ tiny apartment where we were living. This was a strong desire to create a source of income for the boys and me. And that’s how I moved back overseas, with my all-under-ten years five sons, and our suitcases, to the Lone Star state where my boys and I felt home. It was a new beginning, and it felt very exciting.

Nevertheless, this makes me feel strongly that when we are hit by hurricanes, we can find all the resources deep inside us. Now, I live happily, married. We have a total of six sons, six daughters-in- law, and one grandson, and we are extremely happy! And it shows the entire family!

What differentiates you from other businesswomen, Elisa?

Both businesses I have created were a part of my personality. Now, at Elisa Card, happy soul life coaching, I teach and convey who I am and what I lived. My emotional awareness, the responsible choices, and the intuition that speaks to us. More harmony, more peace, more joy!

With the experience you have as a coach, can you tell us when a woman is happy?

Great question!  Because this is my mission! My mission is to show women, mothers, single mothers that everything is possible! No matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, if they live such hardship, it’s because they have all the resources inside them. All is possible if they hold it in their heart, letting go of all resentment, anger, retaliation, jealousy, anxiousness, fears. At the moment, when a woman uses her true inner potential, she creates her immense Joy.

“Whatever your situation, if you have a dream, or simply, one idea, everything is possible, with Joy!”

What are your Global Woman goals, and what do you give to this platform?

My dream is to show women that everything is possible, if only they knew it is easier when you are happy. It is easier when you are in alignment with the highest good within you and the those of the Universe. It just flows.

The future is female. Mirela is a phenomenal woman, leading with care and dare. What an honor to be part of that journey, spreading awareness into the larger world. Strong women are sometimes the weakest who now dare to speak up and speak out. Set an example for every woman out there, worried about what their future holds.

At one point, I dreamed that:  One day I am hoping my story will inspire and encourage other women,and mothers who believe that they have everything inside of them to create the exact dream life that they want. And making the world a better place for all.

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