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BBFeenix on The Power of Quantum Music

By Angela Azuar

BBFeenix is a motivational speaker and quantum flow practitioner. She shares her knowledge and experience of how Quantum Music could be mixed with any song and improve the frequency of our energy. A new genre that can spread joy, happiness, and most of all, healing.

“It is thought-provoking and allows the listener to create the  mindset and space to feel a deeper sense of life.”

What is Quantum Music?

Quantum Music is using the frequencies that can heal us and infusing them within mainstream music. As we are energy, every frequency that travels through our bodies has a positive or negative effect. Right now, I am able to share the lessons I have learnt and show my ability to translate them into lyrics. I have deep-dived into things such as quantum physics and neurology, became a practitioner on Quantum Flow, and learnt about biohacking and working with our sixth sense in a way our ancestors used to understand.

I am bringing new music and a new genre, with a deeper level of connection and understanding to the world, as well as spreading joy and healing as I go.

What inspired you to drive your career towards Quantum Music?

Inspiration for Quantum Music stemmed from my life’s lessons. Having gone through an incredibly traumatic time in the last twenty years, I have since followed a path of healing, personal growth, spirituality and meditation that have helped me overcome huge battles. All whilst following my passion for music and singing.

Who is your role model, and how did they impact your career path?

I have several role models in my life for different reasons. My mum was a huge inspiration to me, especially throughout her life, and even more so at the end of her life. The dignity, courage, and humility that she faced gave me the strength to understand that I can achieve a lot as a human. 

Then, there are artists such as Pink, Adele or Paloma Faith, who show their love whilst sharing powerful messages with the world about what is important to them. Another person is Juan Pablo Barahona, who created Quantum Flow. I have learned so much from him, such as using the law of attraction and manifestation by embodying a process that includes Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic yoga and so much more. Removing blocks in our bodies and energy centres allows us to have a better life.

What are some of the benefits of listening to Quantum Music?

Quantum Music makes you feel reconnected to yourself and other people, while also giving you a healing and joyful experience. Music in itself is a form of healing and escapism, and Quantum Music does this with purpose and passion. It is thought-provoking and allows the listener to create the  mindset and space to feel a deeper sense of life. It also allows you to bring out your inner child and be more playful, which in turn makes you feel more happy and positive.

How do you think it could be incorporated into everyone’s day-to-day life?

The beauty of Quantum Music is that it is mainstream music. It is not the believed spiritual kind of music that most people would think of. It can be easily listened to on Spotify and added to your playlist whilst getting on with your day-to-day life. It is something that can be played in the background whilst you are resting and the messages, code and frequencies can just enter into your space.

What is your creative process when songwriting? 

I have many creative ways to write lyrics. One is by constantly taking notes as I go through anything that inspires me. But I usually like to get into my zone before a writing session to pick up on a feeling for a theme. Once I am inspired by a word, melody, or feeling, I usually then find the hook and basis of the lyrics for this song. I like to feel free and in the flow when writing because inspiration can strike at any time. Therefore, I am always prepared with my phone or a notebook to be able to write down the inspired words.

Do you have a specific routine or activity that helps you get into a creative flow?

I have a few ways that get me in the flow. Sometimes I like to meditate before a session or practice quantum flow. Other times, I just put a good old rock tune on and move my body and feel the energy. Sometimes a simple conversation can get me into the flow.

Is there a specific way of listening to Quantum Music, like during a dance or meditation? 

Quantum Music is the same as any other song you would listen to by someone like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. It comes under other genres such as electronica and pop music. It has got extra layers and levels that people wouldn’t necessarily understand or expect. I am here to make it reach people on many levels.

How do you make the most of this kind of practice? 

Quantum Music allows me to reach and raise the vibration of humanity. I am on a mission to touch and reach at least 1 billion hearts. Using breathing techniques, movement and also quantum physics, I open up different layers for people to be able to meditate while standing.

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