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Mirela Sula: 3 Ways to Find the Meaning At this Time Of Crisis

By Mirela Sula

I personally love change, and I have never experienced any issue with this process. However, the way the world is changing and the speed of change, sometimes creates so much pressure on us as humans. It is a pressure that requires us to stay prepared to adjust with anything new that can come into our life, as we are no more able to predict things as we used to do before. And when we lose the ability to predict, then we lose the ability to create the meaning for the future.

However, working with people around the world and staying in touch with our global community, more than ever, has taught me so much and given me a deep sense of meaning.

These are 3 ways that can really help you to increase the ability to create meaning at this time of crisis and at any challenging time.

1. Find a community where you feel you belong

Studies at Harvard University show that people need to create strong social bonds and meaningful relationships, in order for them to find meaning and happiness in life. Therefore being a part of a welcoming community with like-minded people is the best way to create these significant relationships. Being part of a group, membership in a community, creates a great social connection that can help members to grow and develop long lasting relationships. In our Global Woman Club community, we have created many dynamic groups of women who are socially oriented and authentic leaders coming from all over the world. We represent different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life, however, we all share the same values, same aspirations and the vision to grow together and thrive at this time of crisis.

As we strengthen our purpose within this community, we open paths to opportunities by providing emotional support, share our knowledge, develop our skills and experience, building new friendships with joy. All of this, leads us to a great meaning that inspires us to collaborate, build partnerships and make a greater impact in the world.

When you find your community, the feeling of belonging helps you to build trust and develop common values, which then guide you to share the same vision and purpose for growth

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2. Be open to learning new things

Perhaps you always wanted to do something that you were passionate about, but you kept being busy with every day work, and parked your dreams aside. This especially happens when we find It hard to commit for new things. We settle in our comfort zone and the longer we stay there, the harder it feels to jump out of that zone. However, when your comfort zone gets disrupted not because of your choice but because it is out of your control, then you start using your genius zone to survive the change and search for new possibilities. This is when you feel the pressure of learning new things in life.

But why do we wait until we feel that pressure from outside? Isn’t it better to educate ourselves, learning every day and create new habits that guide us to success? This gives us a sense of fulfilment and pride for our achievement. This makes us feel better because it gives us the sense of growth and improvement. By learning something new every day and experiencing the self-growth, gives us access to new and different opportunities that before we were not able to see.

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3. Make meaningful connections

I have always been fascinated in seeing how women at the Global Woman Club connect with each other and create amazing meaningful connections which develop into friendships, business partnerships or collaborations. When we ask our members why did they join the club, they usually say two things:

  1. I love the energy I find here (which is in fact the culture that we have created within the group).
  2. To make connections.

What makes the difference when women look for the deep connection, is exactly that meaning that we add and associate with each event, person or activity in our life.

In fact, these meaningful connections help us to live more mindfully and cope with stress in a healthier way. Many research studies show that by creating these meaningful connections, we are able to experience more joy and decrease the level of cognitive decline, disease, and depression.

As human beings, we are destined to create bonds with each other and spend time together. Therefore, meaningful connections help us to see life in a much more positive way as it stimulates the production of positive neurotransmitters in our brain. It boosts our immune system, it stabilises and supports our parasympathetic nervous system and it helps to increase the level of our energy!

When I used to work as a psychologist, I used to advise my clients to intentionally search for meaningful connections. Even if you don’t have many people that you trust in life, start with one or two, but build a meaningful connection. This will make a huge difference.

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Mirela Sula has worked in media and education for the last 20 years and has speaking experience all around the world. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights and media training. Mirela is CEO and the founder of Global Woman and CEO of ‘The Business Woman Today’

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