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4 Panellists share what they spoke about at The Global Woman Summit 2022

The Global Woman Summit 2022 was held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London Kensington, between the 10th and 12th June 2022. This unique event hosted a line-up of outstanding speakers who shared their insights regarding transformation, empowerment and leadership development. The amazing two-day experience was a showcase of education, entertainment and enlightenment –  the best place to network with a global audience of successful achievers. Below, a few of the speakers share a snippet of what they discussed during their panel session at this year’s Global Woman Summit.

Inger Nordin – Best-selling Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach, and Money Management Strategist. She has over 35 years of experience in management. Her drive, goal- and result-oriented focus developed her great leadership.
Panel session: How to Fast Track your Professional Career

It’s never too late to start over – I did it at 65. What’s your excuse?

Three important topics I discussed at the Global Woman Summit were:

  1. Know what you want and really focus on it – everything else will fall in place. Understand the impact of being present in all your relationships – personal & professional – build trust and show your vulnerability.
  2. Take persistent actions – be consistent and make sure to take actions leading to your goal. Celebrate every little win. Don’t be afraid of failing – take it as a lesson to be learnt.
  3. The importance of the environment – surround yourself with people supporting you and have accountability partners as well as mentors.

Dilyara Salakhova – Senior Financial Stability Expert at the Financial Stability Department at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. 
Panel session: How to Fast Track your Professional Career

Any change can be done, only when one aligns their actions and goals with their most profound values.

At the Global Woman Summit, I spoke about these three topics: 

  1. Change – Change in all aspects of life is needed. Lead the change, and it will spare you unpredicted and troublesome consequences of inaction. 
  2. Sustainability – Living life and doing business “as usual” cannot last, as humanity is hitting Earth’s natural boundaries.
  3. Value – Only true value drives motivation, the eagerness to act and the happiness from the action. Thus providing the feeling of plenitude in one’s life. 

Mimi Bland – Transformational Mindset Coach and Mentor, and international best-selling Author of “The Answer is You”. Mimi has incredible insight into how the mastery of thought and emotion can change one’s mindset. She learned how such insight empowers an individual towards self-appreciation, creating a new person.
Panel session: Female Founders: The Role of Women in Leadership

“The answer is you… The problem is you… The solution is you…” 

During my talk at the Global Woman summit, I discussed female leadership and used my company acronym “L-I-M-E” to address this topic:

Lead – To lead from a purpose-driven, heartfelt position, rather than leading from ego, fear or survival.
Inspire – To create a powerful vision that will become your anchor in times of tribulation. 
Motivate – To know you have the power, greatness and determination within yourself to achieve your desired results.
Empower – To know you have the ability, and the authority, to encourage other people to find positive solutions to any problem they may face. A true leader does not need to gain power, they simply empower others.

Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu – Executive coach, international master trainer, virtual facilitator, inspirational speaker, and a talent development consultant. Founder of ProAkademi Consulting Ltd., she holds a Cognitive Psychology MA degree and is a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organisational Psychology with a concentration on leadership.
Panel session: How Can Women Overcome the Cultural Barriers to Succeed in Business?

“International networks and communities are the best places to practice your global mindset.”

The three main topics I discussed at the Global Woman Summit were:

  1. Mindset – Adopting a global mindset would support us as powerful women in diverse cultural environments. 
  2. Awareness – Self-awareness and awareness of other cultures would help us manoeuvre  around the barriers.
  3. Action – The key is being sincerely active, not just researching, reading, learning, but engaging with people, and learning by doing.

The Global Woman Club is one of the best communities to cultivate and nurture your potential of cultural intelligence.

Other Panel sessions that took place at the Global Woman Summit 2022 are listed below:

The Men’s Panel: Why Men Should Stand for Women Empowerment?
During the current struggle for equality, men can be the biggest allies in supporting women in business – opening doors to opportunity and encouraging progression – according to leadership experts. Although it is a Global Woman event, it is always important to share everyone’s message and insight to empower women.

Media Panel Session: The Power of Media and the Digital World 
In 2022, 58.4% of the world’s population now uses social media, according to recent statistics. That is a whopping 4.62 billion people. It is evident that use of social media and technology is extremely important in this day and age – especially when it comes to business. Journalists from major media companies such as CNN, Al Jazeera and The Guardian, are included on the panel and will share their insights.

Panel Session: The Rise of Young Female Entrepreneurs
Encouraging entrepreneurship at a young age could be a potential key to narrow the gender gap between male and female business owners. In today’s society, many people care about societal change and betterment. The importance of young female entrepreneurs could make all the difference, increasing the confidence and likelihood of other young females to follow their lead.

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