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Amina Langedijk: We Have The Power To Transform Our Relationships

For eight years, Amina has always been by the side of leaders. With a long career as a coach she tries to get the best out of leadership. Telling us more about the relationship with her mother, she says that it was precisely the assumption of responsibilities that improved their dynamic relationship. But all of this ability would have to be focused on the workplace as well, to find another opportunity to expand, this time in business. From the EU offices in Brussels, Amina today is well equipped with experience, ready to develop people’s minds, but always intertwining her heart

Amina, since 2012 as a life coach and trainer, was it hard for you to accompany other leaders?

No, not at all. I am passionate about empowering leadership. And my experience so far, from working with others leaders, has been very fulfilling and inspiring. Leaders take responsibility for their own success, and when they know what they need, they commit wholeheartedly. The leaders I coach and accompany are mostly very talented and highly-sensitive, mission-driven entrepreneurs or executives. I feel called to serving and empowering these leaders, as their positive life transformation has the potential of creating a ripple effect among the people they lead.

I have a skill in seeing someone’s unique talents and area of giftedness. Or you can call it my bias, as that is what I am naturally looking for in others.  My challenge is rather in recognising my own – it is very hard to see your own potential. Yet this skill is an asset in my coaching practice. My vision and belief in my clients provides them with a powerful mirror and space within which they can freely explore their potential.

Why do you focus more on emotional intelligence, mindset and leadership empowerment?

You need to know yourself to grow yourself. And you can only change what you are aware of. Emotional intelligence provides insight and self awareness, and opens up new perspectives and ways of looking at things. As Wayne Dyer said, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” 

The greatest value I received from my own personal development journey is knowing myself and recognising my potential, as well as discovering we have the power to transform our relationships. It presented me with the greatest gift in life, it gave me back a loving and supportive relationship with my mom, which was at times explosive in my student years and filled with guilt, anger and frustration. When I became aware of my triggers and a way to break the vicious circle between us, changing my perception, and taking responsibility for my part, the dynamics between us changed. It gave room to bring out the best in the both of us, and I witnessed her transform from a victim at which life threw just too many hardships, to the most positive, forgiving and grateful woman I know.

Yet the power of influencing the outcome was gained only after I became more self-aware and had learned how to reclaim my power in moments in which the tendency is to react emotionally. The state of our relations, the way we relate to one another, affects every area of our life. Hence developing our emotional intelligence is key in finding mental freedom, and growing our influence. Our heart and mindset play a key role in informing our decisions and actions and bringing peace and lasting success within our reach.

My coaching and activities are targeted at leadership empowerment and developing the leader within. To lead others, we first have to lead ourselves.

When I became aware of my triggers and a way to break the vicious circle between us, changing my perception, and taking responsibility for my part, the dynamics between us changed. It gave room to bring out the best in the both of us, and I witnessed her transform from a victim at which life threw just too many hardships, to the most positive, forgiving and grateful woman I know.

After obtaining your degree in PR and starting work in the Brussels EU arena, you pursued a degree in Business and Management. Why this choice?

After having experienced the power of personal development trainings and coaching in my early twenties, I realised the tremendous untapped human potential in the work environment. It stirred my interest in human resource management from a people development perspective. I also felt an affinity with the business environment. I anticipated redirecting my career in that direction and pursued a bachelor degree while working full time. It took twice as long and my career took a different turn – I loved my job and the pan-European projects I led for the European minerals sector. Today, better equipped and with more experience, I have returned to the people development business to follow my heart!

Can you tell me something about your international leadership events?

In this regard, I (co-)hosted several John Maxwell events in Brussels and Luxembourg- such as Live2Lead, a simulcast broadcast to 300 sites worldwide. This year, I was part of the team behind Leadership Day 2020 in Brussels and of the launch of the John Maxwell Team Français and entrepreneurial mindset event in Paris. I have partnered up with mission-driven entrepreneurs in Brussels, Paris, Rotterdam and Luxembourg. There is more in the pipeline, although we might have to think now about creating virtual leadership events.

The purpose of organising leadership events is to equip leaders with insights that empower them and help them develop and grow their leadership potential and influence. Hence I try to offer high quality events with value adding content from knowledgeable and inspirational speakers, moderated roundtable discussions and networking opportunities. 

What was “train the trainer” for you?

In 2016, I took part in a national transformational movement “Transformation Paraguay”, along with John C. Maxwell and 250 coaches. We facilitated roundtables on values and leadership principles for 15,000 people through all layers of society – government, police, army, businesses, churches, etc. It was our role to model the process for the future facilitators who would take their teams, communities, families, etc through it. The goal is to reach 10 percent of the population to ensure sustainable changes at socio-economic level. The initiative is still on-going and other countries have followed the example.

It was a life changing experience! It opened my heart and gave me hope. The process brings personal transformation within each person’s reach.  It establishes a deep and instant connection among the participants, and fosters trust and open communication. I see it as a powerful and welcome tool to promote and multiply leadership in our communities and organisations. I have started to facilitate virtual roundtables and I am currently in the process of partnering up with other transformational leaders, in view of realising a dream I held since Paraguay: to build a team of change-makers in Europe and help transform our communities from the inside out, starting with ourselves.

You have achieved so many goals, which you are most proud of?

I am most proud of who I have become and having the courage to follow my heart. When I witness the positive impact I have with those I serve, how my living my purpose changes lives, I feel humbled and grateful. And it gives me a glimpse of my own potential, and I know I have only just started.

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