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Abortion: a personal and passionate plea


MARCH brings in springtime and the trees blossom all around us but it is also the celebration of the International Women’s day that was first celebrated in St Petersburg, Russia 102 years ago. Back then, this day was marked as a call for a campaign against female workers’ lack of economic and political rights and for unity of the working class, led by the self emancipation of women workers.

This is now traditionally every March in London, commemorating the unity of women who want the end of abuse against women, lesbians, transsexuals and girls. It marks the continuation of the fight for the validation of their economic and political rights around the world; there is no doubt that women’s political and economic conditions have changed in the last hundred years. However there is still a lot to be done in order to gain more respect, power and achieve a better life for all women around the world.

As a woman working with women survivors of all kinds of abuse, I am constantly reflecting about the best possible ways we could continue to challenge a patriarchal society that leaves women in a position of inequality, disrespect and violation of their rights in numerous ways. I have figured out that all of us together can maintain the network of resistance against abuse. The more we think and reflect about the influence on us of our society, culture, values and prejudices, the more we can find the way to be congruent with this cause. Every day I talk with women who want to access the Counselling Service in order to find an answer to why they had to survive abuse, hoping to move forward towards a better place within themselves, moving on from the aftermaths of such experiences.

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