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It’s About Time

By Claudia Romero

We are bombarded with tons of information, news, announcements, ads, courses, etc. It is no wonder why we are so overwhelmed and stressed about everything and that is when most of the time we ask ourselves the big question:

What’s in it for me?

This is the question that is always present in most aspects of life, and when we consume anything, this is always the first question that comes to mind. And it doesn’t always mean finding economic benefit, but also well-being and how something can improve our quality of life.

In the end, we all seek freedom.

And this is where we sometimes struggle because freedom does not come for free, we must put in a little effort, some discipline, and a certain amount of perseverance, in life and at work. But we should not be complicating everything either because, in the end, that can be worse.

In my experience as a Productivity and Time Efficiency coach, I see that many of the problems start when we feel that everything becomes too complex, and we become stressed and more complicated… but the reality is that sometimes things can be quite simple, but we don’t think that simplifying will get us to achieve more and stress less.

Nowadays, people are looking for more ethical and genuine perspectives, people want and are desperate for a more simplified life, but they don’t know how to get it without risking difficulties, which creates anxiety. There is an understanding of what we want and don’t want from our lives and businesses, but it’s not easy to calculate. And sometimes, even when someone tells us the exact direction to go, we are skeptical, it can’t be that simple.

We still work against ourselves, we are constantly trying to cure the disease instead of preventing it, and we still feel more value in curing than preventing it.

But prevention in many areas is the key to leading a better life, in all aspects, and we should start to value prevention more because it saves us time, money, a lot of headaches and problems such as exhaustion and overwhelms.

Our health will improve, and we will see a massive increase in productivity.

So, what’s in it for me? You can ask yourself…

When we start to focus on 4 simple things, we will start to use our time better, and when we use our time better, we will see that all the benefits begin to show, and with that, we will reach the best version of ourselves.

I’ve touched on the 4 key elements in many of my talks and pieces of training, and all the time people are amazed that these simple steps have always been there and are easy to implement, but as human beings… we tend to overcomplicate everything. Did I mention it before?…yes of course!…but we don’t seem to learn, so we need constant repetition…

So, in a nutshell, the 4 steps make up S.O.U.L. (Simplify, Organize, Understand and Leverage), but to apply this you need to start with your WHY to create the foundation and the way forward.

When you are crystal clear about your why, you can plan, implement and take action knowing exactly what you want to achieve, when and where you want to get it. If that’s a mess, the path can become more difficult to travel.

So having that clear and set, you can start to Simplify

– get rid of clutter (mental and physical),

– set priorities

– have a mindset that will help you along the way

– learn to say No without feeling guilty, you will see that you and the people around you will begin to value your time.

– don’t always take on someone else’s priorities because you will be sacrificing the ability to achieve your own goals.

Then Organise, put your priorities in order and see which of those you must do, which can be delegated (or outsourced) and which can be eliminated. This is a good start, and you will see that you will have more time to do what matters most to you.

Understand is the 3rd piece of the system, but in a certain way it is the fundamental part of doing it well, because when you understand yourself, how you work, your rhythms, your goals, your desires, and your environment, you can make better decisions that will help you to move forward easier. Also, when you, as a leader, understand your team and staff, you can get much more from them because they will feel supported and understood, and that will be shown in the results of your business.

And Leverage, there are many tools and apps that you can use to get things done quickly and effectively, but not all of them will work for you. It is key to try and see which one works for you and discard all the ones that clutter your life. We are all different, and things that work for others sometimes won’t work for you. I tried to force myself to do and use something that a “big name” person swears makes their life easier, but it was terrible for me. I felt miserable because it wasn’t working, I was blaming myself because things should work but weren’t and I felt terrible. It took me a lot of time, energy and mental guilt until I realised that I wasn’t her and that my life has a completely different style, so of course, it won’t work the same way or even would work at all. So, look for tools, apply them and if they don’t work for you… go ahead and try others. There are plenty to choose from, and when they work for you stick with them and avoid constantly bouncing from one thing to another.

When you start applying these 4 steps, you will see an improvement, but it will require some discipline, as when you are on a diet, you must be constant to see the results. Changes do not happen overnight and the more you commit to following the routine, even if you don’t see immediate results, you will see them after a while and then you will fly and move forward without problems.

The opportunities are endless, but the time, energy and resources are not, so you must choose carefully where you direct them.

And this is when you will begin to see that your life is more balanced (physically, mentally, at work and socially) because you will not be neglecting any of these aspects.

You are the boss of your life (and maybe also of your business) it’s time for you to put yourself first and not last on the list, it is time to practice self-esteem, self-worth and it is time for you to master your time because that way you will achieve many things, plenty of wins, you will reap so many rewards, and the biggest benefit of all is that you’ll have a solid path to becoming the best version of yourself and achieving more freedom with less stress.

Don’t you think it’s about time?

If you like to know more about the S.O.U.L program or how I could help you and your business, you can reach me at [email protected]

Claudia Romero

Time Efficiency and Holistic Productivity Coach and Speaker

Claudia is a time efficiency and holistic productivity expert and consultant who helps and teaches business and team leaders how to increase the productivity of their teams by helping them reduce stress levels and overwhelm so there is less staff turnover, and the business can increase profits and grow consistently.

As a mother of 3 boys, with one child with disabilities and 1 child with ASD, owner of multiple businesses and currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, Claudia has had her fair share of challenges yet understands the importance of balance.

She leverages her research and knowledge in the field shining a light on various ways time can be optimised. 

Also, she has been working with entrepreneurs and her proven and easy to follow methods and non-traditional productivity approach have helped them overcome overwhelm and burnout, simplify their lives and achieve the results they want – growing their business and having time to have fun in their personal lives without feeling guilty nor having any regrets. 

Claudia is a captivating speaker who will deliver a first-class masterclass for achieving success in each area of work and life.

You can learn more about her work on

You also can connect with her:

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