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14 Steps to Lead Yourself to a Better Life

In december 2020 Global Woman published the book Women in the Modern Business World: A blueprint on how to lead yourself to a better life. In this article 14 contributors in this project have come together to share their steps to lead yourself to a better life.

Kate Bellosillo

Step 1: Surrender does not mean giving up

“When we go through limit situations of intense darkness and despair, the practice of

entering into the silence within gives us the ability to call forth GRACE to help us

surrender to Someone bigger than us who loves us totally and completely. We begin to see that

surrender does not mean giving up.  It simply means trusting that He will take care of us. Even

if we do not understand why, our hearts know that His love will carry us through.  Light enters

our wounds and magically, fragments of pain are gathered in time into a loving wholeness.”

Lisseth Barrios

Step 2: The antidote to fear is confidence

The one-million-dollar question is: How to get out of your comfort zone? Fear is real and it is the success enemy number one. Fear stops you from achieving anything in life, fear makes people sick, fear keeps you far from your dreams, fear shortens your life, fear closes your mouth when you want to speak. Fear is what makes people accomplish so little and enjoy little in life. The antidote to fear is confidence.  It’s time to gain back your confidence and move on with your life to the next level you have been wanting to. We are all important in life and we all have different goals and dreams.  In order to achieve your goals and dreams, you first need to understand and find your true life’s purpose. The time has come to discover the real You, to embrace your greatness and calling and to make your life a masterpiece. You deserve the happiness you have been searching for, the fulfillment and freedom that will make your dreams come true.

Carla Sridevi Cohen

Step 3: Choice is a choice

There are many parallels in my story with anyone building a business or embarking on a  spiritual journey. We cannot let the obstacles define us or defeat us. Similarly, as an entrepreneur, I have faced many obstacles on my journey. I can say without a doubt that  no matter how much any of them looked like they came from the outside; they all ultimately came down to some obstacle in my mind. With each small victory, we shave away at the doubt, the fear, the limitations and  ultimately, we can choose to land on our feet or stop before the last 2,000 yards. We  always have choice… and choice is a choice. The lessons from the trip and the mountain  continue to gift me on my path forward as an entrepreneur. As I remove obstacles from my mind, my business grows, and I continue to become a better human being. More  compassionate, and wiser.

Elizabeth Yang

Step 4: Interpretations are personal and internal

Have you ever wondered how it is that the same situations can happen to multiple people but based on their different interpretations, they can come out of it with completely different results? Two people can go through the same divorce and one person will never trust anyone again while the other will re-marry again and again. It is a powerful concept because all of our interpretations are personal and internal. We can regain so much power once we realize that everything can be in our complete control when we take 100% responsibility for our lives. Things can happen to us externally in society: the government, politics, the weather, basically everything that is out of our control, but the one thing we can control is our interpretation of it all. If we can interpret things to serve and benefit ourselves, then we can create our lives just the way we want. More directly, if we can interpret life situations in a positive way that serves us, it does not matter what happens to us externally. Our decisions are based on how we interpret things internally. In that light we win every time in the present and future.

Nicole Beissler

Step 5: Stay away from naysayers

Be grateful and see the opportunity in every challenge. It is not the issue itself causing the

result, it is the way you react to what comes your way during your journey. If you always get

back on your feet, yet one more time, you will eventually succeed. Along with daring to dream

goes the capability of not listening to the naysayers. Stay away from them. Last but not least, be

aware of your own thoughts, they may sometimes be negative and in addition to that, not true.

I will leave you with one of my favourite sayings: “I am grateful for all the bad things that happened in my life, they made me to who I am today.”

Maaike Driessen Laverman

Step 6: Live the life you are born to live

During times of crisis in our lives, when fears are high, economic stability precarious, or when staying at home/working from home and social distancing becomes a ‘new norm’, the future can be more uncertain than ever. It’s challenging health wise, not just physically, but perhaps more importantly mentally and emotionally as well. When we live the life we are born to live, we are ‘in FLOW’, life is effortless, work is effortless,your mission is aligned with a higher plan, with your blueprint. When you contribute your unique gifts in service to the world, energy is plentiful and you experience that glowing feeling of fulfilment, knowing you are on the right path and living your full potential. You attract the right people at the right time, and this is what I want for everyone. We all need to support and empower each other to shine and share our gifts with the world. We are made of energy, let’s use it!

Michelle Wyngaard

Step 7:  Get rid of the old paradigm

So, here we are with the Covid-19 attack on the global economy; however, is this a curse or a blessing? I see it totally differently, a blessing in disguise to help everyone look within and reset the mind to default settings. To give us a chance to revive and restart from scratch and get rid of the old paradigm in preparation for the new world. No longer do we have to respond to the old belief system or modus of operation. You get a second chance to morph in alignment with your true self. Einstein said, “You cannot solve problems of today with yesterday’s thinking and expect a different result”.

Caroline Nijland

Step 8: Pay more attention to vulnerable people

I have a vision of a more sustainable world. A world where each of us can definitely contribute to make our world a better, cleaner and healthier world to live in. A world where we would pay more attention to the more and many vulnerable people, that are particularly affected by the climate change consequences. Unless we act now, our younger generations will inherit a huge task to make the transformation possible. Is that what we really want?    

Pam Lob

Step 9: Be honest with yourself

Take a good look at your life. Do you avoid feeling or dealing with a difficult situation by keeping busy, by running away? Where is your health and self care in your list of priorities? How good are you at saying “no” to others demands that don’t resonate and saying “yes” to yourself?  Be honest with yourself as some of the answers you may not want to hear, but the only person you will be letting down by not being truthful is yourself. We are energetic divine beings here on earth having a physical experience. Modern western society focus is on the mind. Our educational and business systems have resulted in us becoming disconnected from our body and emotions, our natural sexual essence. A large number of people spend the day feeling guilty about the past they cannot change and worrying about a future that may never happen.

Laura Götz

Step 10:  Put Yourself first

I love stories and as a writer myself I know the impact they have on people. With my honest share about the most painful moments in my life, I want to let women know that they are not alone when silently going through the same experiences. What I advise is to take action even faster, before the breakdown/ depression /burn-out occurs. I have learnt the hard way that putting myself first was not selfish at all, but vital for others as well. Now my family can enjoy a happy me and my patients and clients profit from a well balanced and energized professional.

Angela Soong

Step 11:  To write is to invite

Start by journaling everyday when you wake up or before going to bed and writing down all the good things that you have in your life and all the bad things that you would like to change. When you can’t sleep, this will help you let go easier. Write all your thoughts down, whatever bothers you. It feels like you have told somebody. Physical words on paper are the beginning of the healing process by acknowledging you have a problem, then by accepting, you can then work out the roots, create a plan. You can destroy it after.

Inga Phoenix Kokalevská

Step 12: Unity in diversity

UNITY in diversity. We all have different desires, needs and talents. Nature created us that way, so we as humanity can cover more tasks from different areas of life. A tricky part is to realize a higher purpose behind that, and to make a conscious, free choice to collaborate with other people for something bigger than any individual goals. The new era needs a new generation of leaders who will help others discover a higher purpose behind those differences. Transformational leaders who will inspire society for change towards a conscious choice to act selflessly. Be one of those who will help bring humanity to a common mission.

Giovana Vega

Step 13: Defining moments prepare you for your purpose

Life’s challenging moments happen in your life because they are meant to prepare you for your purpose. Challenging moments that, if you handle them properly, are pivotal points that change your life for a lifetime. It is those moments that you know what you are going after. Your defining moments may arrive just when you feel surrounded by adversity, if you don’t go through that adversity you would not have been ready for the opportunities appearing in your life. The key to improving your life is to keep knowing what you are going after and stop criticizing other people. In your life’s defining moments there are two choices: either step forward in faith and power or you step backward into fear. We always have choices.

Kicki Pallin

Step 14: Embrace the whispering of your soul

Listen to your inner voice. You are the only one that can hear your calling. Just know, when in doubt, that if it doesn’t resonate with your soul, it is not your path. Regardless of what other people keep telling you. Most of us live a hectic life, and we are also often influenced by the stress of others around us. So we need to allow ourselves to withdraw, disconnect. Go into hermit mode if necessary. Because every day that goes by, with us not listening to our inner voice will increase the disconnect. Eventually, if we have suppressed it long enough, we will make ourselves sick. So when your feelings are strong and you are being guided in a completely new direction, embrace the whispering of your soul with curiosity and joy. Reassure yourself that your higher self is the only one who truly knows the when and the how of the unfolding.

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