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Boost Your Heart-Centered Brand: The Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed As A Female Entrepreneur

Boost Your Heart-Centered Brand: The Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed as a Female Entrepreneur

As a new wave of female leadership expands into the world, the landscape of branding in business is deepening. Consumers demand a new level of connection from those in positions of influence where real, raw and relatable has become the currency of long-lasting impact.

The Hustle and pain-focused selling of the past, has given way to story, messaging, and visuals that speak to possibility and potential through the lens of love. 2023 will see heart-centered entrepreneurs cultivate a deeper level of authenticity in their branding, customer journey and communities. 

Let’s explore the hacks you didn’t know you needed in order to boost your heart-centered brand and business this Summer:

Hack #1: Humanize Your Brand.

“Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet so many entrepreneurs still wear a mask, adhering to societal norms or mimicking the ‘successful’ others. We’ve been sold this idea that we need to step into someone else’s shoes to succeed. But it’s high time we shatter that illusion.”

Laura Pence Atencio, a disabled veteran who served in the Virginia Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer turned Customer Journey Strategist advises that “your brand, your messaging, your customer journey – it should all be a reflection of you. Your values, your passions, your strengths. It’s what sets you apart from the noise in the market and magnetizes your ideal clients.”

How do you then infuse your authenticity with innovation to collapse time and leap ahead of your competitors?

Drop the masks: “Authenticity breeds trust. People don’t invest in businesses, they invest in people. We need to learn how to strip away the inauthentic layers we’ve accumulated over years, to show up as we truly are – in our business and in our life.”

“Start small” Laura suggests. “Share a personal story in your next newsletter or social media post. Speak up about a cause you believe in. Introduce your audience to your quirks, your passions, your values and begin asking your community to share their authentic selves and desires with you, too!”

Hack #2: Branding Is A Decision, Not A Color Palette.

Branding is not the logo. It’s not the color scheme. It’s not a photoshoot.”

Elle Romsloe swears by her signature approach that is confidently underpinned with ‘decision’. According to her, “branding is THE decision you make about how you want to show up for and be perceived by your audience. Staying consistent with that decision is what makes you memorable, creates trust, and leads to rapport and sales. Branding is being intentional about how the content you post reflects your business’s message, mission, and motivation.”

With a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art Elle infuses her expertise with her unique experience in the branding world, combining her sense of aesthetics with her client astrological birth chart to create their bespoke brand.

In keeping with our first hack, long-lasting impact comes in the new currency of humanization and the amplification of authenticity through the decisions you make as a brand. If you want to take your business from a side-hustle in the corner of your bedroom to a multi-six figure plus company, it’s not good enough to believe that well-designed Canva graphics and a pristinely aligned color palette will get you there! 

Communication is King! “Being known for HOW you communicate is just as important as being known for WHAT you do. Network marketing is the best example of this: millions of people might sell the same shake, with the same educational points about its benefits, but ONE person got you to buy or try… because of the WAY they delivered the information.”

Learning how to become a better listener supports the evolution of your brand, it also makes you a better communicator – great brands communicate intelligently to influence their communities to think differently and inspire them into action. 

Make it Personal! “I love the quote: “What’s most personal is most universal” and I have seen it proven in practice time and time again – the more specific a story is when it is told, the more it resonates deeply with the person it was meant to help.”

People are exhausted in this post-pandemic world, and their filters are more attuned than ever before to what is being sold to them online. Elle is encouraging more women to learn the art of storytelling, and the specifics of it will have people moved from the moment the opening line is read. Be brave enough to return to the roots of where beautiful marketing was born.

Hack #3: It’s All In The Stars

Our North Node is going into Aries. Now people want fast results.”

While astrology may not be the first thing you think of when transforming your brand, what is important to know is that any good CEO is open-minded and curious about what will support innovations in their leadership to better support the direction of their brand. Astrology is defined as : “the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.”

Véronique Lacroix, a marketing bachelor, oracle, and trained astrologer who has harnessed her exceptional abilities to simplify complex information and build a thriving online business, generating a multiple six-figure income. She wants women to know “that astrologically, where we were for the past 2 and half years, is not where we are today. Knowing this helps to inform where your next brand innovation will be rooted”. 

Energy matters. Our frequency internally is the currency of our personal brand and to scale, we need to know how the planets affect not only the market landscape in which we operate, but the paradigms in which people are buying. 

“Aries is driving a desire within people for more authenticity. People want to deeply relate and resonate with their Coach. They want to hire their next Mentor because they know that person understands them and will guide them to transformation from an embodied place.”

Understanding Your Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts and intellect, and the aspects of the mercury placement tell you how you communicate.”

Building on our previous 2 hacks, elevating your ability to communicate effectively and authentically is enhanced through an understanding of your Mercury placement. Here’s why this matters and how to implement it:

“In order to make sales and attract your dream clients, the way you communicate is crucial. Your Mercury placement (house and zodiac sign) can thus tell you about your natural strengths regarding communication and how to utilize them. As an example, if your Mercury placement is in your 9th house in Cancer, your strength is empathizing with your audience.

By sharing content with this energetic undercurrent and clear copy that further illustrates empathy toward to reader you have the ability to magnetize the right people for the right offers within your brand”

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