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3 reasons why people hate promoting

Have you ever thought, what makes people succeed in their business? Yes I know there is a big list of things we can write down. But one big thing though that holds people back and sabotages their success is their lack of ability to promote themselves.

And you may ask, why is this hesitation about sales and promotion? Is it fear of rejection by potential clients or customers? We worry that our efforts will not lead to success or maybe we are afraid of the unknown outcome?

Here I am sharing three reasons why people hesitate to do promotion.

1. Past experience

  • Maybe someone tried hard to sell to and you felt under the pressure to buy
  • Maybe someone sold you something and they didn’t deliver

Past experiences can greatly impact an individual’s perception of promotion and selling. If someone has had a negative experience with high pressure sales tactics, they may associate all forms of promotion with that negative experience. On the other hand, if someone has been sold a product or service that didn’t live up to their expectations, they may become wary of promoting or selling themselves and their own offerings. These past experiences can lead to a lack of trust in the promotion process, making it difficult for individuals to promote themselves effectively.

2. Self confidence 

  • Maybe you don’t feel confident enough to stand and promote yourself 
  • Maybe you don’t believe in your product or service

Lack of self-confidence can be a major barrier to successful promotion. If someone does not feel confident in their ability to promote themselves, they may struggle to effectively market their offerings and reach their target audience. This can stem from a lack of belief in their own skills, knowledge, and abilities, as well as a lack of confidence in the quality and value of their product or service. Without confidence, individuals may hesitate to put themselves out there and promote their offerings, leading to missed opportunities for growth and success. Building self-confidence and a strong belief in one’s offerings can be key to successful promotion.

3. You think you are so cool 

  • Maybe you feel you are wonderful and what you do is great and if people want you they should come and discover you
  • Maybe you think promotion makes you feel foolish and takes your pride away.

Believing that one is “so cool” or that their offerings are great and should “speak for themselves” can be a hindrance to success. This type of thinking ignores the reality that in order to reach a wider audience and achieve success, promotion and marketing are essential. Additionally, viewing promotion as foolish or as taking away from one’s pride can indicate a lack of understanding of the value it brings to a business. This type of thinking can prevent individuals from taking the necessary steps to promote themselves and their offerings effectively.

No matter which reason is holding you back to promote your business, the truth is, you may really be struggling to succeed. 

As Robert Kiyosaki says, every business, no matter in what industry, relies on sales and if you don’t promote yourself or your products, it means there are no sales, and if there are no sales, it means you are out of the business. 

This is why, here at Global Woman, we give women a microphone to promote themselves and sell their products. 

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