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A True Role Model for Future Generations

By Kicki Pallin

Alketa Vejsiu is one of the most famous personalities in Albania, with a solid and admired career in Television. But not everyone knows the challenges she has faced, being the face everyone recognises. Her heart beats for children, boosting their self love and lighthearted teaching how we can treat each other with respect. Being multi talented, Alketa has many other things going on professionally as well, and she is a mother of two. Alketa also claims she will be a student forever – and that she is a true hedonist!


Alketa, how important has all the media exposure you have received been for you?

It is a great window of display for talent! So many talented people get lost because there is no window and no voice for them to let the world know what they are worth. Having a microphone in the radio, television time in front of the cameras or having your online space to communicate with the audience, is one of the greatest privileges of being a real influencer. It will allow you to be followed and heard! Media can give you the right marketing tool to shine, but marketing without a product is nothing. If you don’t have the added values in focus and the qualities that distinguish you from the crowd, then it equals NOTHING! Building a system of values and being a role model is the next big challenge when you have the opportunity to get there!


You are the host of many programs in your home country and recently the children’s show “In the Trap of Peter Pan”. What feelings does this program give you as a moderator, and as the mother of two?

Oh, it’s an amazing show. I feel like a real mum in this program. It is pop, sporty, trendy and educational. The mission of this TV Show is to educate and entertain. I have a very “light” way of sharing the right messages, but what I want to deliver is not light. We talked in tha last episode about bullying. And I have experienced it myself what it means to be bullied for your imperfect face. I continue to receive terribly insulting messages that try to humiliate me as a woman, for my face and my physics. I am immune to this because I am an adult, but I can’t deny that it has been hard for me during my teenage years! And it’s hard for kids nowadays.  “Wonder” is the movie that Illustrates my message perfectly! I hope tools that can block especially cyber-bullying will rise to protect the most vulnerable. As it is now this is creating serious psychological health damage for the new generation we are raising!

You were recently one of the presenters of Sanremo in Italy, being covered a lot by foreign media and praised for your excellence there. Can you tell us what impact this festival had on you? 

It is absolutely the happiest moment of my career. I proved to myself that you can come from a small country, but you can think and act big beyond the boundaries. Because the talent, dreams and passion, they always find the way.To be sincere, I felt so flattered by how the Italian Media supported me. It was unexpected. A real trophy for me. But with Sanremo it’s the case where we should mention the role of a great manager. His name is Lucio Presta, and he is the success story behind my appearance. He saw X Factor, but on the other hand I didn’t surrender and said yes until I knew from the Press Media Conference that I would be part of the Team Amadeus #sanremo2020. It was unforgettable…

Having had this experience in Italy, have you received any new offers from Italy?

There have been several very interesting proposals. My management team is evaluating the opportunities. I would be glad to consider an opportunity in Italy, that’s worth the time and energy. Italy Is an amazing country. I have really suffered knowing what they have faced these months. If Italy is not good, the whole world will not be good!

What about the Albanian media? Do you feel that they are giving you support?

Of course! I have been embraced by lots of love and support, and I am grateful for that. All my colleagues in TV, printed and online media deserve my gratitude. As always there are a few groups of interest that try to make the navigation “windy”. But they have to understand two things. First, you can’t stop the destiny of a talent. Dreams find their way, nevertheless there will always be regressive human forces. Humans are like this! Second, that wind helps the boat to better navigate and enjoy the trip to success with excitement and adrenaline! Life is a beautiful adventure because of this. It is not easy – but the joy and fulfilment of a victory flag is indescribable!

Another field of yours is that you are the owner of Class Events AV, a consolidated business in the events industry. Do you plan to also expand this venture to other countries in the world? 

My approach has always been international! I really hope to expand my portfolio internationally, so I’m working on that!

Lately we have seen that you take part in various activities to strengthen the mind, and are attending events together with some of the most famous speakers in the world. Does this mean we will be seeing you in yet another role soon? 

I will be a student forever! But yes, in the meantime sharing knowledge and inspiring others is a blessing! Giving is always better than receiving! Tony Robbins is the Life and Business Master I have been lucky to meet and know. Attending his seminars is very impactful!

With everything going on in your life, do you have any free time just for yourself? If so, what is it that you love doing the most?

Of course! I am a true hedonist. I don’t like the late hours and my style of party is always perfect if I leave before midnight. Most of the dinners I spend at home with my family. I travel a lot with my family and that’s the best part of the year. Home is my fav place in the world. It’s in the countryside of Tirana, in contact with nature so I can fully enjoy my “Green Life”. Green is my cousin as well. I am a vegetarian food lover, with a few exceptions of Meat and Fish dishes!

Being a mother, a wife and a career-driven lady, you juggle a lot of things at the same time. Which advice would you give your children when it comes to living a life of fulfilment?

That it all starts with loving yourself. This way everyone can appreciate you. When you love yourself you have lots of love to fuel others hearts. I taught them in these years that they should  appreciate freedom as a great gift in our existence. Not only to fully live a life they want, but especially to use freedom when choosing the right path of passion they will walk in the following years. It’s not a cliché, I find it really worth a lot to help them do in life what they love the most, not to be forced to do a job to live! It would be a pity not spending their energy in what they really love. This is such an important thing!

Before we let you go, we would love to hear your message to the world at this challenging time. What do you think is the most important thing to focus on now?

I think in difficult times our brain works 100% more to find “the Gates of Salvation”. It has been hard for TV and for all my businesses! But that’s life! Smile though your heart is aching! The sun will shine again! These are actually some of the quotes stamped and used in the new T Shirt Collection we sold online during the pandemic period! And it has worked so well!

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