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3 proven Ways to Overcome Adversity

By Nancy Bosnoian

I grew up watching my father build a sleepwear empire. In the small city of Aleppo, Syria, I would sometimes wonder who would take over my father’s pajama factory in the future, but I never considered myself because I was a girl. It never occurred that women can hold positions of power. When the Syrian War began, my family and I immigrated to Los Angeles, CA, and my life took a quick turn. At 12 years old, I felt a deep sense of responsibility towards my community, which continuously pushed me to strive for more. I kept counting my privileges and was so profoundly grateful for them.

As the years went by, I understood my life’s purpose was to serve as a gift to others. Having moved to a country where I had the chance to build a business of my own – a not-for-profit entity –  at 19, I founded End No Sleep. An organization with the mission to promote better sleep: the perfect complement to the cozy pajamas my father produces. Although I have surprised myself by what I have done as a woman from my background, these experiences have only increased my motivation to learn more. Here are three valuable lessons I gained as a newcomer paving my way into the industry:

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