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Are You Happy With Your Man?

By Mirela Sula

I hear women every day sharing their frustration about men and how things have changed in the last two decades. We have worked so hard to gain more gender equality, more financial empowerment, and create more opportunities to develop ourself personally and professionally. 

We see so much change and great progress but does this have to be a cost to pay when it comes to balancing our female energy? 

I see women leading their families, driving the energy in the relationship, be breadwinners, run the business, pay the bills, take care of the children, pay debts, pay the cost of living with difficult men, sometimes controlling and abusive. I see them overwhelmed, frustrated trying to survive but still keep alive their feminine beauty and the flow of their energy. 

I see women who wake up, make up, dress up and show up smiling and are committed to succeed. Women who do whatever it takes to keep the family together, support their kid’s journey as they learn to walk, speak, go to the nursery, get to college and overcome the transition of adolescence. These women often feel alone in this journey, not supported by their men and often disturbed with so many challenges they have to go through. 

Men often get scared to commit and take responsibility, they get stuck in their previous traumas which at some point affects the brain. And you know what, the past that is not healed can interfere in the presence and create fear and stagnation. 

In our community, I have noticed women do so much work to self heal, to forgive, and their personal development is key. But on the other side I hear women saying that men are not willing to put the same effort and work together to move and progress in the same direction. 

When you live in fear, that means that you can’t trust and you always stay vigilant in a defensive mode. This can create separation and dysfunction in the couple. As a result the female and male energy create a crash in trying to decide who is in power. When men don’t know how to use their masculine energy in a healthy positive flow, what happens is, they force us women to use ours. So we feel forced to stand in our power and become the breadwinners, the providers, the protectors, the carers… 

I see women many times broken and hurt as they look back on the journey, trying to figure it out: Where did I go wrong? What happened? Why are we not able to see the signs from the very beginning but we find excuses for men, giving them the space, the time and the confidence that they can do whatever they want and while women work hard to keep the family together, they often focus on alcohol, drugs or other negative behavior.   

That’s why we have started such a journey with the Global Man Club. Where women and men work to grow together, to heal together and succeed together. In the last few years I have been blessed to see the value of working with a supportive man, and I know what it means for a woman to have that peace of mind. We deserve this, it’s our birthright and we should not give up. 

During the launch of the Global Man Club I had the chance to interview Danny Morel 

In our community we attract conscious leaders, who know what they want and know how to get what they want. We provide education, information and a great space for growth, where you surround yourself with like minded people who are there to give, support and contribute. 

We would love to invite you to be part of our movement, where men commit to excellence, and become a positive force in life while partnering with women. 

We invite women to stand in their feminine power, and bring the positive beautiful vibes to create that harmonious zone and feel in the flow while working and growing with men, as one whole team. 

If this resonates with you, come and join us at the last event of the year, to reset, reconnect and invest in our future. It’s the end of the year and it’s the time to take actions and bring that big change in our life where we thrive living the dream life we deserve.

Register Here To Join Us

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