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A Matter of Belief

A Matter of Belief

“For Those Who Believe,
No Words Are Necessary
For Those Who Do Not Believe,
No Words Are Possible.”
Saint Ignatius of Loyola


Aura Imbarus

These words were written at the Casa de Dom Inacio, a serene center in the small village of Abadiania, Brazil, I visited exactly two years ago. With an open mind and an even bigger open heart, I decided to go where my soul was guiding me, and that was to this forgotten in time and space center, painted in blue and white and surrounded by lush vegetation, trees, bushes and multicolored flowers. Around 7am, this quiet place came to life, and “white snowflakes” were cascading and inundating the streets. Human beings all dressed in white, all coming here from all four corners of the world having one belief-healing, who were powerfully guided by their own intuition to Dom Inacio, the most incredible spiritual healer I have ever had the chance to meet.

The center is called after one of the entities, St Ignatius de Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, that comes through João de Deus aka John of God. João has been working free of charge for more than thirty years at this center, curing people of all kinds of illnesses such as, AIDS, cancer, auto immune system disorders, sport injuries, accidents, addictions, and a variety of emotional disorders so many people suffer from in this super stressed world of the 21st century.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are “office days” when João de Deus or John of God is seeing people like any doctor would see his new and regular patients. He has two sessions, and everybody will be seen no matter how late at night it would be. In his case nobody is turned down for not having the right medical insurance or money. I guess the work of the Spirit is free, after all! Some of the procedures done by John of God and the entities that are coming through his body are invisible surgeries.

Born and raised in a world where in order to believe it, you have to see it first, the idea of invisible surgeries has definitely stretched my faith. And still, all big discoveries were “seen” first with the power of the mind, and then they were achieved and manifested in the “real world” with a visible track record of success. The Wright Brothers had nobody to copy; Steve Jobs – nobody to imitate; Walt Disney – nobody to plagiarize; Edison – nobody to bootleg. But they all believed in themselves and in the power of their thoughts, and, of course, the results fascinated the world, revolutionized the laws of physics, mechanics, math, and created a new, improved society for all of us. So, I was thinking to myself, “what if I would believe in these invisible surgeries, and what would it take to have one myself?” Well, always be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

Always be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

On Aug 28, 2013, standing in line, all dressed in white and accompanied by Adrienne Grierson, the most amazing guide someone can possibly have while visiting Brazil and the Casa of Dom Inacio, João started scanning each and every person as he/she approaches him and decides what is the best treatment for him/her. Crystal beds, a visit to the holy waterfall, herbs and, last but not least – surgery, are the recommended treatments. I gave Adrienne my list of three things I wanted to be helped with: release of all the gathered fears while growing up in a communist regime in Romania, release my Mother’s soul to go to her Creator (Mom passed away on Jan 1, 2009 due to liver cancer), and unblock my mind, so my creative juices can spring again.

Most surgeries are done in an invisible way and only by request they will be performed in a visible way, although as Adrienne explained to me the first day I arrived in Brazil, entities are working everywhere and the treatment has begun as soon as people arrive in Brazil or even before that. Energy is everywhere, so a geographical location of a human body on this planet is irrelevant to these spirits. Love is the only feeling that heals and the entities’ job was to clean people’s energy field to enlighten them and become balanced in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

We derive from God, from the Universe and, as the part is a reflection of the whole, so are we a reflection of our Creator. Love is the red thread that links all of us no matter where we are on this planet or beyond the material world.

Love is the red thread that links all of us no matter where we are on this planet or beyond the material world.

“Surgery,” said João de Deus after looking at me for the second time that day. I have known that all along, and I had a dream about it, so tears started gathering in my eyes. “This is what I came here for,” I said to Adrienne, and I am happy that I can get it. Aug 29, 2013, queues are formed, people are moved through the current rooms of the centre to see João de Deus, while I am being escorted to another location: the surgery quarter. In Portuguese the word ‘corrente’ means chain; they are formed by mediums, who are meditating and helping João hold the frequency of the incorporated entity, while he is healing people, one by one.

With another 49 people we are sitting in benches, in rows and the ritual starts with prayers being said in Portuguese and English. Small “ants” start crawling on my right foot, and they advance up to my stomach. A huge gap is being opened in my stomach, an invisible orifice is being carved, and I feel an overwhelming emptiness. The ants are trotting back on my right leg and down to the ground they go. Silence. Not one sound. An eerie feeling and then I hear the prayer again while in Portuguese someone is announcing that the surgeries have been performed and we are ready to go. All these happened in thirty minutes, but I felt as if just five minutes had passed by. Einstein was right: time is relative.

Two years it has taken me to realize what happened that day: now I am at peace with my mother’s passing and even if I feel her every day, I am not chaining her down anymore. I am back to my crazy self living life on the edge (as freely as possible) and my creative juices have been released again, and out of them the sequel to Out of the Transylvania Night (Bettie Youngs Books, 2010)—which is currently being translated into Romanian and will be released in Romania and Europe in 2016, my latest work, Returning Home: A Journey of Finding Oneself is due out by Bettie Youngs Book in early 2016.

Everything is a matter of belief after all, and whatever you believe in – either way you are right!



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