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4 ways how to cope with COVID anxiety by activating your wiser mind

Exclusive Interview with Rufus Harrington Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Wiser Mind

By Mirela Sula

Rufus Harrington has developed a psychological process that has helped women and men from all walks of life live happier more successful lives. The process is called Wiser Mind and teaches how to better understand, integrate and manage the wonderful complexity of human mind and emotion. Wiser Mind is an innovative, simple and remarkably effective method to help people integrate the more emotional and thinking parts of the brain. It was developed by Harrington from decades of practice as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist.

We have invited Rufus to deliver a special presentation for Global Woman Club on Wednesday 19th August, but here you can have an insight about how we all can better cope in this pandemic time and activate our wiser mind

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