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Sparking Success: Journey with The Business Matchmaker

Step into the world of empowerment guided by Desiree’ Tulsidai Kinney, the dynamic CEO and Founder of The Business Matchmaker. Renowned as an Empowerment Speaker, Career Coach, and Media/TV Personality/Host, Desiree’ has left an indelible mark across various platforms, including CBS2 News, NY1 News, Fox Business, ZeeTV, MTV, and BET. With accolades like the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Biden Administration and the Spirit of the Year Award from MassMutual, Desiree’ has been a beacon of inspiration for professionals worldwide. Her influence extends beyond television, as she graces the pages of Financial Planning Association (FPA) Magazine and shapes conversations through her own TV show in development, “The Business Matchmaker.” With a passion for helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential, Desiree’ is dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and support in the professional journeys of countless individuals.


Can you share with us the journey of Desiree’ Tulsidai Kinney from being the CEO and Founder of The Business Matchmaker to becoming an Empowerment Speaker, Career Coach, and Media/TV Personality/Host?

My “why” is helping others become the best versions of themselves while leveling up in their businesses.

As a Business Matchmaker, my goal is to match Business owners with solutions, services, and talent to help take their business to the next level.

By using my voice as my microphone, I have translated these skills into transformational speaking, career coaching, and hosting. I will always lift up others as I climb.

Desiree’ has been featured on several prominent news channels and media outlets. How has her visibility on platforms like CBS2 News, NY1 News, and Fox Business contributed to her professional journey?

Visibility helps your message resonate across larger audiences. By being present on media platforms, it is a powerful way to empower entrepreneurs.

What prestigious awards has Desiree’ received throughout her career?

Desiree’ is known for her contributions to various publications and platforms. Could you elaborate on her column in Financial Planning Association (FPA) Magazine and her role as a former TV panelist for Brooklyn Savvy and the Discover a New Future Show?

I utilize various platforms to drive an impact. The column in FPA magazine is a way to educate others on sound business practices.

The TV shows are a visual platform to elevate entrepreneurs and provide guidance and inspiration.

What exciting project is Desiree’ currently working on, and how does it align with her mission to empower business owners and professionals?

I am working on a workshop Empowerment series for Entrepreneurs – it’s top secret beyond that so stay tuned!

I also have a potential upcoming media segment on leveling up as a Female Entrepreneur and will provide the recipe and resources to do so.

Desiree’ co-launched a Zoom Series for Entrepreneurs. Can you provide more details about this initiative and its impact on aspiring business owners?

The zoom series, entitled “Collabo Call” is an international call for entrepreneurs to come together in a safe space, mastermind, and share best practices to help one another grow.

As the former host of the Work Your Money podcast segment “Women and Men In Business Who Rock,” what insights did Desiree’ share, and how did it resonate with the audience?

My podcast focused on digging deep into yourself, your “WHY”, and the impact you’re trying to have, in your business and in the world. I had an all inclusive approach and welcomed guests from all backgrounds with unique stories to tell from media / TV personalities to news anchors to self-made entrepreneurs. I provided transparent honest feedback as I genuinely wanted to see them win.

Desiree’ is developing her TV show called “The Business Matchmaker.” What can viewers expect from this show, and how does it reflect Desiree’s passion for helping others in their professional journeys?

The show is authentic and it goes there, in a good way. I want business owners to manage their inner critic and feel empowered but also be honest with themselves about what’s holding them back from reaching the next level in their business. When that is clear, then I can help them. And I want everyone to shine.

In what ways does Desiree’ inspire individuals to become the best versions of themselves, and how does she aim to leave her legacy in empowering others professionally?

I help people unlock the power they already have inside them. I aim to inspire them to be courageous in pursuit of their dreams.

As someone deeply involved in the professional development space, what advice or strategies does Desiree’ offer to aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals striving for success?

  • No dream is too big or too small. It’s your vision, no one else’s.
  • Believe in yourself or no one else will.
  • If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.
  • Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.
  • “Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. If things don’t work out, take another shot.”

All photos credited to: Koby Jovel

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